Being involved with elected officials on local policies is not just a civic duty; it’s a powerful way to shape the community you live in and has a direct impact on issues that matter to you. When you engage with your local elected officials and actively participate in local policy discussions, you help make our community and the business climate better for future generations.

Why is this so important?

  1. Local policies affect our day-to-day life more directly than federal or state policies. They govern education, public safety, transportation, zoning. All their decisions on these issues have an impact on the taxes we pay. By getting involved, you can help influence these policies to align with your vision for your community.
  2. By engaging with our local officials we can help them to have a better understanding of local issues. By engaging with them, you ensure that your concerns are heard and addressed.
  3. Involvement in local issues allows us to hold our elected officials accountable and hear the issues facing citizens in our community.
  4. If you’re passionate about making our community a better place to live, being involved with local officials is a direct way to drive positive change.
  5. You can share your unique expertise and insights on specific issues, and it can be particularly valuable to share your personal knowledge to help in the decision-making process.
  6. Local policies have a direct impact on your taxes and how your tax dollars are spent. Engaging with local officials shares your view on how you believe your tax dollars should be spent efficiently and effectively to benefit the community.

7. Participating in local policy discussions is a fundamental aspect of democracy. It’s a way to exercise our rights and fulfill your civic duty as a responsible and engaged citizen.

Over the course of the past few months, elected officials in our community have been discussing their budget for the upcoming year. Many times, there is low turnout to voice observations, agreement and objections on the budget being presented, while our tax dollars are funding the budgets.

Being involved with elected officials on local policies is not just an option; it’s a responsibility that comes with the benefits of living in a democratic society. Your engagement can lead to positive changes in our community, ensure that your voice is heard and contribute to a more responsive local government. By actively participating in local policy discussions, you become an agent of change and help build a stronger, more vibrant community now and in the future.

LIBA ( – through our members like you – have been actively engaged in local policies for decades. We regularly meet with elected officials to speak about how issues facing them will have an impact on our members, their employees, and the greater community. There are times when we agree and times when we disagree. Yet we must continue to be involved in our community for the future of our city.