Since 1980, LIBA ( has established a strong reputation as a leading voice in our community. The evolution of LIBA has grown to a strong organization with three primary focus areas: to be the voice of business addressing issues in the community; to provide networking opportunities for members to work together supporting one another; and to provide educational opportunities for business owners to address timely issues and grow their business.

Preparing for 2024, there are several reasons why you should consider becoming more active in LIBA:

  1. Amplify Your Voice – Being involved in LIBA joins you with other business owners when LIBA testifies and promotes ideals important to successful advancement of business in our community.
  2. Network and Connect – LIBA offers at least three unique opportunities each month to grow your network and connect with fellow members.
  3. Advocacy and Influence – LIBA serves as a voice for you and your business, advocating for policies, regulations and initiatives to create a stronger business climate in Lincoln.
  4. Advance Our Community – Being involved in LIBA and making connections throughout the community helps our city. Through networking with LIBA, you will help other business owners grow their business, you will help grow the presence of your business and being involved in LIBA helps other nonprofit organizations in our community.

As a business owner, you are busy. All the time! Your investment as a member of LIBA and the time to connect with other business owners in the community is a way to spend time “on” your business instead of only spending time “in” your business. Many business owners in the past few years have indicated the investment of time “on” their business attending LIBA events has brought new perspectives to them and they are broadening their network to grow their business. Through membership with LIBA, you have ample other opportunities to be involved beyond the networking events each month and make a difference in LIBA. Below is a list of examples:

  1. Committees – Join one of our committees that align with your interests and get involved. LIBA is an organization where each committee has influence on the future of LIBA and provides valuable insights for our policy considerations.
  2. Mentorship – Your experience can help other members of LIBA. By networking and building relationships, you can be a mentor to fellow LIBA members.
  3. Advocacy – Being involved in LIBA and answering calls to respond to policy initiatives is tremendously valuable.
  4. Volunteer – Every organization is only as strong as their volunteers. Getting involved with LIBA will help our organization now and into the future.

For the past ten years, I have been a member of LIBA, long before joining the team as President and CEO. I believe in the mission and value of LIBA. Investing the time and resources into being a member of a strong organization such as LIBA is an investment which will pay dividends for your business for years to come. I encourage you to consider joining LIBA and becoming an active member to help us grow for the next 40 years.

LIBA studies and promotes these types of issues that are important to businesses and our community. If you have an interest in joining, please call LIBA at (402) 466-3419. LIBA membership is not restricted to just businesses. We also have “individual” memberships for those who want to help influence our local government decisions.