I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. I am Travis Filing and am both honored and thrilled to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of LIBA (liba.org). As I step into this role, I want to express my gratitude for the warm welcome I have received thus far.

Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to helping small businesses. I moved to Lincoln 25 years ago and spent my first 10 years working in radio. In 2002, I helped my wife Shannon start our first business, Transformation Marketing which we still own and operate today. I bring with me a wealth of experience in as a business owner and CEO, as well as sales and marketing.

These roles have equipped me with insights into successful strategies for growth, innovation and fostering a positive and collaborative company culture.

I’ve met dozens and dozens of LIBA members over the past week and all of them, as well as many of you, are curious of my plan and vision for LIBA moving forward. My first day on the job, with dozens of ideas swirling in my head about how to move the organization forward, I sat at my desk ready to “set the world on fire” and realized, LIBA is not my organization, it is OUR organization, and I didn’t feel right moving forward implementing plans and ideas without getting as much input from you as possible. So, along with our LIBA staffers, Carter, Bob and Anne as well as several committee members, we have created a survey for our members to help us guide and shape the direction of this great organization which we plan on sending out in the next week. All we ask is that you “give it to us straight.” We want to know the good and the bad, what LIBA does that is helpful to your business and what is not worth your time and energy.

I am deeply committed to building on the foundation laid by my predecessors and working closely with each of you to drive LIBA to new heights. Our shared journey begins with open communication, collaboration, and a collective dedication to excellence.

I am eager to learn from the wealth of knowledge within the team and to collectively steer LIBA toward continued success. My door is always open, and my phone is always on my hip. I welcome any insights, suggestions or thoughts you may have as we embark on this exciting chapter together.

Thank you for your warm welcome, and I look forward to getting to know each of you better in the coming weeks and hearing more about how – together – we can move LIBA to new heights.

LIBA studies and promotes these types of issues that are important to businesses and our community. If you have an interest in joining, please call LIBA at (402) 466-3419. LIBA membership is not restricted to just businesses. We also have “individual” memberships for those who want to help influence our local government decisions.