Here is proof that our team of Certified WorkComp professionals are working for our clients.

OSHA Training/Loss Control

We held a safety driving class for a trucking company in November of this year.  We also held an excavation safety course for two contracting companies in addition to on-site safety inspections.

Injury Management

A client called in recently, not sure what to do about an employee going in for left hand surgery with expected lost time of three weeks. .  Our Claims Advocate recognized that this employee was right hand dominant.  Working with the client, a written modified job duty list was established and presented to the doctor.  The employee was allowed to return to work within the 7-day waiting period, thus avoiding any lost time payments and keeping this claim as a medical only.

Classification Review

We recently met with a plumbing and HVAC business and reviewed their workers’ comp class codes.  In doing so, we found they had an incorrect code on their policy.  We were able to help that business recover over $15,000.00 from their insurance company for the two years that the incorrect code was used.  That company is now a client of ours and we are helping them with OSHA training and assisting them with improving their safety program.

Reserve Monitoring
A new UNICO client had a claim pending at their previous carrier.  Reserves were in excess of $354,056.00.  Our Claims Advocate made several calls to the Claim Rep to discuss the claim status.  It was determined the injured employee was NOT a candidate for an expected surgery.  Within two months reserves were reduced by $224,048.00!

Settlement Negotiations
A UNICO client was involved in an accident that resulted in a total loss of his gravel truck and pup trailer.  His negotiations with the Claims Rep were at a stand-still.  He was being offered significantly less than what he felt his vehicles were worth.  Using the clients market survey examples, our UNICO Claims Advocate worked with the Claims Rep to establish the current market value, settling the claim for what the client wanted.  UNICO’s client received an additional $15,000.00 in their settlement!

UNICO Group is proud to be the only agency in Nebraska to have Certified WorkComp Advisors.  Our UniComp solutions are some of the most comprehensive work comp management resources in the Midwest.  Don’t settle for a generalist for your workers’ compensation coverage.  Our UniComp Solutions Team will work with your existing staff to implement and maintain the complete system for you.  We are confident we can put YOU in control of your workers’ compensation program and lower your costs!  For more information, visit our website at

by Carl Zeutzius, CWCA
UNICO Group Inc

Carl Zeutzius has 18 years of experience in helping businesses address their risk management needs.
He is a Certified work comp advisor and UNICO is the only agency in the state with that designation.