Owner of Gotham Bar, Mike Bretta, decided he had enough with the Batman-themed bar down below and wanted to tackle a street-level spot. Thinking that ice cream deserved more attention, he put it in front of everyone. At street-level, no one could miss it.

Scoops opened their third and newest location in the spot that formerly housed 402 Creamery. They have three locations in Lincoln, one on South 70th St., one on North 70th St. and one in the Haymarket. With all three locations doing well, they are excited to open a fourth one soon.

Rather than being made locally, Scoops ice cream is made in Michigan. However, that doesn’t make the locals love it any less.

According to one customer, “This is amazing!! It is so fun to have delicious square ice cream!”

Since Bretta recently bought Topper Popper Popcorn, in addition to ice cream, those who prefer salty treats can indulge as well.

One customer was so pleased with the variety, they wrote, “This is such a fun ice cream shop with a little something for everyone!”

In their Haymarket location, Scoops has a popcorn kiosk full of Topper Popper Popcorn. In addition to the popcorn and ice cream, you can get fresh fudge, shaved ice and Dole Whip. Their specialties include Snowflakes shaved ice, Ashby’s ice cream, homemade fudge and more!

As one customer put it, “There is a reason there is a line down the block every night for this place. The ice cream is amazing! The smell of waffle cones hits you as soon as you cross the threshold and it just gets better from there.”

Scoops is open every day from noon to 10 p.m.

  • The South location is at 2840 S 70th. St.
  • The North location is at 830 N 70th St.
  • The Haymarket location is at 311 N Eighth St.

For more information, go to scoopslincoln.com.