Built on small town values, A1 Automotive (a1autolincoln.com) was started in 2005 here in Lincoln with the sole purpose to help people with their vehicle repair needs. Family owned and operated, A1 strives to provide the highest quality automotive repair to all makes and models. Our motto is “Always Honest Answers” and we live by that every day with our customers.

The customer is the most important visitor in our facility. We are dependent on them, they are the purpose of our existence. We are not doing them a favor by serving them, we owe them gratitude for allowing us to keep them and their families safe on the road.

We are truly built on small town values, where we help everyone as much as we can and really care about keeping you safe. That is in our DNA and it always will be.

We moved to our new location in 2015, right across from the Cornhusker Hotel in downtown Lincoln and it was a blessing for us. We are certified to work on all makes and models, from Euros to Asians, Japanese to all domestic vehicles. We have the diagnostic capabilities and have numerous Porsches, Audis, and BMWs in our system that we maintain for our great customers.

We invested in state-of-the-art alignment machine, brake lathe machine, the latest diagnostics computers for all makes and models, and we will continue to invest in equipment so that we can care for all of our customers’ needs.

Electric vehicles are starting to show here at the shop too. We are set up with Tesla for parts sourcing and even bought one to take apart and learn how to repair and what to expect. Tesla’s hold between 6000 and 8000 18650 batteries, which are the equivalent AA batteries. What a fascinating time in our industry.

Our team just really wants you to have a great experience with your vehicle repairs, knowing how stressful it is when our hectic schedules get thrown off. We have a loaner fleet that is of no charge to our customers to make it easier on you all to get your repairs done while we wait on parts delivery challenges.

Kendall Warnock, owner of A1 Automotive

I grew up in the Village of Rosalie, population of 90 on the Omaha Indian Reservation. I started this business wanting to give back to the community that has embraced me. I remember when I first moved to Lincoln, I was living off food stamps and in low-cost government housing. I remember waiting late nights in the parking lot of Shopko on 27th and Cornhusker to go in and use the food stamps, wondering if I could survive in a big city and how I could make an impact. My father ran a filling station back home, so I grew up in a shop and mechanical environment and didn’t know much other than how to work extremely hard at fixing things. As I started A1 Automotive, I was struggling with relationship building. A new customer named Joel Sartore came to my house one night and dropped off a book called How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie that changed my thought process and approach to everything. I have been blessed to be surrounded by opportunity and great friends here in Lincoln.

God has blessed me in more ways than I could ever repay Him, and I am very, very grateful. My family and I love Lincoln and are proud to live here.

(402) 477-4660 | 1117 L St., Lincoln, NE 68508