Krueger Development ( has recently launched a new development project near 78th and Yankee Hill. On June 19, 2023, Krueger Development moved to their new offices located at 8501 S 78th Street, representing the flagship for the Mohave Business Center.

The landscape has changed significantly since last year, with two new buildings constructed at 8500 Mohave and 8545 S 78th Street, and one more currently under construction at 7450 Suncrest Drive. Krueger Development is planning to add five more buildings to the Business Center within the next few years. This presents a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire prime real estate on Yankee Hill Road, as the buildings are being marketed for sale.

To date, 4,103 square feet have been sold at 8500 Mohave, while the entire 6,000 square feet at 7450 Suncrest is already under contract. 8545 S 78 th Street, a versatile property of approximately 10,503 square feet, is available for sale or lease. It can be divided into 3 individual bays, and the buyer has the option to purchase the entire building, or the seller can arrange a condo regime.
Krueger Development offers buyers the ability to customize their projects according to their preferences. There are three different components to choose from: the land, the exterior shell, and the interior.

Buyers can purchase the lot directly from Krueger, which includes the exterior concrete, parking, parking lights and streets. Alternatively, buyers can opt for the exterior shell whereby Krueger Development handles the outer structure of the building, along with the necessary utilities and infrastructure, while leaving the interior space unfinished and ready for customization by the buyer. The third option is to purchase the lot and have Krueger design and deliver the exterior and interior of the building. The provision of multiple options ensures flexibility and convenience for the customer. Krueger Development offers preliminary drafting services free of charge and obligation, which is a unique service that allows potential buyers to visualize the trajectory of their business and understand the financial logistics. The company understands that cost is always a factor and therefore offers a variety of construction options.

When a buyer chooses to work with Krueger Development, they choose flexibility and ease. For additional information about the Mohave Business Center reach out to Allison Santana at (402) 730-8125 or