With a brand new airline, Lincoln Airport Authority (lincolnairport.com) couldn’t be more excited. Anytime you add several new markets, you see way more people flying. It is too early to tell exactly what this will do for LNK and the community, but they are seeing the numbers they want to see, hearing the feedback they want to hear and hope the community continues to support the service and spread the word because that’ll make all the difference in the success of Red Way.

Red Way was a group effort that has been in the works for over a year. Struggling to gain traction from the big, main carriers, Lincoln Airport Authority started thinking outside of the box. With collaboration from their air service consultant and support of the LNK Board and staff was the idea of a new way to fly – Red Way. From the passenger standpoint, they wanted to really enhance customer service to make the product the best experience possible while flying to destinations that the local community consistently wants to visit.
It took an incredible amount of work and financial support from the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County for a total of $3 million dollars, which provides backing to the airline to help assist with costs incurred from startup.

Lincoln Airport Authority didn’t want to just launch one or two routes, though, and chose to make a big splash to get people excited to fly out of LNK again. Announcing the new airline shortly after the opening of the new terminal, they were able to rally the community behind flying to new destinations on a beautiful aircraft while also getting to experience a brand new terminal.

Opening the new passenger terminal on June 1, Lincoln Airport Authority welcomed the new airline with a resounding “WOW” from the community and passengers. The new terminal is more passenger friendly, as passenger flow was a primary focus. Many of the features are intentional to make this feel like a “Nebraska” airport, but with an upscale, fresh feel.

The new terminal is equipped with six new gates, a pub and a market called N-flight that features some local beers and Nebraska favorites. Taking those who have disabilities or special travel needs into consideration, LNK added a beautiful mother’s room, adult changing room, a pet relief area and lower and higher seating to accommodate all travelers. They also recently were approved to add a second TSA line, which will help move passengers quicker through security. Food options were moved to post-security where they also have a brand new Flyer’s Club Lounge which will be an exclusive area for frequent flyers of LNK Airport.

Lincoln Airport Authority is transitioning into phase two of the project and expects the whole LNKNext project to be done in early 2024. Phase two will include new administrative offices, baggage claim, moving rental cars to their permanent locations and a new board/community room.

Lincoln Airport Authority wants people to know that this airline is here to serve Nebraska, but also to remember that there are a few things that are different. There is no mobile check-in at this point, so everyone who does fly Red Way has to check-in at the counter. They ask travelers to get to LNK two hours prior to departure so they can check-in, get their bags situated and make it through security in plenty of time. The counters close 45 minutes prior to departure because they are starting to load the plane, so they want people here early and not stressing about missing flights.

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