Professional Realty Group (PRG, of BHHS Ambassador Real Estate had a killer 2022, and 2023 is already off to a great start! Last year the team accomplished the closing of 259 transactions (133 buyers, 126 sellers), which equated to more than $70,000,000 worth of production, which placed them as the #1 Real Estate team in Lincoln! With the market changing and interest rates rising, it will be crucial for consumers to work with agents that know the true definition of being a fiduciary, and ones with an expertise of all real estate processes.

PRG takes the business of real estate as seriously as it should be, and they are exemplary when working with buyers and sellers across all angles of it, such as: Residential, Commercial, Investing, New Construction, Leasing, Land Development and more.

The team’s goals, as always, are set extremely high, and their focus isn’t just achieving these goals, but doing it in outstanding fashion. This is achieved by not just being good, but being the best! Not only are PRG’s agents highly trained before going into the field, but also constantly undergoing continuing education, in-field training and weekly sales meetings with focus on current events, market trends and skill sharpening. With the current amount of inexperienced agents in the market, it’s easy for a consumer to accidentally pick one that won’t properly protect them. Don’t make that mistake, as it could cost you thousands of dollars, legal trouble or worse. PRG makes the process smooth and offers protection you absolutely deserve.

Another big deal for PRG is giving back to our community. The team donates to a number of local and national charities, plus actively participates in many events that help the community. If you have a cause PRG should consider supporting, please make sure to reach out.

2023 has already intimidated many who were considering buying or selling. There’s no need to be afraid. PRG can help educate and help you determine the safest path forward.

PRG wants to thank all of their past and current clients for their support, and they look forward to serving you all in the future! Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

Ben Bleicher has been in real estate for nine years. He established Professional Realty Group in 2018, followed by many record-setting years. Ben believes that consumers deserve protection, expertise, and a team that genuinely cares as they face one of the most expensive investments a person can make. Connect with PRG of BHHS for assistance with buying and selling residential, commercial, new construction, leasing and investments by contacting Ben at (402) 419-6309 (call or text) / or visit

REALTORS® of PRG of BHHS Top (L-R): Mark Salak, Tucker Velder, Danny Poethig, Ben Bleicher, Andy Sprieck; Bottom (L-R): Natassia Rekte, Andrea Bleicher, Jennifer Pfeifer