We are Lincoln’s only business news and special interest magazine and website focused entirely on Lincoln, Nebraska.  Strictly Business Magazine is all about small business, the engine that drives our economy providing the bulk of employment and incomes for Lincoln, Nebraska.  Strictly Business Magazine is the vehicle for businesses on limited marketing budgets to inform, to educate, to persuade and most importantly to connect with our community.  We only seek the success of these people and through that, our success follows.  That is the only reason we exist.

Every month Strictly Business Magazine is packed full of exclusive business news, profiles of business people and in-depth coverage of issues affecting the lives of all of us.  People not only look to our client’s space advertisements, but also to the exclusive news and special stories… information they can find no where else.  That is why people read Strictly Business Magazine and that is why our clients partner with us.

Nobody says it better than one of our client partners.
“In today’s economy we need to maximize our exposure to our market, vendors, and possible new clients, while at the same time, control cost of our advertising dollars. Strictly Business Magazine has allowed us to achieve this.  Numerous times I have either had someone say I saw your ad, or article in their publication.

In addition, the majority of my clients and accounts have this publication in their offices, and utilize it as a resource. For our dollar, there is no better way to get the word out about us, and the products and services we provide.”
–Scott Elley, Floors Inc.

“I really like the circulation and popularity of Strictly Business Magazine.  I just received a call yesterday from a potential client that we are supposed to go down and meet with tomorrow and it’s all because of our ad.  I can’t say enough about their sales force, they are always thinking about other people and trying to help them get business. Everyone on their staff is a master at networking. It’s just overwhelming the amount of people who read the magazine who read it and respond to things, so it’s really great.”
Aaron Newell, AR Solutions

Based on our original successful formula of combining direct mail, the Internet, and a niche print publication we continue to provide readers with information they can use and drive sales for our clients… and driving sales and profits for our partners is why we jump out of bed in the morning. It is here that we strive to make a difference in business lives as well as personal ones. We take pride in promoting our local businesses, the backbone of our community.

To each and every businessman, businesswoman, homemaker, educator, student, serviceman and service woman—-you work hard and we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you as you do us. God bless and thank you.

To contact us about all the marketing opportunities we offer, please call us at 402-466-3330 or email us here.

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