Owning a building for your business or residential property involves substantial investment and comes with monumental responsibilities. One of the most important things you can do to protect your investment is to be diligent about timely preventive building maintenance. It can save you money in the long run and keep your clients, employees, and family safe and comfortable, while maintaining maximum efficiency, reducing energy use, protecting and preserving your assets, maintaining staff efficiency at work, and protecting your reputation and credibility as a property owner in the event of an accident.

Preventive maintenance includes everything from your computers and office equipment to plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, electrical systems, fire-protection, and life-safety systems, plus building maintenance like doors, gutters, trim, skylights, reskins, additions, and insulation packages. Since the COVID pandemic, building owners and operators face heightened maintenance requirements toward providing safe, clean buildings that have better air quality than ever, thus providing freedom from harmful contaminants and contagions which, in turn, leads to improved staff morale and efficiency.

The consequences of relying solely on reactive building maintenance can be serious, including unplanned downtime, idle employees, halted production, missed deadlines, and even long-term damages to your brand. Being diligent about maintenance, on the other hand, leads to decreased equipment downtime, conservation of assets, improved reliability, improved safety, increased equipment efficiency, and more. If it all seems overwhelming, you’ll be happy to hear that Lincoln is home to multitudinous businesses that can help you keep your business and company safe and efficient and your employees and clients happy and thriving.

Freshen Up

Fresh coats of paint and up-to-date aesthetics can help bring a building back to life. Remy Refinishing offers interior painting services specializing in cabinet painting. An interior paint job can last a long time but eventually it looks dirty, scuffed up, and not fresh. In your home this could drag down your mood. In a commercial setting it could give customers and clients the impression that you don’t care about your business and therefore you don’t care about them. The world of paint continues to evolve faster than people realize. In the past few years many companies have come out with amazing products that prevent scuffs, are antibacterial, are zero VOC, and have many other beneficial properties.

Jeremy Day
Remy Refinishing

“One of our favorite products is called Ben Moore Scuff X. If you Google some videos on it, you can see how it’s literally impossible to scuff it and make black marks,” said Owner Jeremy Day. “Everyone has those unsightly black marks in their hallways and high-traffic areas. This is a problem in homes and commercial spaces. Ben Moore Scuff X does an amazing job solving this problem.”

It’s beneficial to ask a knowledgeable painter what kinds of products are out there that can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your home or business. Many painters use the same old products they are used to and never explore new paint technologies that can help you improve your home or business.

“In regards to our specialty of cabinet painting it just comes down to being a huge money saver,” Jeremy said. “Replacing your whole set of cabinets is usually not cost-effective. We can paint your existing cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.”

Remy Refinishing can also modify kitchens by adding extra cabinets, crown moldings, or replacement doors that help save money as well.

Keep it Clean

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance is a full-service janitorial company that cleans manufacturing, medical, government, financial, and commercial facilities, including restaurants. They will not only leave your business looking spotless, but also will enhance its overall appearance for employees, customers, and clients to enjoy. Owner Jon Paolini elaborated on how ServiceMaster’s flooring services can benefit your business.

Jon Paolini
ServiceMaster PBM

“We offer carpet and hard floor cleaning services that can extend the useful life of all types of flooring. If you don’t keep up with maintenance on flooring, however, it can shorten the life of the flooring and can void your warranty on it,” Jon advised.

Commercial carpet generally carries a warranty, and that warranty typically includes requirements for routine and periodic carpet cleaning. If that schedule isn’t followed, the warranty may not be honored. Carpet will last much longer and look better if it is on a regular schedule for cleaning. Hard floors will last longer if they have a finish maintained on them and are burnished regularly. Similarly, tile and grout will look better longer with periodic cleaning that keeps the dirt and grease from becoming to set in especially in the grout.

Another service offered by ServiceMaster is sanitizing, which has become very commonplace over the past three years due to COVID. They perform sanitizing services as a reactive measure when there is a positive case in the office, but also as routine preventative maintenance.

“We offer free estimates, so if someone has questions about bringing our services to their office, we can stop by your business and make a plan for what is needed,” said Jon. “When looking for a company to provide services, it is important to find one you can trust and has been in the business for a long time.”

Cleaning your building regularly can help prevent major damage and possibly structure issues. As you or your janitorial service will be continually inspecting floors, plumbing fixtures, and windows while cleaning, any issues with the building can hopefully be identified early on before they cause major problems.

DIY Maintenance

While routine maintenance on your home or building may seem like a chore, Oak Electric wants you to keep in mind that it is a matter of safety. There’s some maintenance that you can do yourself, making it easier to take preventative measures. One example is by checking your smoke detectors. These should be tested every six months and replaced every ten years.

Matt Collins
Oak Electric

“Did you know that your GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) receptacles have a shelf life of around 10-15 years?” asked Master Electrician Matt Collins. “Most GFCIs can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and on the exterior of a home or building. Most manufacturers suggest testing your GFCI receptacle monthly; if you press the ‘test’ button and the circuit does not trip, it needs to be replaced. If the receptacle trips but does not reset when you press the ‘reset’ button, this is also an indication that it needs to be replaced.”

In addition to smoke detectors and GFCIs, your electrical panel should be examined periodically. If you choose to examine it yourself, use extreme caution, and keep in mind that the panel cover can be rather heavy. Issues of concern to look for include moisture, corrosion, burn marks, or melting. If you see any of these problems, contact your electrician to further investigate and take care of the matter.

“We highly encourage you to have a licensed electrician inspect your panel to ensure it is up to code,” Matt explained. “Do you have any switches or receptacles that aren’t working? If so, get them fixed before planning any further upkeep or maintenance.”

Privacy, Please!

Your fence is one of the most important features of your property. It offers safety and privacy, and even accents your landscape. Plus, fences come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to truly customize it to fit your landscape vision. The possibilities are virtually endless! Height, style, and material are important choices that can impact the final look of your fencing and, ultimately, your landscape. If you don’t know what type of fencing would best fit your vision both functionally and aesthetically, the experts at Empire Netting and Fence can offer their advice.

Matt Warner
Empire Fence & Netting

“A good fence will provide privacy for your property while also fitting into your ideal design,” explained Owner Matt Warner. “In addition, a fence should offer security for employees and the building itself. To ensure your fence will be installed properly to satisfy both of these needs, call a professional.”

Empire offers vinyl, wood, chain link, or aluminum fences, in addition to FenceTrac, a system that has virtually endless possibilities with a beautiful aesthetic look that is designed to simplify picket installation.

“The best way to get started is to visit our website and click on our ‘Instant Online Quote’ button,” Matt suggested. “Using our online estimating tool, you will be able to draw the layout for the fence and choose what style you would like. When you finish, you will get an email with a printable layout including total linear footage and budget for that specific fence. This will help you get a ballpark estimate on the cost of your fencing project. We will contact you with more questions regarding your project and set up a time to meet onsite to verify measurements and get a good feel about what you want to achieve with your fencing.”

Keeping You Safe

For more than 20 years, Engineered Controls has been designing, installing, managing, and servicing building management and security solutions for buildings and facilities of all sizes and types. They are dedicated to designing easy-to-use building automation and security systems that provide the highest possible energy efficiency while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

“Building systems that are properly maintained will run at top efficiency and for the longest possible amount of time, minimizing your operating costs and unnecessary capital expenditures,” said President and CEO Pat Killeen. “Properly controlled and maintained building systems equal maximum employee satisfaction, maximum productivity, and cost savings.”

Engineered Controls offers custom maintenance plans that can be tailored to fit the needs of each customer. A well-maintained system can be cost-neutral when considering both the energy savings and extended life of the equipment. In addition, a good maintenance program will help to ensure buildings will experience smooth, uninterrupted operation for as long as possible.

“We offer an advisory service program called Adviser,” Pat explained. “Adviser is a complete suite of building management services and cloud-based resources that are designed to monitor energy and operational efficiency and put your facility on a path to optimization. Our Adviser customers have the support of our network of energy and automation experts, backed by sophisticated analytics technology, all working to deliver the right level of service and information you need to maximize your efficiency and achieve your business goals.”

As a technology contractor, Engineered Controls’ vision is to participate in projects that transform the way buildings are designed, built, and operated. They strive to create environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. From the integration of new control technologies into their design, to the contracting work they engage in, Engineered Controls is participating in the service and construction of buildings now and well into the future.

Learn About Your Building

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate in Lincoln provides comprehensive property-management services that include facility- and asset-management components. Facility management covers the physical aspects of the property, while asset management focuses on increasing the value of the owner’s investment.

Talisha Parsley Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate

“A few keys components of our facility-management services include full takeover and start-up inspection; annual property inspection reports; identification and implementation of routine maintenance, coordination of vendor repairs and services, quick response to maintenance requests, and 24/7 emergency response,” said Greenleaf Property Manager Talisha Parsley.

Asset-management services include: analyzing current leases to ensure information is correct; forming an annual operating budget; completing an annual budget reconciliation for the prior year; invoicing tenants and collecting rents; making vendor payments; providing monthly owner reports and quarterly and year-end financial statements; accessing financial matters regarding the operation of the property, annual cash flow, and Pro Forma statements; listing and marketing the property to aim for 100% occupancy; and a yearly meeting with the owner to review the property as a whole. Think about the confidence and peace of mind you could gain by handing all of that over to a highly reputable company like Greenleaf.

“It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive,” Talisha said. “Doing routine and ongoing maintenance can save significant time and expense in the long run. For example, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) routine maintenance like changing filters and replacing belts is an upfront cost each year but can prolong the life of the heating and cooling units by several years. If not maintained, the unit likely won’t function efficiently and runs the risk of breaking down, leaving you in an emergency situation.”

Talisha adds that quality property management maximizes the value of a commercial real-estate asset by increasing tenant satisfaction and controlling costs. Higher tenant satisfaction correlates directly with lower turnover and vacancy rates, while overall tenant satisfaction—combined with close attention to reducing operating and capital expenses keeps the asset competitive in the marketplace and increases the value of the asset for owners.

What You Can’t See

The things that go unseen are quite often more important than the ones that can be seen. Keeping things like plumbing, air ducts, and air quality in good shape and up-to-date can help your building stay in good condition for longer. John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is a full-service plumbing, heating, air conditioning, air quality, duct cleaning, and water treatment business.

Zach K.
John Henry’s

“We offer two options for commercial maintenance. First being the bi-annual maintenance, this consists of two services, normally one being in the spring (A/C service) and the other in the fall (furnace/ heat service),” said Field Operations Supervisor Zach K. “Our second option is a quarterly service. This includes everything in the bi-annual service as well as two additional filter changes.”

There are many repercussions of not performing maintenance on both commercial and residential HVAC equipment. These services prevent breakdowns, ensure that equipment is performing at peak efficiency, and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.

“I have noticed an increase in the interest of indoor air quality (IAQ). With the recent concerns of viruses, this has kept people indoors more often which creates a high demand for healthy indoor air quality,” shared Zach. “Indoor air quality is something that has been overlooked for many years and I have noticed the general public is becoming more aware of the importance of IAQ. There are many ways to improve the quality of air we breathe. ERV’s, UV products, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers are the most common ways to improve indoor air quality. I believe we will continue to see an increase in the demand for healthy indoor air in 2023 and the years to come.”

John Henry’s team is ready to help you and your business improve the plumbing, heating, and air in your buildings.

“I would encourage all homeowners and business owners to talk to a professional about the quality of air inside their real estate as well as maintenance plans to ensure that all equipment is safe and operating at peak efficiency,” Zach said.

Building maintenance is essential in the commercial world. Whether you own, lease, or rent you should make sure that all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC equipment is operating properly and have it maintained on a regular basis.

More than Cosmetics

An easy way to freshen up the look of your home or building is with a new coat of paint. It boosts curb appeal and invites guests to enter your home or building, and makes the property as a whole appear well-kept. Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the work themselves – but do you really want to waste your valuable free time on painting your home? Give yourself a break and reach out to Walter’s Painting Inc. by scheduling an estimate on their website. They provide residential and commercial painting services to the Lincoln area all year long.

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

“We know that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that many people are just too busy for home improvements like painting, plastering, and all that prep work,” shared Jeff Walters, owner. “We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.”

Did you know paint is much more than a cosmetic service? A new coat of paint on your walls can help to seal out moisture and repel dust, dirt, and allergens, keeping your home or office much cleaner. Paint on the exterior of a home or building can even prevent the wood from rotting, saving on repair costs.

“When doing exterior painting, we sometimes identify issues that have not yet been noticed,” explained Jeff. “Problems such as mold, mildew, and rotting wood are found when performing work like this, and thankfully, it gets brought to your attention before it turns into a much larger issue.”

Walter’s Painting makes the process simple by providing free estimates and quality prep work, in addition to a consultation after the first coat of paint has dried and a final inspection to ensure the paint job is satisfactory. The mission at Walter’s Painting is to remain a leading contractor by providing the best quality work. Client satisfaction is their priority, so you can be sure that they will always take the extra time to make sure you love the finished product of every project.

Get it Inspected

Randy King with King’s Home Inspections, LLC, has seen plenty of signs of deferred maintenance in homes and light commercial buildings throughout his time as an inspector. From furnace filters that need changing, to water pads on humidifiers, to gutters full of debris and missing downspout extensions, to garden hoses left on hose bibs in freezing weather, he knows a thing or two about preventative measures.

Randy King
King’s Home Inspection, LLC

“When you don’t take preventative measures, you will run into problems such as early equipment failure, poor performance of appliances, and even further deterioration of the home or office,” said Randy. “Preventative maintenance includes things that you can do on your own, such as cleaning out the gutters and ensuring they have long extensions on downspouts. Failure to do so can cause water to overshoot a gutter or drain against a foundation, which invites water into your basement and oftentimes causes foundation damage.”

Other home equipment to keep an eye on includes water heaters and furnace blowers, as they have a shortened service life when they’re not maintained.

“Many modern appliances and systems are designed to require minimal maintenance, and that’s great, but the consumer often equates that to no maintenance at all,” explained Randy. “You cannot fail to change a furnace filter and expect your HVAC system to perform properly, for example. You must make maintenance a part of your routine, whether in a home or business. If you cannot do it yourself, or are unsure, it is wise to hire home maintenance services from a company that specializes in this. This ensures longevity and a minimum of breakdowns in your building, appliances, and various systems, as well as a healthier environment.”

Stay Covered

Neemann & Sons has been replacing and repairing damaged roofs, windows, gutters, and siding for over 39 years. Locally known as being honest, hard-working, and reliable, this team of dedicated workers ensures that each customer gets a personalized solution to their roofing needs. As a family-owned and -operated business, Neemann & Sons takes enormous pride in their work and guarantees their customers’ satisfaction every time.

That personal touch comes from the passion the owners have for helping others. It’s been almost four decades since Terry and Chris Neemann began repairing roofs on the side of their full-time jobs, helping people in their area keep a roof over their heads when the inevitable thunder or snowstorm caused damage or leaks. Despite starting as a side operation to cover some extra expenses, the Neemanns’ tireless work ethic and golden personalities won the hearts of their customers and their reputation spread like wildfire. It wasn’t long before their small operation grew into one of Nebraska’s most trusted roofing companies.

If you’re envisioning remodeling your roof, Neemann & Sons will help you with the design of your roofing and siding. They’ll suggest which tiles, siding, gutters, and windows to give it a fresh look while remaining sturdy enough to withstand violent weather. Plus, they also install Halo lights, powerful bright lights that line your building and make your space safer, while looking sleek too. Whatever your needs are, the job is never too big or small.

Neemann & Sons provides people with the knowledge that their home or business is being taken care of by local experts that are known and trusted by others around them.

As you can see, ongoing building maintenance is a lot to handle on your own. We highly recommend contacting the local businesses featured here to remove the burden from your shoulders, help preserve your property assets long-term, and keep your employees, clients, and families safe and healthy.