Owning a building, whether for business or residence, involves significant investment and responsibilities. To protect this investment and ensure safety and comfort for clients, employees and family, timely preventive maintenance is crucial. It saves money in the long run, maintains efficiency, reduces energy use and preserves assets. Preventive maintenance covers everything from office equipment to plumbing, heating, electrical systems and building maintenance like doors, gutters and insulation. Relying only on reactive maintenance can lead to downtime, missed deadlines and damage to your brand, while diligent maintenance improves productivity, reliability and safety. For your benefit, Lincoln houses numerous businesses capable of handling all of your building maintenance needs.

Chad Klein
Oak Electric

Even though the routine maintenance of your home or building may seem like a mundane task, Oak Electric underscores its critical importance, framing it as a matter of safety. Consistent building maintenance not only proves to be cost-effective and time-saving, but is also instrumental in ensuring the safety of occupants. Oak Electric emphasizes that what may initially seem like a minor issue, such as a malfunctioning outlet, can quickly escalate into a major problem if not promptly and correctly addressed by a licensed electrician.

Oak Electric advises a proactive approach, encouraging vigilance in monitoring outlets, emphasizing the importance of testing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) and promptly replacing any that do not reset during testing. Additionally, attention should be given to regular outlets, checking for loose outlets or missing covers, as these seemingly small issues can escalate into larger problems.

“Another area of building maintenance to pay attention to is your electrical panel. We recommend periodically looking for dust and dirt along with any signs of moisture on the outside. It is also important to open your electrical panel up and look for burn marks or discolorations in or around the panel. If you have to constantly flip breakers, they may need to be replaced. If you are unsure of what to look for, it is always best to call in a qualified electrician,” explained Chad Klein.

While life is unpredictable, routine maintenance serves as a proactive measure to mitigate the impact of potential issues. By regularly addressing and resolving small concerns before they escalate, individuals can better control and manage the overall condition and functionality of their homes or buildings. This approach not only contributes to the longevity of the property, but also enhances its safety and reliability over time.

Striving for safety as well, General Fire & Safety has been around for 60 years, offering a range of critical services to industrial and commercial businesses in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. Their dedication to safety is not just a job; it’s a mission that encompasses installation, service and inspections across Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Extinguishers.

What sets General Fire & Safety apart is their holistic approach to safety. It’s not just about meeting industry standards; it’s a commitment to going above and beyond. Their comprehensive safety solutions go the extra mile, providing businesses with a robust and tailored safety infrastructure that goes beyond mere compliance.

As they navigate the ever-changing landscape of safety requirements, General Fire & Safety remains at the forefront, integrating the latest advancements and technologies into their services. Their approach is not static; it’s dynamic, reflecting a forward-thinking mindset that positions them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to stay ahead in safety practices.

Though aesthetics aren’t the first thing that comes to mind for safety, they are more important than you might realize.

An easy way to freshen up the look of your home or building, as well as protect it from weather for years to come, is with a new coat of paint. Beyond its cosmetic benefits, paint serves a functional purpose. A new coat of paint can effectively seal out moisture and repel dust, dirt and allergens, contributing to a cleaner living or working environment. Exterior painting, in particular, can play a crucial role in preventing wood from rotting, ultimately saving on potential repair costs.

Jeff Walters
Painting, Inc.

Jeff Walters, Owner of Walter’s Painting Inc., highlights the additional value provided by Walter’s Painting during exterior projects. The process may unveil underlying issues such as mold, mildew or rotting wood that may not have been noticed otherwise. By identifying these issues early on, the company helps prevent them from developing into more significant and costly problems.

According to Jeff, “We understand the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Many people are too busy for home and building improvements like painting. We aim to alleviate the stress and worries associated with such projects by offering premium quality products and services that deliver outstanding results.”

Walter’s Painting simplifies the painting process by offering free estimates, quality preparation work, consultations after the first coat of paint has dried and final inspections to ensure customer satisfaction. The company’s mission is to maintain its position as a leading contractor by consistently delivering the highest quality work. Client satisfaction remains a top priority, and Walter’s Painting commits to going the extra mile to ensure that every project’s finished product meets and exceeds customer expectations.

For cabinets in particular, to bring a specific part of your building back to life, Remy Refinishing offers interior painting services specializing in cabinet painting. An interior paint job can last a long time but eventually it looks dirty, scuffed up and not fresh. In your home, this could drag down your mood. In a commercial setting it could give customers and clients the impression that you don’t care about your business and therefore you don’t care about them. The world of paint continues to evolve faster than people realize. In the past few years many companies have come out with amazing products that prevent scuffs, are antibacterial, are zero VOC and have many other beneficial properties.

Jeremy Day
Remy Refinishing

“One of our favorite products is called Ben Moore Scuff X. If you Google some videos on it, you can see how it’s literally impossible to scuff it and make black marks,” said Owner Jeremy Day. “Everyone has those unsightly black marks in their hallways and high-traffic areas. This is a problem in homes and commercial spaces. Ben Moore Scuff X does an amazing job solving this problem.”

It’s beneficial to ask a knowledgeable painter what kinds of products are out there that can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your home or business. Many painters use the same old products they are used to and never explore new paint technologies that can help you improve your home or business.

“In regards to our specialty of cabinet painting it just comes down to being a huge money saver,” Jeremy said. “Replacing your whole set of cabinets is usually not cost-effective. We can paint your existing cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.”
Along with paint, concrete finishes are another part of building maintenance that can address safety concerns and add an aesthetically pleasing look. Proper care and maintenance of concrete surfaces contribute to the longevity and structural integrity of a building. Additionally, enhancing the appearance of concrete elements, such as driveways and walkways, can significantly boost the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Concrete Craft of Lincoln stands ready to provide a diverse range of solutions for both interior and exterior concrete needs. From basic flatwork to decorative finishes, adding color, texture or a protective finish, their team is well-equipped to assist. Whether you’re involved in a new construction project or a remodel, Concrete Craft’s decorative concrete finishes can add that wow factor to plain concrete floors. If you are looking for something more elaborate or custom, Concrete Craft can even incorporate your logo or custom color scheme into the design.

Even if your requirements are for plain grey concrete, Concrete Craft can guide you in finding the right finish that ensures easy maintenance and durability. With a variety of solutions catering to different budgets, Concrete Craft collaborates with clients to determine the best approach for their specific needs. No need to settle for plain when it comes to concrete finishes – a touch of color or a subtle shine can make a significant difference.

The experienced team at Concrete Craft is poised to help transform spaces and enhance their overall appearance. With decades of experience, ongoing employee training and the use of high-quality products, their flooring solutions consistently yield premium results. Those looking to upgrade their concrete flooring should contact Concrete Craft today to discuss their needs. The team is ready to provide expert assistance in achieving the desired outcome for any project.

Much like Concrete Craft, Engineered Controls brings decades of experience and expertise to their respective fields. For over two decades, Engineered Controls has specialized in devising, setting up, overseeing and maintaining comprehensive building management and security solutions for a wide array of buildings and facilities. Their focus lies in crafting user-friendly building automation and security systems that prioritize maximum energy efficiency, occupant comfort and a secure workplace environment.

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

According to Pat Killeen, President and CEO of the company, “Properly maintained building systems ensure peak efficiency and prolonged operational lifespan, reducing operational expenses and unnecessary capital outlay. Well-controlled and managed systems not only ensure cost savings, but also foster optimum employee satisfaction and heightened productivity.”

Engineered Controls offers customizable maintenance plans tailored to individual customer needs. They emphasize that a well-maintained system not only offsets costs, but also extends equipment life, making it a cost-neutral investment when factoring in energy savings. Moreover, a robust maintenance program guarantees uninterrupted operational efficiency for buildings.

Pat elaborates on their advisory service program, Adviser, which provides a suite of building management services and cloud-based resources. “Adviser is designed to monitor energy and operational efficiency, steering facilities toward optimization. Customers benefit from access to energy and automation experts, supported by advanced analytics technology, providing the requisite service and information to maximize efficiency and accomplish business objectives.”

Another facet of building maintenance, and one that is often overlooked, is commercial real estate. Managing commercial properties involves a range of responsibilities, including property maintenance, tenant relations, lease management and overall asset performance. Proper maintenance of commercial real estate is essential to ensure the longevity, safety and functionality of the buildings, as well as to enhance the overall value of the investment.

Cathy Kottwitz
Guidrock Commercial
Realty LLC

Cathy Kottwitz, CPM with Guiderock Commercial Realty LLC shared, “As advisors to our commercial real estate clients, we are tasked with helping them get the most value out of the commercial properties they own. Regular property maintenance is the easiest way to drive value. Keeping a property in good repair is one key part to retaining good tenants and having the property be attractive to new tenants. Proper maintenance can also help manage overall costs through energy efficiency and mitigating risks like fire hazards or trips and falls. Regular inspections and maintenance give early signals for property performance, which we use to help owners plan for replacements and other capital expenses.”

Commercial real estate maintenance may encompass routine tasks such as cleaning, landscaping and regular inspections, as well as more extensive projects such as repairs, renovations and system upgrades. Engaging in proactive and strategic maintenance practices is crucial for commercial real estate professionals to uphold the quality and value of their properties, providing a positive environment for occupants and optimizing the overall performance of the assets.

For both commercial and residential needs, Concorde Management & Development, LLC, in collaboration with Blue Rock Construction, forms a dynamic duo committed to providing unparalleled service. This partnership ensures a comprehensive approach to real estate services, from development and management to construction and maintenance projects. They provide a complete spectrum of services to investors and property owners as well as their tenants, and manage multi-family and commercial properties.

With 39 years of experience, Concorde Management & Development, LLC has established itself as a cornerstone in the Lincoln community, offering unparalleled real estate services. The company’s commitment to integrity, competence, professionalism and teamwork has been instrumental in exceeding expectations and providing the community with an exceptional real estate experience.

In tandem with Concorde Management & Development, LLC, Blue Rock Construction, a sister company, takes charge of all construction and maintenance projects for the firm, in addition to handling jobs for third-party clients. Blue Rock sets itself apart by prioritizing client communication, actively listening to understand their needs and explaining construction processes in a conscientious manner. The company is dedicated to forming partnerships with clients, fostering collaboration to solve complex problems creatively and cost-effectively. Blue Rock aligns itself with clients’ visions, goals and expectations, ensuring that any construction project undertaken adheres to numerous building codes and is completed within the specified budget and timeline. With a commitment to excellence, Blue Rock Construction delivers high-quality construction services that meet and exceed client expectations.

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate in Lincoln also provides comprehensive property-management services that include facility- and asset-management components. Facility management covers the physical aspects of the property, while asset management focuses on increasing the value of the owner’s investment.

Asset-management services include: analyzing current leases to ensure information is correct; forming an annual operating budget; completing an annual budget reconciliation for the prior year; invoicing tenants and collecting rents; making vendor payments; providing monthly owner reports and quarterly and year-end financial statements; accessing financial matters regarding the operation of the property, annual cash flow, and Pro Forma statements; listing and marketing the property to aim for 100% occupancy; and a yearly meeting with the owner to review the property as a whole. Think about the confidence and peace of mind you could gain by handing all of that over to a highly reputable company like Greenleaf.

Quality property management maximizes the value of a commercial real-estate asset by increasing tenant satisfaction and controlling costs. Higher tenant satisfaction correlates directly with lower turnover and vacancy rates, while overall tenant satisfaction – combined with close attention to reducing operating and capital expenses keeps the asset competitive in the marketplace and increases the value of the asset for owners.

Building upkeep is a crucial investment, offering significant time and cost savings in the long run. Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, it’s important to engage with experienced businesses and experts specializing in building maintenance. Taking proactive steps by reaching out to these professionals today ensures that your building’s upkeep is well-managed, allowing you to stay ahead in sustaining its condition and functionality.