Building your dream home is a monumental undertaking, marked by a fusion of creativity, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. At the heart of this journey lies the indispensable partnership between visionary homeowners and dedicated professionals committed to turning dreams into reality. In this exclusive feature on crafting the perfect abode, we explore the pivotal role that companies play in transforming their clients’ aspirations into architectural masterpieces.

Conserve Water and Save Money

An essential landscaping priority that sets the stage for your dream home’s success is the installation of an efficient irrigation system. Hunt Irrigation ( not only provides services for installing, inspecting, and programming sprinkler systems but also introduces innovations that help homeowners conserve water, potentially saving hundreds of dollars annually while preserving the pristine appearance of your landscape.

Jeremy Hunt
Hunt Irrigation

“It seems the Jetsons are not as far away as one may think. New homes are becoming smarter, with innovations such as HVAC systems that know when you are home and when to best heat and cool, smart ceiling fans and smart kitchen appliances. Heck, there are even smart refrigerators that tell you when to purchase food,” says Jeremy Hunt, Owner of Hunt Irrigation. “Irrigation controllers are keeping pace with these innovations as well. New web-based controllers are doing amazing things. These Smart Controllers can modify their program’s schedules to keep pace with current weather conditions, adjusting your system’s water output on a daily basis. The best systems come with flow meters and can notify you in real-time of leaky valves, cracked pipes and even broken sprinkler heads. Best of all it is on your phone and at your fingertips. Not home for a week? No problem. This web-based controller can notify you of an emergency with your irrigation system. You will know in real-time of any issues such as flooded basements, swampy areas in the yard etc. With your permission your irrigation professional can see the same data you see with the ease of a click.”

If you would like more information please call Halee (402) 438-8151 to schedule a consultation or check out their website, for more information.

Use Timeless Materials Like Brick in Your Project

For those envisioning brick in their projects, consider reaching out to Yankee Hill Brick ( With a rich history spanning approximately 140 years, they offer a diverse selection of timeless brick styles sourced from various historical periods and locations. Whether you’re planning a brick home or incorporating it into your landscaping, Yankee Hill Brick provides numerous appealing options. Explore their online product gallery to discover colors and styles that align with your vision.

For homeowners seeking a classic, historically inspired exterior design, brick remains a steadfast choice with the added benefit of minimal upkeep. Established in 1881, Yankee Hill Brick collaborates with local contractors to deliver high-quality brick in a range of varieties and hues. Brick serves as an ideal material for siding and retaining walls, maintaining its popularity due to its charming aesthetic. Utilizing their proprietary clay mixes and high-temperature firing kilns, Yankee Hill produces a spectrum of brick styles. Additionally, they import complementary bricks from other manufacturers to meet the demands of the local Nebraska market.

Retaining walls are increasingly favored for their functional and decorative roles, offering stability for sloping landscapes and safeguarding against flooding while enhancing property aesthetics. When constructing a retaining wall, opt for Yankee Hill Brick’s locally produced, quality bricks, available in various colors and styles to seamlessly blend with your landscape.

Brick pavers continue to gain traction for patios, pool decks, driveways, and pathways, with residents drawn to their durability, low maintenance, and versatility. Yankee Hill pavers, available in 15 different colors, can be arranged in diverse patterns to achieve contrasting or unified effects. Products from Yankee Hill Brick are guaranteed to elevate the curb appeal of your home instantly.

Gain DIY Skills While Improving Your Kitchen

Remy Refinishing ( presents their DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Program as a solution to help clients realize their dream home visions. With this program, clients can enjoy a substantial 50% discount on cabinet painting while gaining the expertise and guidance needed for a successful project. This DIY knowledge can carry over and empower you to tackle future projects in your dream home!

Jeremy Day
Remy Refinishing

Remy Refinishing handles the professional spray painting of doors and drawer faces in their shop then empowers clients with the knowledge to complete the rest, including brushing and rolling frames and safely reinstalling cabinets.

Their flexible approach allows clients to tailor the extent of assistance they require, whether it’s painting frames independently or needing support with door transportation and installation. Additionally, services such as drilling new handles and installing hinges are provided as needed.

This program is designed to democratize access to Remy Refinishing’s services, catering to homeowners and contractors alike, even those without access to spray shops. For further details, interested parties can contact Remy Refinishing at (402) 570-9427.

For superior paint finishes and unparalleled customer support, Remy Refinishing is the go-to choice for crafting your dream home.

Stay Current with Lighting Trends

Building your dream home is an exciting time. There are so many aspects and variables to ponder, and it can get overwhelming, quickly. One of the most important pieces is the electrical. It is literally in every corner and room in the house.

Oak Electric ( Owner, Crystal Colins says, “I have a few pieces of advice to offer. First, I would like to encourage someone who is building their dream home to close their eyes and “live” in the home. Think about how you would go about your daily life, what kind of lighting you would want? Do you want dimmers, can lights, mood lights? Consider using LED lighting for both inside and outside your home as it not only looks great but will save money. Where do you want your switches and outlets to be? How many data drops will you need and where will you want them? As an electrician, we are frequently asked to make changes or add these after the fact. This can be less efficient cost wise and could have potential drywall damage.”

Crystal Colins
Oak Electric

When it comes to crafting your dream home, it is important to stay current with lighting trends. One of the most popular choices today is the strategic placement of can lights, which can add a modern touch while providing ample illumination throughout your space. Additionally, consider incorporating directional lighting to accentuate any artwork or photography adorning your walls, adding a captivating dimension to your interior design.

And let’s not overlook the exterior of your home—exterior lighting plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and security. By carefully selecting and placing outdoor lighting fixtures, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home while ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for you and your guests, even after the sun sets.

“Lastly, if you are building your dream home, consider installing Solar for your new home. Solar has become more cost effective in recent years, and we recommend considering this for your new home. This is your dream home, it’s an investment, not only do you want to protect your property, but more importantly, protect your loved ones inside.”

Oak Electric takes pride in being part of the less than 10% of electrical contractors nationally owned by women. Crystal is committed to ensuring the success of her team. Whether it’s providing them with the latest tools for their work, offering comprehensive skills and safety training, or extending administrative support, Crystal ensures that her team of skilled professionals is fully equipped to assist you in making your dream home a reality, shining brightly with the perfect lighting solutions.

Stay On Time and On Budget

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

It’s amazing what a professional paint job can do for your home’s curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint, whether on the interior or exterior of your home, can be all a room needs. We highly recommend Walter’s Painting Inc. ( for all of your painting needs. Walter’s offers first-rate exterior- and interior-painting services, in addition to wallpaper removal, power washing, refinishing of decks and other outdoor areas, re-staining, painting cabinets and nearly any coating removal or application you can think of. They offer efficient, reliable service with minimal disruption to your commercial activity. If you want to make sure your painting project is completed on-time and on-budget, you need to work with the crew at Walter’s Painting.

“Walter’s Painting uses only top-quality products and qualified painting crews experienced with helping clients make the most informed decorating and painting decisions,” said Owner Jeff Walters. “With our team of well-trained and experienced painters, we understand what homeowners expect from a painting company, and we are always ready to deliver.”

Walter’s Painting makes the process simple by providing free estimates and quality prep work, in addition to a consultation after the first coat of paint has dried and a final inspection to ensure the painting job is satisfactory.

“Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the painting work themselves, but this takes up valuable free time that could be spent elsewhere,” said Jeff Walters, owner. “We know that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting and plastering, and especially all the prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.”

The mission at Walter’s Painting is to remain a leading contractor by providing the best quality work. Client’s satisfaction is their priority, so you can be sure that they will always take the extra time to make sure you love the finished product of every project.

A Pool Can Fit in the Budget

Growing up, every kid dreams of having a pool in their own backyard, and now homeowners can make that dream a reality even with space and budget constraints.

Plunge pools, offered by Strawberry Pools, are a space and money saving solution! Since 1998, Strawberry Springs ( has been serving the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas. They provide unmatched attention to detail, complete customer satisfaction and great service. As authorized and trained spa technicians for most brands, Strawberry Springs will repair your hot tub or pool with efficiency and professionalism. They can help you design and build in ground pools, spas, water features and splash decks.

The new plunge pools come in a variety of sizes including.

The Recreational: Featuring a full end stair and optional bench. Available in 8’ x 16’, 10’ X 20’ and 12’ x 24’.

The Lounger: Featuring a full end stair with second step sundeck and optional bench. Available in 8’ x 16’, 10’ X 20’ and 12’ x 24’.

The Entertainer: Featuring a side by side stair and tanning ledge with optional benches. Available in 8’ x 16’, 10’ X 20’ and 12’ x 24’.

The Socializer: Featuring a sweeping tanning ledge with step and dual benches. Available in 8’ x 16’, 10’ X 20’ and 12’ x 24’.

Call Strawberry Springs at (402) 770-7946 to learn more about getting a new pool installed in your backyard.

Furniture Tailored to You

When furnishing your dream home, custom furniture can be a transformative touch that elevates your space to a new level of style and functionality. Tailored to your exact specifications, custom furniture pieces seamlessly integrate with your design vision, optimizing both form and function. Whether you seek a bespoke dining table that complements your kitchen’s aesthetics or a coffee table that acts as a conversation starter, personalized furniture is the key to creating a unique and distinctive look for your remodeled space. Custom furniture allows you to express your personality and showcase pieces that resonate with your unique taste.

The collaborative process of designing custom furniture offers a level of engagement and satisfaction that ready-made furniture cannot. Working closely with skilled artisans or designers to bring your vision to life ensures that every detail reflects your preferences. This hands-on approach not only results in furniture that perfectly complements your remodeling project, but also creates a deeper connection to your living space, making it truly your own.

Alex Adams
Type A Furniture

According to Alex Adams, Owner of Type A Furniture (, “Furniture and decor custom tailored to the aesthetic of your renovated space is the final touch to your dream home.”

As a white glove service, every piece of furniture that Type A Furniture creates is handled from start to finish by qualified professionals. From creating the design of your furniture with your exact specifications to installing the finished piece in your home, Type A Furniture makes the process as smooth and easy for you as possible.

Making furniture using lumber sourced from family owned sawmills in Nebraska, Type A Furniture is able to hand make furniture with each piece having a unique grain pattern that is one-of-a-kind. You won’t have to worry about someone else having the same setup as you, and don’t be surprised if what you create inspires others to seek custom furniture as well. Even if your friends reach out to Type A Furniture in search of a similar piece, your piece will be forever unique.

Construction Solutions for Every Corner

Building your dream home comes with many projects, and sometimes those projects pop up in every room of the house! CT Construction (, a family-owned company is ready to help with a range of different rooms. They specialize in bath, kitchen and full-house renovations, as well as basement home additions, flooring installation and tile work.

CT is dedicated to helping clients build their dream homes, by offering comprehensive services and educating clients about their product offerings. With this detailed approach, CT Construction ensures that each project unfolds seamlessly.
With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, CT Construction is the ideal partner for transforming your vision into reality. Visit for more information and begin the journey towards realizing your dream home today.

A Custom Feel

Building a home is a big undertaking. Naturally, clients want to have all their questions answered and they want to get every detail in the home right. That’s why Highridge Builders ( goes out of the way to ensure that every home has a custom feel and meets the client’s needs.

Gary McKinstry
Highridge Builders

Owner Gary McKinstry said, “We listen to our customers! Hearing what their wants and needs are as well as their budget and goals for their family. Helping them incorporate that into their homes so they have not only a beautiful but functional home.”

Gary has been in construction for the past thirty years. He started Highridge Builders four years ago with the vision to take an average home and give it the feeling of a luxury home. His homes incorporate wood beams, art deco walls, glass railings and other features to set Highridge Builders apart.

Gary believes that giving the customer the best experience possible by being their personal contact throughout the entire building process with a hands-on approach.

Make Homebuilding an Enjoyable Experience

Queenpin Builders ( loves helping clients achieve their dream home. During what can arguably be one of the biggest decisions and largest investment in one’s life, Queenpin Builders aims to keep the home building experience an enjoyable one. Whether starting from scratch and going completely custom or beginning with one of their existing floor plans, Queenpin Builders has got you covered.

Stephanie Ponce & Christina Melgoza
Queenpin Builders

Stephanie Ponce and Christina Melgoza are the dynamic female duo that is Queenpin Builders. With Stephanie’s vast experience in building and Christina’s extensive knowledge in land development and project management, they cover all angles of the home building process. After a decade of friendship and working alongside each other in the real estate industry, they joined forces to create Queenpin Builders.

It’s important to partner with a builder that feels ‘right’. Stephanie and Christina’s down-to-earth personalities make working with them feel light and fun. They work with their clients through the entire process from selecting the perfect lot and floor plan, to actual construction, interior finishes and beyond. Always hands on, and always on the job site. They offer recommendations and advice along the way, always focusing on your bottom line.

Queenpin Builders will work with you to create a plan, budget and timeline that best suits you and your family. Everyone’s dream home is different. Let Queenpin Builders help you achieve yours.

Did You Know Concrete is Full of Design Possibilities?

Concrete Craft of Lincoln ( offers a wide array of solutions, ranging from staining concrete to enhancing entryways, walkways, patios, garages, basements, and even man caves within your dream home using concrete. Decorative concrete finishes present excellent alternatives to traditional flooring options. Whether you prefer a sleek appearance with polished gray concrete or desire something with more character, Concrete Craft provides various durable and low-maintenance solutions. Moreover, they offer a stamped concrete seat wall and outdoor kitchen system, offering a swift and economical means to create your desired outdoor entertaining area. This cost-effective method provides additional seating resembling natural stone but made with the durability of stamped concrete.

Whether you seek to create a ‘wow’ factor indoors or outdoors, Concrete Craft can assist in transforming your space and exploring new paint technologies to enhance your home. Remy Refinishing is dedicated to staying current with evolving trends to deliver a space you can take pride in.

“When you invite people into your home, you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward,” Jeremy said. ”Paint is one of the highest impact things you can do to make your space look beautiful and inviting to your friends and family.”

A Remodel Partner Who Listens

Willet Construction ( provides homeowners with an exceptional remodeling experience, from the initial design concepts to the final completion, so they can live in the home of their dreams! Their process is built on clear communication and collaboration. They start by listening to your ideas and vision for your home. They then consult with you on the functionality, aesthetics and budget to ensure all your questions are answered. They collaborate with you throughout the design/ development process, from visualizing your dream space with detailed plans and 3D renderings to finalizing selections at our design center. They then create a comprehensive project scope and fixed-price proposal tailored to your specific project.

“At our company, we believe that remodeling your home should be a fun and exciting journey, not a stressful burden. The experience of creating your dream home is a lasting memory, and we’re committed to making it a positive one. A frustrating remodel leaves a bad taste, but a joyful experience brings even greater satisfaction,” said Jason Willet, Owner of Willet Construction. “This approach ensures a smooth and transparent remodeling journey, allowing you to focus on the excitement of creating your dream home.”

As you embark on the exhilarating adventure of building your dream home, entrust your vision to companies that share your passion for craftsmanship, innovation and uncompromising quality. Together, you can transform your dreams into a living masterpiece that embodies your unique lifestyle and aspirations. No matter the size or scope of your project, these are partners you can trust. After all, you want to do the work right the first time, so you aren’t left to do it again in the near future.