In the world of business, building strong and lasting relationships with clients is a vital component of success. While effective communication and exceptional services play significant roles, there is another powerful tool that can leave a lasting impression on clients: the art of entertaining.

Entertaining clients goes beyond the traditional boardroom meetings and formal presentations. It offers a unique opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Whether it’s a casual lunch, a corporate event or an exciting outing, the right entertainment can create an environment where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwine.

In the business world, we all like to put our best foot forward. With all of the amazing entertainment options available in Lincoln, there is no need to stress about how to best interact with other professionals. There are options to accommodate the needs and desires of everyone.

Matthew Rogge Talon Room

One-Stop Shop for Entertainment

When it comes to entertaining clients, you have to consider food, drinks and activities. Rather than traveling from one place to another, consider looking into entertainment options that offer it all. One of the best around is the Talon Room (, a one-stop shop for client entertainment in downtown Lincoln.

“At the Talon Room, we strive to provide a stress-free event planning experience. By offering catering, bar service, decoration packages and venue setup and teardown, we are providing all of the necessary components to host an event that will leave a mark on your clients,” stated Matthew Rogge, Talon Room Owner.

The Talon Room is the ideal spot to entertain clients with casino games, tailgate activities, live music, bingo, trivia or whatever activity your clients might be interested in. If you are wanting to entertain in more than just one place, the Talon Room is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Lincoln next to a variety of fun activities such as concerts at PBA, shows at the Lied Center and Husker games at Memorial Stadium. Plus, the Talon Room is located next to three parking garages, making parking a breeze.
Regardless of any of the dietary or physical restrictions your clients may have, the Talon Room is up for the challenge.

Marcey Haas Sweet Things by Marcy

Generational Baking

With time-honored, family-inspired and traditional recipes learned through years of home cooking, Sweet Things by Marcy ( bakes amazing desserts with flavor combinations that surpass those that were passed down from generations of southern family cooks and bakers. If you are looking for a show-stopping dessert to impress your clients, you won’t find better options than those made by Sweet Things by Marcy.

“I’ve been baking for over 40 years,” shared Owner Marcy Haas. “I learned from watching my mom, who taught me to bake basic southern staples such as cornbread, biscuits, tea cakes and sweet potato pie. Over the years, I’ve developed new recipes and expanded my dessert menu to incorporate a variety of delicious treats.”

Operating from a commercial kitchen (ghost kitchen) on O Street, Sweet Things by Marcy makes all of her desserts from scratch. Her passion for baking has driven her to offer desserts at a variety of restaurants in town as well as prepare and deliver desserts for individuals, offices and gatherings. Marcy also modifies desserts based on dietary needs upon request. So, regardless of what the needs of your business and clients are, Sweet Things by Marcy is equipped to accommodate.

Laurie Fraser
Doorstep Diner Catering

Thematic Catering Delivered to Your Doorstep

One of the easiest ways to entertain clients is with food. Whether the food is the focal point of the get-to-together or an activity is, catering is an essential part of the experience. At Doorstep Diner Catering (, they understand that providing great food isn’t all that clients are expecting.

While they enjoy working with foam and deconstructing food and ordering micro greens, Doorstep Diner Catering isn’t too proud to make a cheeseball shaped like a pineapple or little pigs in a blanket. At the end of the day, seeing their client’s wishes and visions for their event come true is what brings them satisfaction.

Doorstep Diner Catering is Lincoln’s only thematic caterer, and they like to say, “If you can dream it, we can theme it.” Not only is their food amazing, but their service leaves guests in astonishment. They will decorate your buffet in brand colors and themes to match your intent, going all out to create an unforgettable WOW factor.

“We are a culinary team that will take you on a journey of taste and service,” stated Laurie Fraser. “Doorstep Diner Catering… from our doorstop to yours.”

When hosting an event, you need to have confidence that your caterer will execute perfectly and wow your guests. With an outgoing staff, you can rest assured that Doorstep Diner Catering will be the cherry on top of the entertainment you provide your clients.

Kris Petersen
Leadership Harbor

Building a Connection

Opportunities for professional and personal growth pose a great advantage for client interaction. Not only do they promote connections between businesses and clients, but between all attendees and the community as well. Live2Lead, a yearly Leadership Harbor ( event, is a day of learning and fun that can help you generate loyalty and trust with your clients.

Live2Lead is one of the biggest events of the year, and is a great, fun way to show your clients that you value what they bring to the table. Offering a leader development experience designed to equip you and your team with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways, Live2Lead utilizes key speakers and impactful information that will leave you ready to implement your own personal action plan that will allow you to lead with renewed passion and commitment.

“As a business owner, you are trying to create relationships where people know you, like you and trust you,” stated Kris Peterson. “Live2Lead offers an opportunity for you to bring a client to a place that is focused on helping them better themselves and their business. This shows that you care about them as more than just a client. By attending yourself, it also goes to show your dedication to improvement. Plus, the event is a lot of fun!”

Key speakers Ryan Leak, Kendra Scott, John C Maxwell and Marcus Buckingham are thrilled to be included in 2023’s Live2Lead event on November 3.

If Live2Lead doesn’t fit the schedules of your clients, Leadership Harbor offers a slew of other services that can help you connect on a different level, such as team building exercises and classes targeting personal development and communication.

Making the Most of Transportation

Getting to and from the activities you have planned for your clients can be a hassle. It’s extra time out of your day as well as out of theirs – not to mention a potential headache when considering parking and gathering everyone at the right place at the right time. At Eastside Transportation LLC (, they know the challenge of group transportation and do everything they can to ensure transportation to and from events is as convenient as possible.

Not only does traveling together reduce stress pertaining to everyone arriving safely and on time, but also allows you to spend more time with your clients. While traveling, you can make the most out of the extra time with conversation. Whether the conversation is focused on getting to know each other or is business related, Eastside Transportation gives you a space to break the ice before your event.

To ensure there are no hiccups during your transportation, Eastside Transportation spends extra time to keep their vehicles well-maintained, clean and equipped with the latest technology to ensure your safety and convenience.

All Fun, No Work

Just because you are meeting with clients doesn’t mean that the entire meeting has to be about work. After all, entertaining clients does imply that fun will be involved, and having fun is the best way to build relationships.

Regardless of the ages of your clients, Lincoln Inflatables ( is sure to inflate the fun to a new level. This locally owned business is sure to bring out a side of your clients that you’ve never seen before, allowing you to connect with them on a personal level and build a lasting relationship. You’d be surprised how much fun a group of adults can have with a few inflatables – especially when they don’t have to worry about setting them up or taking them down. Plus, if your clients have kids, Lincoln Inflatables is more than happy to cater to families and ensure that the kids are happy and laughing while the adults take care of “business.”

Lincoln Inflatables has top-of-the-line inflatable bounce house units, slip and slides, waterslides, obstacle courses and combo units that will entertain your clients for hours. Known for their prompt communication, punctuality and quality customer services, you won’t have to worry about a thing when working with Lincoln Inflatables.

Excellent Restaurant Food, Service and Environment

Dining with clients is a classic form of entertainment. Everyone can enjoy a great meal while talking amongst themselves – it’s the perfect opportunity to build relationships without pressure. When choosing a restaurant to dine at, it is important to consider the quality of food, service and the overall environment. At daVinci’s (, they strive for excellence in everything – their food, their service and their restaurant environment.

Providing a variety of delicious food that starts with the finest and freshest ingredients, daVinci’s menu won’t disappoint your clients. There is something for even the pickiest of eaters!

All of their meats are chosen based on their quality and flavor. Plus, they only use 100% real mozzarella and fresh vegetables. Their alfredo sauce, marinara sauce and chili are homemade and developed using their family recipes. To top it all off, daVinci’s serves fresh Italian bread and makes their pizza dough from scratch daily. They won’t serve you something subpar because they think you deserve only the best.

Wanting as many people to have access to their amazing food as possible, daVinci’s has five locations in Lincoln – one of which is surely conveniently located for both you and your clients.

Without great relationships with your clients, your business would operate much differently. To build and maintain relationships as well as to show your appreciation for your clients, treat them to one of the vast entertainment options available in Lincoln. Support your fellow local businesses while enjoying the company of your clients!