As the vibrant colors of summer begin to fade, Lincoln prepares to unveil its enchanting autumn landscape. With the air turning crisp and the foliage transforming into a breathtaking palette of reds, yellows and oranges, the city becomes a true testament to the wonders of the season. For homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, fall is the perfect time to create an inviting retreat to cherish during the cooler months.

Whether you seek picturesque landscapes to impress your guests and neighbors or wish to savor the comforts of a cozy bonfire, fall promises an unforgettable outdoor experience. When upgrading your landscape, consider the plants, trees and flowers that will give your landscape the colors you desire – but don’t forget to take into consideration what will grow and survive in our everchanging environment best. It is also important to consider what other features will make your landscape something magnificant, such as the exterior appeal of your house and yard features such as pools, fireplaces and patios.

With the local professionals of Lincoln by your side, you will be able to enjoy all the best things fall landscaping has to offer. They will turn over every stone and piece of dirt to transform your landscape into something out of this world.

Jackie Svoboda
Luxury Outdoor Space

Luxury Outdoor Space

Complete outdoor living spaces have been a trend for the last several years. Larger patio spaces, outdoor kitchens, fire and water features, sitting walls and pergolas all contribute to a family’s ability to relax in luxury. If you have a distinct vision in mind, you can rest assured that Luxury Landscape ( will strive to make each and every detail of your landscape perfect.

“We like to say that the little things are the big things,” said Owner Jackie Svoboda. “From the initial contact with the customer to the proposal to the installation to after the project is complete, we know that the big picture isn’t complete without the small details.”
Luxury Landscape starts every process by getting to know the customers, discussing all the fun details during the initial consultation. This includes what the space will be used for, color preferences and if children/pets will have access to the area. Once the project begins, they work hard to maintain consistent communication so that their clients know how long the project will take and what to expect along the way. Luxury Landscape strives to ensure they are always on the same page as their clients.

By getting to know their customers, Luxury Landscape is able to have open communication and trust throughout the project. Through great communication and teamwork, Luxury Landscape is able to exceed client expectations, resulting in smiles, tears of joy and hugs.

Uriah Sawyer
Archer Exteriors

Consider the Exterior Appeal of Your House

The first things that come to mind when thinking about landscaping are the curb appeal of your front yard and the wow factor of your backyard. But, doesn’t the appearance of the exterior of your house matter too? Archer Exteriors, a local business specializing in renovations, strives to exceed customer expectations by producing a finished product that goes beyond what they ever envisioned.

Currently, Archer Exteriors is noticing a high demand for fiber cement siding. Not only does it protect the interior of your house from critters and ever changing weather conditions, but blend seamlessly with your dream landscaping designs.
“The best part of finishing a project is seeing a smile on a customer’s face, knowing they are filled with joy,” said Owner Uriah Sawyer.

Though the exterior of your house isn’t technically a part of your landscaping, it is just as important and can make a world of difference for the appearance of your property.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in Peace

Your property’s fence holds immense significance, serving vital roles in security and seclusion, all while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The spectrum of fence designs, each with its distinct dimensions and forms, empowers you to craft a unique boundary that seamlessly integrates with your landscape vision.

Offering vinyl, wood, chain link and aluminum fences, Empire Netting and Fence ( can install a practical fence that helps you create the environment you want. With different choices available, you can find the right fence that fits your needs and vision.

The decisions you make regarding height, design and materials wield substantial influence over the ultimate allure of your fence and, by extension, the flow of your landscaping. If you’re not sure which fence is best for both how it works and how it looks, the professionals at Empire Netting and Fence are ready to answer questions and put up the best fence for your specific vision.

If you’re curious about what is curently trending, various souces claim that some of the most popular fence designs in 2023 have included sleek, modern, rustic, two-tone and vinyl styles. Across the various styles, clean lines, simple shapes and neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular, as well as the mixing of materials such as metal, stone and wood. Though fence designs are a blend of a little bit of everything, people are gravitating towards an overal minimalist look that requires little maintenance.

The concept of ‘smart fencing’ has also been trending upwards. The integration of technology into fences includes features that enhance safety such as integrated lighting, security cameras and motion-detection sensors. As society continues to shift its focus towards technology, it is no surprise that landscaping trends are now incorporating the benefits of technological advancement.

The Value of Trees

Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing, but a natural barrier that gives you seclusion and privacy while you enjoy time outdoors. Regardless of the type of tree you plant, the view is better than that of traffic or your neighbor’s yard – not that their yard isn’t nice, but it isn’t something you want to see every time you walk outside.

Eagle Nursery ( understands the value of adding trees to your property not just for aesthetic reasons, but for financial and environmental reasons as well. According to research conducted by the USDA Forest Service, trees create about three times more economic advantage than their cost due to how much they can raise property value. Planting trees gives you an advantage later down the road when you consider selling your property, but also the advantage of saving energy, reducing storm-water runoff, breathing cleaner air and living in privacy in the present moment.

When choosing which kind of tree to plant, it is recommended that you work with an Eagle Nursery expert. They will help you choose a tree that will not only survive Nebraska’s turbulent weather, but thrive in it. Their extensive knowledge of trees will help you find the best fit aesthetically, environmentally and financially.

In Nebraska, some of the best trees to plant during the fall season are maple, oak and birch trees. These trees can add beautiful colors to your landscape and provide shade for you to relax in.
Fall is a great time to plant trees because the cooler temperatures and mild conditions help reduce stress on the newly planted trees. With the soil still being warm, roots can grow and establish themselves before the colder soil restricts development. Being prepared for the dormant winter period is crucial for trees. In the spring, trees planted in the fall have a head start and tend to thrive.

Building Your Dream Pool

One of the most sought after yard features is an in-ground pool. The right pool can really make a yard come to life, and Strawberry Springs Pool and Spa ( loves how the creative process unfolds, resulting in a beautiful outcome.

Currently, Strawberry Springs is seeing a trend for fantastic sitting areas and sun shelves in the water. These features are designed to maximize hangout time with friends and quality family time while in the pool.

“Our team has a lot of experience,” shared Ron Tucker. “We are your trusted partner in making your pool and spa environment both appealing and functional.”

Though pools are seasonal, Strawberry Springs stays busy year round. They use the down time in the winter to train employees and perform necessary maintenance on their equipment so that they are ready to build your dream pool as soon as the weather permits.
To make a client’s vision come to life, Strawberry Springs thoroughly discusses the end goal with the client. They provide extensive photos of past jobs and what can be done in the space to spark inspiration and help guide the project. Once the dream pool is decided upon, Strawberry Springs wastes no time building it.

Because pools can provide countless hours of fun and relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard, residential pools are extremely popular. With the intense summer heat here in Nebraska, it is no surprise that so many residents dream of owning a pool. With the average pool holding approximately 20,000 gallons of water, there is plenty of space for swimming, pool floats and games. With additions of water slides, diving boards and even built-in spas, who wouldn’t want their own pool to enjoy?

Taking it a step farther, some homeowners choose to have saltwater pools instead of traditional chlorine pools, as they can be gentler on the skin and eyes. Instead of using chlorine tablets or liquid, saltwater pools use a salt chlorinator to convert salt into chlorine. Though the chlorine level is typically lower in saltwater pools, they are great for those that prefer a more eco-friendly and comfortable pool, as well as for those that seek less pool maintenance.

Proactive Landscaping

Fall landscaping is all about preparing for winter weather and priming your landscape to have minimal maintenance come spring. To be fully prepared for changing seasons, Ray’s Lawn Care ( recommends focusing on weed management and fertilization.

For the best fertilization results, aeration is recommended. Ray’s Lawn care’s expert technicians promote air circulation, nutrient absorption and root development by utilizing specialized equipment to remove soil plugs. Performing aeration alongside fertilization in the fall furnishes lush and thriving greenery in the spring.

To keep unwanted insects at bay and promote further growth, Ray’s Lawn Care offers a nutrient/insecticide application that is designed to provide a nutrient essential to healthy turf while also providing additional coverage for later summer insect control. If there’s anything Ray’s Lawn Care will insist upon, it’s a healthy lawn.

Functional and Decorative Brick

Retaining walls are becoming a necessity for landscaping projects. Functionally, retaining walls stabilize sloping landscapes and prevent rainwater from flooding your landscape. Decoratively, using brick for retaining walls can add a little something extra to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Yankee Hill Brick (, a local brick producer, offers a variety of brick colors and styles that’ll perfectly match your landscape.

To tie retaining walls in with the rest of your landscape, consider using brick pavers for your patios, pool decks, driveways and pathways. Yankee Hill Pavers are hard and durable, low maintenance and long lasting. They come in an assortment of colors and can be formed into a variety of patterns that will reflect contrast or unity throughout your property.

Yankee Hill produces its own clay mixes and high temperature firing kiln to produce a range of looks for their own brickwork. In addition to their own bricks, they also import a selection of bricks from other manufacturers, chosen to complement the local Nebraska market.

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting, Inc.

A Dash of Color

You’d be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint on your house can change the appeal of your outdoor living space. Whether freshening up the current exterior coat or trying a different color, a fresh coat of paint could be just what you need to transform your property – especially if you don’t have the budget for a big transformation.

We all want our houses to be beautiful, but not at the expense of the lifespan of the exterior of the house. With Walter’s Painting Inc. (, you can transform your chipped and peeling exterior into something out of a magazine that will last years longer than you ever imagined.

“Though our name implies paint, we can also spruce up your exterior wood with a stain. Your decks, stairs and pillars will look like new and be protected from the unpredictable weather here in Lincoln,” said Owner Jeff Walters. “Taking it another step beyond our name, we provide excellent pressure washing services for your pool, fence, hardscape and concrete, brick and wood surfaces.”

Walter’s Painting Inc. has more to offer than what meets the eye. They do a phenomenal job of bringing out the inner beauty of your landscape by enhancing the extior of your home.

Landscape Maintenance

We all love beautiful yards that have luscious, green grass. What we don’t like about lush grounds and an abundance of plants and trees is the maintenance. Regardless of if your landscape is large or small, yard work isn’t something most of us enjoy. When it comes to choosing a mower or keeping up with lawn maintenance, AKRS Equipment ( can provide an extensive array of John Deere equipment that will help get the job done right as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Their John Deere equipment has a low cost of ownership in comparison to the rest of the industry. Plus, you get more than your money’s worth: their equipment is proven to operate longer and with fewer repairs than other products on the market. AKRS even has a service available to keep your equipment in top working order so you don’t have to.

If you choose to take on a landscaping project yourself that goes beyond ground maintenance, ARKS will happily provide you with the equipment you need to get your hands dirty. Their consultants will help you purchase what is going to suit your needs best, and won’t waste time on products that aren’t a good fit for either your skillset or the project at hand.

Landscape Materials

Upgrading the layout of your landscape requires more attention to detail and materials than you might think. The material options for landscaping designs are endless, including river rock, limestone, sand, sand and gravel mix, road gravel and mulch. Merritt Concrete ( offers it all, plus ready-mix concrete. Each of these materials can make a gorgeous landscape, but finding the one that compliments your vision perfectly can be tricky.

Consulting the professionals at Merritt Concrete is a great way to start off your landscaping project. They can help direct you towards a material that matches your landscape aesthetically and contributes to the overall function of your space. Because they have no minimums on the amount of materials you can purchase at a time, they will accommodate your need for any amount of materials. Rather than making your landscape accommodate the quantity you were forced to purchase, you can make your purchase reflect the needs of your landscape. For small projects, they encourage you to stop by for their U-Carts. For larger projects, they will deliver to you!

Aside from the raw materials that go into creating your dream landscape, Merritt Concrete also helps with the installation of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. As the temperatures start to drop, this will make a great addition to your outdoor space. What better way to spend a chilly night than cozied up by the fireplace under the stars?

Fall Gardening

Though renovating your landscape with rocks and pavers can create a beautiful space, you can make that space even more magical by incorporating plants. With all sorts of plants available, it can be difficult to choose the plant that will both look the best in the space and last the longest. What’s the point in planting something that you will have to replace months later? The professionals at Earl May Gardening Center ( are more than happy to help you choose a plant that is guaranteed to survive the colder months that are on the horizon.

Fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs because the cool nights and warm days help push plants to get their roots established before winter. Planting and fertilizing in fall also helps ensure that spring furnishes beautiful blooms and an abundance of growth. By next spring, your trees and shrubs will be more established, making them easier to maintain throughout the summer.

September is also the best time of year to start a lawn from seed. Warm soil accelerates germination and the cooler temperatures that follow make the seeds easier to water. Applying Earl May lawn food now will help what is already grown to heal and what is planted to grow.

Some of the best flowers to purchase in September include blooming bulbs like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, though it is best to wait to plant them until late October or early November. Blooming bulbs are a beautiful addition to any landscape, as they are known for their vibrant colors and lovely fragrance.

Reducing Landscaping Water Usage

Water conservation has become increasingly important as drought strikes more and more cities across the country. With over half of all domestic water usage going towards lawn maintenance, it isn’t hard to tell where water usage can be cut down. One way to reduce the amount of irrigation water we use is to install a water smart design from Hunt Irrigation, Inc. ( The Water Smart Company doesn’t want you to sacrifice your beautiful yard for water conservation, and has developed a system that allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Upgrading your old irrigation controller with a WiFi controller is the first step towards water conservation. A WiFi controller adjusts your system’s water output to increase or decrease based on predicted weather conditions. These controllers can improve your water savings by as much as 35%. Another simple, affordable and very reliable water saver is a rain sensor. These sensors detect rain and tell your irrigation controller to turn off during or at the end of a rain event.

In order for irrigation systems to conserve the maximum amount of water, they must be properly installed and maintained. That’s why Hunt Irrigation takes the time to teach you how everything works after installation, and is available for maintenance and regular services down the road. Taking into consideration safety, security and aesthetic components of your landscape, Hunt Irrigation creates a complete and balanced design that is easily serviceable without disrupting your landscape vision.

Did you know that on average, residential landscaping in Nebraska can require approximately 7,000 to 10,000 gallons of water per week during the growing season?

The Beauty of Concrete

Concrete, contrary to its stereotypical appearance, doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Concrete can be stamped with patterns, designs and colors that seamlessly blend with your landscape vision, acting to either catch the eyes of onlookers or to gel with the overall vibe. A stamped concrete walkway, resurfaced concrete walkway or stained concrete walkway is sure to elevate your home’s standard of outdoor living. With their various stamp patterns and integral coloring processes, Concrete Craft ( can replicate popular, expensive materials such as brick, cobblestone and natural slate.

Concrete Craft of Lincoln can bring your outdoor living space to life in countless ways through their beautiful concrete solutions for patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more. Their stamped concrete seat wall and fire pit system is a cost-effective method that will give you a fire pit that looks like natural stone. With installation also being a relatively short process, you’ll be able to entertain guests throughout the fall season.

With so many options available, you’ll want to speak with one of Concrete Craft of Lincoln’s professionals to help guide you towards the solution that will be best financially, aesthetically and spatially.

Designing Your Dream Landscape

At one point or another, almost all of us have pictured what the exterior of our dream house would look like. We’ve pictured how the house would complement the yard, the outdoor space where we would host get-togethers and the plants that would change colors with the seasons. As providers of fine outdoor living, Landmark Nursery and Landscaping ( in Eagle attempts to fully understand your goals and vision so they can create a space that is designed for you.

Every landscaping project with Landmark Nursery starts with an in-depth consultation where they simply listen and get to know you. Next, they pair you with a member from their design team who will be dedicated to you from consultation to completion – you won’t have to worry about re-explaining the project to a newcomer. The talented designer and experienced horticulturist will collaborate, inspire and guide you along through the project.

According to their monthly landscaping and yard care calendar, September is the time for fall grass seeding, to spray for dandelions, to plant fall bulbs for spring bloom, to replace older annuals with fall planter arrangements, to determine if any part of your landscape lacks color and to continue watering and weeding. September is also the best time to plant trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, peonies and iris.

In regards to grass, Kentucky bluegrass is commonly known as one of the best to plant in Nebraska. It is well-adapted to the climate and can withstand the cold winters and hot summers. It provides a lush and dense turf that is prefect for residential lawns. Other popular options include tall fescue and fine fescue. Tall fescue is known for its durability and ability to withstand drought and wear – great attributes considering Nebraska’s current climate. Fine fescue is well-suited for areas with partial shade, as it is shade-tolerant and requires little maintenance.

A Garage Door to Match

Though we often don’t think of our garage door as part of our landscape, we should. We think about the paint on the exterior of our house, so we should think of the appeal of our garage door as well. You’d be surprised at the beautiful garage doors you can find if you look around. If you don’t know where to look, try starting with Overhead Door of Lincoln ( They offer a wide range of styles to fit both your home and landscaping vision as well as your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Some of their options include:

Impression Fiberglass Collection® – These doors feature a wood-grain fiberglass surface.

Impression Steel Collection® – This collection provides low maintenance and thermal efficiency, while also featuring large windows.

Carriage House Collection – These garage doors combine distinctive carriage house designs and superior insulated steel construction.

Signature® Carriage Collection – These detailed carriage house doors have the look of swing-open doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors.

Courtyard Collection® – This collection has the design of traditional carriage house doors.

Envy™ Collection – This frameless design looks sleek and modern with glass panels mounted on an aluminum structure.

Allura® Collection – This collection provides additional security.

Durafirm Collection® – These vinyl doors offer protection and boost thermal efficiency.

Year Round Lawn Care

Fall is the time for landscaping and lawn maintenance, as well as the time of year to start thinking about snow removal. 1776 Grounds Maintenance, a long-standing local yard care business, provides excellent grounds care every day all year long.
Offering honest insight and recommendations focused on each property’s specific needs, 1776 Grounds Maintenance strives to provide personalized care that exceeds client expectations.

To schedule residential lawn treatments, they recommend calling by October to ensure that they will be able to start applications around the first of November. For snow removal, the earlier you can get on their radar, the better.

It is never too early to prepare your landscape for the winter months. When redesigning your landscape, it is important to consider how it will function in fall, winter, spring and summer. Each detail matters, and no detail is too small.

Lincoln continues to amaze us as landscaping projects transform the city into something truly amazing. Improvements both small and large have enhanced the curb appeal and beauty of both residential and commercial areas. With so many reputable and excellent lawn, landscape and outdoor-area experts available in Lincoln, it is no surprise that our city looks as great as it does.