As a local business ourselves, we recognize the importance of fostering a sense of community and celebrating the unique narratives that define businesses with local roots. In this spirit, we invite fellow local enterprises to join us in sharing their origin stories. Every business has a tale to tell – from the initial spark of an idea to the challenges overcome and the milestones achieved.

By providing a platform for these stories to unfold, we aim to not only connect with our community on a deeper level, but also to highlight the diverse and inspiring journeys that contribute to our thriving business community.

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In the year 2000, in a modest warehouse in Northeast Lincoln, a solution to a widespread problem was born. Recognizing the unmet need for ATM services in smaller establishments, Husker ATM emerged to fill a crucial gap left by local banks. Starting with its first installation at Earl’s Tavern, a beloved local spot now etched in memory, Husker ATM embarked on a journey marked by gradual but consistent growth. Overcoming technological hurdles of the era, such as reliance on expensive satellite and dedicated phone lines, Husker ATM methodically expanded its reach. From the serene Sandhills of Nebraska’s Niobrara River to the bustling scenes of Tennessee’s largest country bar, Kickers Country Club, Husker ATM’s footprint grew to encompass a vast and varied landscape.

Adaptation and innovation have been at the heart of Husker ATM’s ethos. Transitioning from analog to digital, the company not only kept pace with technological evolution but also led the charge in implementing internet technology in ATMs. With a team of factory-trained and certified technicians, Husker ATM ensured that each step forward was marked by quality and reliability.

More than just a service provider, Husker ATM has been a vibrant community player, contributing significantly to local events.

I always wanted others to notice the beauty that I did – the bend of a leaf or the shimmer of a sunbeam. I used my childhood allowance to develop film at Walmart, and entered plenty of 4-H competitions! My photography business, Nikki Moore Photography (, began in 2010, finding focus on the world of weddings, seniors and families. Those years were successful in some ways and not others. After experiencing a tough season of burnout, I decided to pivot to the photography needs of the business world.

Today, I work with businesses who want to showcase themselves, their products and their services in a fresh way. From large corporations to solo startups, my heart is in working with Lincoln’s professional community. I’m inspired by their creativity in imagining new ideas and solving sticky problems.

One problem your business may face is that the photos on your website aren’t doing justice to your brand. Maybe they’re out of date, or maybe you’re using generic stock photos. This is where I come in – I can help you and your business look their absolute best!

What’s good and important about my mission? I’m still noticing beauty like I always have. I want to show YOU…in your best light!

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In 2018, Dr. Brian Bayer planted the seeds of a dream in Lincoln. This dream, called Ascend Chiropractic (, blossomed into a haven for those seeking pain relief and a holistic approach to well-being. Dr. Bayer, a passionate chiropractor, wasn’t just driven by his expertise; he envisioned a space where patient care transcended adjustments and flourished into a journey of empowered health.

Ascend Chiropractic isn’t your typical clinic; it’s a boutique-style sanctuary where comfort meets cutting-edge techniques. Dr. Bayer, with his extensive training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Active Release Techniques (ART), delivers personalized treatment plans that go beyond the spine. From athletes to children to seniors, each patient receives individualized attention aimed at restoring their body’s natural functions and optimizing their performance. Being pain-free is just the beginning.

But Ascend Chiropractic is more than adjustments and modalities. It’s a philosophy. Dr. Bayer believes in fostering a collaborative environment where patients are active participants in their healing.

In just five years, Ascend Chiropractic has become a beacon of health in Lincoln. Dr. Bayer’s vision has materialized, creating a space where pain recedes and vitality takes flight. And as Ascend Chiropractic continues to grow, one thing remains constant: Dr. Bayer’s unwavering commitment to helping his patients move well and move often.

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Since 2005, Coffey & Company House of Interiors (, led by Owner and Design Director Lisza Coffey and her team, has been creating spaces for clients that refresh their spirit and reflect their personal style. Their specialty is helping people find their own effortless style, and using that information to transform ordinary spaces into oases of comfort, indulgence and joyful living. They do this by using inspired designs that carefully balance functionality, aesthetics and each client’s personal needs and preferences.

The company was founded on a deep desire to create a working environment where trusting, collaborative and fulfilling relationships could be formed between coworkers, clients, skilled tradespeople and quality vendors. The company’s core belief is that if you take exceptional care of people, you cultivate exceptional teams that create exceptional spaces. This guiding principle influences every aspect of employee, vendor and client relationships. Decisions are made and problems are solved by focusing on the company’s five culture principles of excellence, integrity, respect, resourcefulness and community involvement.

In addition to personalized interior design and construction projects, Coffey & Company welcomes clients and home enthusiasts into their 2400-square-foot retail showroom filled with a curated collection of interior home furnishings, décor and a fully stocked gourmet shop. Learn more at