Holiday Planning in Lincoln, NE – 2017

Now that fall has arrived, hello holidays! Right about now, it’s wise to begin planning for the months ahead. As you’re all too familiar, they’re sure to fly right by and it can get hectic trying to accomplish everything later on down the line. Not to mention, with everyone else trying to do the same, one can easily run into problems with being able to book the desired venue and vendors for holiday parties or finding that perfect gift. It can be especially important to get things handled well ahead of time if what you’re hoping for is among the most popular or sought after in either category. So make your list now and maybe even check it once – then later on down the line when you’re checking it twice it will be SO nice!

{Fun Festivities!}

While it never hurts to plan ahead for just about anything you can think of that’s holiday-related, when it comes to getting everything in place for an upcoming holiday party, the sooner the better.

So, attention all party planners – novices, professionals, the “just this one time because I’ve been asked to help out” or “it sounds like fun” takers, and otherwise – have you started thinking about this year’s big holiday party yet? Chances are good that answer is a solid no for most, but not all. In actuality, there are a lot of local venues, particularly ones that are popular for this sort of thing, that already have events on the books from now until January/February. We all know that person who excels at planning, or the one who has been dreaming up ideas for the next amazing holiday affair since the day after last year’s. They’re out there, and so are the chronic procrastinators, and everyone in between.

No matter why type you are, it’s advantageous to get on it ASAP to avoid being stuck in a position with limited options. While that’s not always a bad thing, it’s also not ideal – better to get what you want than settle for taking what you can get, right? To kick off this year’s party planning, we’ve also consulted with a few local professionals who have plenty of tips and inspiration to offer.

Event spaces here in our community are diverse, so you’ll find your needs would be met a bit differently at each although the basics are similar. Location is often a determining factor, as is the date and time, capacity to accommodate your guest list, funds you can allocate to the party, what you have in mind for catering, drinks, entertainment, and it goes on from there with all of the special touches to consider. Getting the main things in place before you go Pinterest crazy is highly advised – remember, don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

“First and foremost you need to figure out your budget, select a date and then secure a venue to host your holiday party,” advises Hollie Waldo with Graduate Lincoln. “Once you have selected your venue you will be able to develop a timeline/agenda for your event.

Then when that’s all in place, you will want to determine if you are providing entertainment for your event and start looking at the options for that. We have had groups bring in live bands, DJs, dueling pianos, hypnotists, comedians, casino parties, etc. You want the party to be a fun environment so working closely with the venue’s team and the entertainer will help ensure everyone attending has a great time. One of the next important steps will be selecting what food and beverages you want to provide. Here at the Graduate, we offer a complimentary tasting with our Executive Chef so you are able to try a variety of items from our catering menu prior to making your final selections. Last would be finalizing the room layout and décor for your event. We provide customized floor plans for events and also offer a variety of different house centerpieces as well as the linens and napkins.

Also, when making arrangements, setting up a discounted room block for your party is a really good idea. Give your employees the opportunity to ‘Take the Elevator Home.’

Here at Graduate Lincoln, we employ people who have a passion for service and take pride in providing you the best experience possible. We not only provide packages that fit your group but provide some extra credit so you and your group feel at home when hosting your event with us.”

Providing a safe option for transportation or accommodations to stay overnight on or near location is such a nice thing to do for your guests. It’s so much easier to have a great time when there’s no worry about getting home at the end of the evening.

Lori Hiebner Leisure Limousine & Sedan - Headshot

Lori Hiebner
Leisure Limousine & Sedan

“Remember to book transportation for your guests to the party and back home afterward,” says Lori Hiebner with Leisure Limousine & Sedan. “It is always a good idea to have a car ready and waiting after the party in case you have a guest that had a little too much to drink.”

Aside from those who are making arrangements for their guests, Hiebner highlights a few other options to consider as well.

“Renting our bus for a memorable corporate event is quite the popular one. Let us pick everyone up, keep everyone safe and keep the party rolling!

Or, how about giving the gift of an experience! People have too many ‘things’ nowadays and oftentimes they would much rather enjoy an experience. Couple a limo ride gift certificate with a night out for a gift they will remember for a long time!”

On to the next popular possibility, your local bowling alley will never disappoint as a holiday party venue – it’s a tried and true classic. There’s no age restriction, so young guests and young at heart guests alike can enjoy themselves, whether or not they are good at bowling. Even people who don’t necessarily enjoy participating in the sport can enjoy conversation over drinks. It’s a fun atmosphere and fairly simple to make arrangements, which appeals to attendees and party planners alike.

Jen Miseno Sun Valley Lanes - Headshot

Jen Miseno
Sun Valley Lanes

“The great thing about choosing bowling for your group outing is everyone can participate in some capacity,” says Jen Miseno with Sun Valley Lanes. “It allows people to move around and mingle instead of just sitting at a table with a few people. We also offer bumpers and ball ramps for anyone who needs them.”

As for booking, Miseno advises, “When trying to plan a party for a large group, it is best to choose a date well in advance to have the best selection of options. We’ve had groups this past August already reserving space for December and January.

The earlier you can set a date, the better off you are, especially with large groups. Not only does this give your group the best chance of getting the date you’d like, but it gives those attending the event more time to plan their other commitments around you. Thus, helping you achieve a higher turnout.”

In agreement, Jennifer Davis-Korn with 48 Bowl, Inc. offers the following advice when making arrangements for your holiday party at one of their two local venues:

“At 48 Bowl, Inc. (Parkway Lanes and Hollywood Bowl) holiday parties are some of our favorite events to book, but to get the date and time that works best for your guests you should prepare well in advance. Keep in mind that we have two different Lincoln centers to choose from, Parkway Lanes and Hollywood Bowl, and both are equipped with 24 lanes of bowling, food and beverage service, and we can handle both small and large groups. While weekends are popular times for booking parties (and those dates and times fill first) we also have weekday and evening availability. Weekday afternoon holiday office parties are always well-received by employees because they get to feel like they are playing hooky and enjoy some social time during what would have otherwise been work hours.

We have a short, handy list of questions for you to answer before calling or emailing so that our time communicating can be the most productive for you:

  1. What date(s) and time(s) are you hoping to book? And at which center?
  2. How many people are you expecting in your group? We will use this to determine how many lanes you need. (A good rule of thumb is about 5 guests per lane. At this number, your group will take about one hour to bowl one game.)
  3. Do you want to include food and/or beverages at your event? If so, do you have an overall budget in mind? We’ll help you determine a bowling, food and beverage package (or any combination of those) that works for your budget.
  4. Does your group have any special requests or needs? We’ll work to accommodate them!

If you are ready to book a group at either center or have more questions that you need answered, please contact our Special Events & Program Director, Terri Jo Podraza. She can be reached via email at or by calling Parkway Lanes at (402) 483-7763. Terri Jo can help you put together an event that meets your budget and that your guests will enjoy!”

The same advice with booking early holds true pretty much across the board when it comes to the desirable local venues, and can’t be emphasized enough. Although there are a lot of good options, there is such a high demand that sometimes you may not even get your second or third choice. Another popular venue to host your holiday party, and thus book up quickly, would be one of the area wineries or your favorite local bar. You certainly can’t go wrong when you go directly to the source of the holiday spirit(s)!

Trish Meyer

Trish Meyer
Capitol View Winery & Vineyards

Trish Meyer with Capitol View Winery & Vineyards offers suggestions for party planners and for gift giving, as it relates to giving gifts to guests at your party, corporate gifts, and personal gifts.

“Securing a location for your holiday parties should be among the first things to check off of your to-do list. Many venues fill up quickly and usually earlier than you anticipate. It also takes time to check on availability, venue appropriateness for your gathering, and rates. If you will be giving gifts at the event it is also a good idea to have those selected and ordered early. This gives the vendors time to prepare your items and for you to wrap or package them ahead of the busy holiday season.

Our wines make great gifts and range from bold flavorful dry reds to refreshing sweet whites and everything in between. Capitol View’s semi-dry blush ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ is a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving entertaining. It’s a nice offering as a host, and a great gift to bring as a guest or to give to your employees for their family gatherings, or to enjoy however they like for that matter.

In fact, to make your gift giving more memorable, choose a time during the holidays that your customers aren’t expecting to receive a gift of appreciation. One of the most memorable gifts Les and I have received from a business associate was a bottle of wine personally delivered to our home just a few days before Thanksgiving.

Along the same lines, consider doing your holiday parties on days other than the weekend or a time other than December. Usually it is easier to schedule a venue and guests who are trying to fit everything into an already hectic schedule will be less stressed. Capitol View Winery & Vineyards offers special rates for parties and events booked on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, as well as Sunday or Monday evening. Booking at Capitol View during those times allows us to offer you the use of the entire winery and outdoor spaces when the weather permits, making it a great venue for a relaxing, fun event.”

When thinking about the very best things about the holidays that we look forward to each year, the fare is definitely one that comes to mind first. Whether it’s a party, family gathering, contribution to the spread at the office, thoughtful gift, or just taking an opportunity to treat yourself to your favorite festive dish or goodie, there’s a lot of eating delightful holiday delicacies going on.

In terms of planning ahead, which is what’s going on at this point in time, for holiday parties that will require a talented catering professional to help plan and execute your culinary vision, book yours as soon as possible. Just as with the venues, the best are the most sought after, and they only have so much availability.

There are businesses that only do catering, and then there are the ones that do that and so much more. Either way, you’ll be in good hands, it just depends on how you plan to go about things. It is always nice to have plenty of options, though.

Cherie Anderson Venue Restaurant & Lounge - headshot

Cherie Anderson
Venue Restaurant & Lounge

If you want to go with one that does it all, Cherie Anderson with Venue Restaurant & Lounge notes, “Venue creates eye-popping spreads anywhere, either in the intimacy of your home or in one of our five private rooms for any occasion. We do book up early, so make sure that you secure your date now!

Remember, when planning for future events including holidays, you are not the only one planning. The holidays are a busy time, jam-packed with gatherings for the family and parties with friends. A great start to a successful, event-filled time is to book your venue and service providers well in advance. This includes corporate parties.

If at all possible, contact your venue, caterer, rental company, DJ, etc. as soon as you can to make sure their space/services are available when you need them. The more lead time you can give those you want to create your event, the better. Of course, things happen and last-minute is the only option, but securing your space/services as early as you can is the foundation to a less-stressful planning process. Although at this point it’s not possible for this year’s party or special event, you may even consider booking your future events a year out. This will help ensure that you get the space you want, when you want it, allowing you to focus on your save-the-dates and invitations.

Here at Venue Restaurant & Lounge, we’ll take care of the details, beginning to end. Let our experienced coordinators take the stress out of party planning!”

She also offers a few unique suggestions for gifts, private parties, and special events to consider:

“How fun would it be to get a Venue quality cut prime rib with our 6-pepper seasoning blend in a gift package? This would make a perfect gift to give to that special family member or work colleague who’s the cook in their family! Cooking instructions and recipes are included! Venue’s special blends are in limited supply, so make sure to order early! Starting after Thanksgiving, Venue will also have gift card specials that are sure to please any foodie.

Furthermore, Venue can have a variety of menus ready for pick-up with a 24-hour notice. Want a tenderloin slider platter, a shrimp cocktail spread or a peppermint cheesecake? You got it! Let us take care of the cooking while you focus your energy on entertaining your holiday guests. Venue is a scratch-based kitchen, so we can accommodate or help create a menu that will make you happy.

Are you looking for something to go out and do? Consider purchasing tickets to one our unique dining experiences like our Murder Mystery dinners at The Jasmine Room or one of Venue’s rotating wine, beer and scotch dinners. Our events make for a memorable night that will impress and satisfy, with theme-based and quality meals, presentation, and drinks.”

An important part of planning ahead for the holiday meals is getting everything figured out that you’ll need if you’re hosting at your house this year. (And don’t forget the party favors and gifts for guests, either!)

Jana Clark Habitat - headshot

Jana Clark

“Make sure to buy your turkey brining kit early as we usually sell out!” advises Jana Clark with Habitat. “Also, think ahead about how you want to set your table. If you know you are going to need 12 place settings, make sure to buy early so you aren’t left scrambling in the days prior to your meal. We have tablecloths, table runners, placemats, place cards, cloth and paper napkins, and so much more, whether it’s functional pieces or to accent your décor – or both.

We also have perfect gifts for holiday parties, from sassy socks and Snoozies slippers, to olive oil and balsamic vinegar in bulk. One of our most popular items to give to the person who has everything is Fraiser Fir Reed Diffusers by Thymes. Whether you’re the host looking for gifts for your guests, or the other way around, we’ve got you covered at Habitat. For those who don’t quite know what they’re looking for, we love to put gifts together that include our ‘favorite things.’ Every Habitat employee uses our products at home and can make suggestions based on their favorite things. Then, let us do the gift wrap for you!”

When it comes to gifts, there are tons of great ones you can pick up ready to go. Then there are also the customized gifts that you have to plan for well in advance, but that really have that ‘WOW’ factor and make the recipient feel extra special. As for corporate gifts, at a time when people are being showered with a bevy of items, specialty items that are customized allow you to leave your mark and have your gift identified among the crowd. Also at parties, the customized swag is always a big hit, especially if it can be used during and afterward.

Clark offers a few suggestions to consider: “We have stunning new acrylic glasses that can be engraved. They are unique and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Darren Gygi canvas artwork has been very popular. It makes a great holiday gift and can be customized. Make sure to allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for special orders.”

Finally, she provides a handy checklist of items you might need for Thanksgiving dinner. Here are the items in no particular order, and the actual checklist to shop with can be picked up at the store: Roaster, Turkey Lifters, Carving Knife, Cutting Board, Baster, Brine/Brining Bag, Turkey Frills, Cooking Twine, Fat Separator, Thermometer, Potato Masher, Flavor Injector, Herb Stripper, Brussel Sprout Tool, Garlic Press/Twist, Trivets, Place Cards, Serving Bowls/Trays, Table Cloth and Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins, and Candles.

Speaking of turkey dinner, or any of your special holiday events where food will be served, Cowboy Chicken is another excellent option here locally.

Joe Armstrong Cowboy Chicken

Joe Armstrong
Cowboy Chicken

“When it comes to planning any holiday gathering, whether it be at the office, home, or a local venue, food plays the biggest role,” says Joe Armstrong with Cowboy Chicken. “Choosing the right entrees and side dishes can really make your gathering memorable. It is often difficult to find the time or energy to prepare a large feast. At Cowboy Chicken, we do all of the heavy lifting for you so that you can enjoy the time with your guests. We have a wide variety of side options to go with our wood fire rotisserie chicken. Also, in November and December, our wood fire rotisserie turkeys make a return, just in time for your holiday events. We can serve any size group from small to large, at any type of venue, and we can deliver it right to your door. With over 35 years in the restaurant industry and with Cowboy Chicken being locally owned and operated, we can help you plan your menu and come up with some unique and creative ideas for your family or business event.”

{Healthy = Happy!}

The holidays are such a hard time to keep it together, including staying on track with a healthy diet and maintaining your regular workout schedule. There’s always food around and so much running around, not to mention the stress that can throw your body off balance and create more problems. So it stands to reason that if you’re bringing something for the office potluck, arranging for the catering of your holiday party, hosting holiday dinner, or if treats are a part of your gift giving, and any of the other options that involve food, providing something healthy will make you the hero of the day.

Natasha Plooster Eat Fit Go - Headshot

Natasha Plooster
Eat Fit Go

“Great-tasting food is always incorporated during the holidays, which is what Eat Fit Go is all about,” says Natasha Plooster with Eat Fit Go. “When it comes to corporate settings, we offer catering of up to 200 HOT meals, ready to be delivered and enjoyed by your team. This makes it easy for you to not stress over catering for your office holiday parties and keeps your team full, healthy and energized!

During the holidays it’s a classic time to indulge, and keeping Eat Fit Go as a cornerstone of a diet allows for indulgence without the guilt. New Year’s resolutions will be so much more attainable if a balance was maintained during the holidays. Staying sane during the holiday season will be directly correlated with a balanced diet and getting active. Take care of yourselves! Let Eat Fit Go take care of the cooking so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Also, as we’re all too aware, the holidays can be hectic, but making a to-do list and checking it twice can keep you on track! The BEST gift for your friends, colleagues, and family members is the freedom from daily chores, the main one being food prep. Who wouldn’t love a gift of fresh, homemade meals without having to do the grocery shopping and cooking? Gift cards are available for purchase at Eat Fit Go of any value and there is no better way to say ‘Kick your feet up and enjoy stress-free Holiday Season because dinner is covered!’

We will be coming out with new menus items around the holiday season that will be a great addition to our current selections. Throw in a gift card for that special someone and let them try something new!”

With all of the thoughtful gifts coming in from clients and those you do business with, it’s easy to feel the love when you’re surrounded by a multitude of amazing gift baskets and pretty arrangements of treats. But it’s also easy to feel the guilt when you can’t pull yourself away from them and you just keep snacking If you’re giving such a gift, why not consider healthy snacks this year? It will certainly set you apart, and if you do it right, in a good way.

Charlotte Ralston
R.U. Nuts and Ahroma Specialty Coffee

“The gift of food is enjoyed by all of your employees and not just the boss, so it’s a nice gesture that extends your gratitude to everyone,” says Charlotte Ralston with R.U. Nuts and Ahroma Specialty Coffee. “When you bring in a gift that’s able to be shared by everyone on staff, it’s often something that they remember and will associate with you long past the holidays. Since there are so many more of us who are health conscious these days, and for good reason, it’s refreshing to have healthy snacks in the mix. By giving that type of gift, you can really stand out and make a good impression. At R.U. Nuts we do have a nice assortment of chocolates and candies, but we also have an equally abundant selection of nuts and dried fruits.

Then there’s coffee, which is widely considered to be a workplace staple. The gift of coffee is one that will be enjoyed and appreciated, that’s for sure. Every day is a holiday when you’re drinking Ahroma Specialty Coffee! Having high-quality gourmet coffee already at the office will save the trip to pick it up on the way, which means less time and money spent on that, leaving you more for your own personal holiday agenda. Aside from client gift-giving, it’s great for the employees to give to the boss and vice versa.”

She adds, “All of our products also make great personal gifts for friends and family – and excellent stocking stuffers!”

Spa services also promote wellness and are a great way to relax and release – you’ll feel so much better afterward! Massage therapy, in particular, is a wonderful way to relieve some of that holiday stress. It’s great as a gift for someone else or to yourself, and chair massages are a big hit at corporate events, including holiday parties.

Erin Lange 5 Elements Massage - headshot

Erin Lange
5 Elements Massage

“Booking your appointments for any time during the holiday season is a smart thing to think about way ahead of time,” says Erin Lange with 5 Elements Massage. “Schedules book up so quickly. When gifting, keep in mind that at 5 Elements Massage anything is possible with a massage. There are a lot of targeted techniques that can be applied depending on one’s specific needs. This holiday season I’ll be offering 13 different spa-like specials you can pick and choose from, with a variety of bundles in addition to all of the individual services that are available. These are perfect if you know more than one massage would be beneficial or if you want to treat yourself or someone else to a little something extra with a massage, such as a salt or sugar scrub with focus work. If you know someone who suffers from headaches often or works way too much in life, perhaps the idea of a massage could be worth looking into as a gift. Then there’s always a gift certificate, available in dollar amounts or the exact price of an appointment. Because the sky is the limit, anything can be combined and placed into something special for the recipient.”

She also notes, “Although the main focus is the holidays later on down the line, at 5 Elements Massage, October will be full of fun pop-up specials in honor of one of my personal favorites, Halloween!”

{Cute Cards!}

Don’t forget to make plans for this year’s holiday cards either! It’s an opportunity to send warm wishes to those dearest to you, and of course, no Christmas card is complete without an updated family portrait!

Gina Zabloudil Zabloudil Photography - Headshot

Gina Zabloudil
Zabloudil Photography

If yours needs to be updated, get it on the books now. “We’ll still be doing family portrait sessions for Christmas cards through October, but after that, you’ve missed your window of time to have the images created and ready to send off mid-December,” advises Gina Zabloudil with Zabloudil Photography. “You can still schedule a session, but availability is limited, so I’d encourage anyone interested to get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule your consultation. Keep in mind that proud grandparents, aunts and uncles also love receiving framed family portraits and portraits of the kids as gifts too!

Giving the gift of professional photography is also an option, especially for those who value having quality images to display at home or the office. We offer gift certificates for future portrait sessions. Provide a little added incentive for those who have been meaning to update their family portraits and keep procrastinating. These come ready-to-gift in cute packaging, and you can take advantage of our holiday special for family portrait sessions, too.”

{Gifts Galore!}

Sure, it’s still fairly early on in terms of gift shopping. However, for those who get it out of the way now before the madness hits, more time can be spent enjoying all of the other things.

It’s especially nice to alleviate the pressure of trying to find last-minute gifts for those who you know you shouldn’t have waited on because you have no idea what to get them. Then there are the customized and specialty gifts that have a lead time for ordering, which might be longer than expected. To be on the safe side it’s good to have a cushion, because stuff happens. Of course, there are always the gift items that are all the rage each year too. The last thing you want to be doing is fighting the crowds to get the last one on the shelves, which is pretty much a nightmare scenario, or have to call and check online dozens of times a day for a restock because you missed out the first time around. There are a number of scenarios when it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Granted, this may happen to you anyway, and may be inevitable depending on what the items on your gift list look like or if you’re waiting for the best deals, or even if you’re just the type of person who takes chances, but why not do what you can to avoid it?

Thus far we’ve talked a lot about gifts in relationship to parties. There are host gifts, guest gifts and party favors, but in total, so many different options for fulfilling all of your corporate and personal gift-giving needs. It’s always satisfying to give that perfect gift, whether you’re finding it at a local retailer or having it created especially for the intended recipient.

For any type of specialty gifts, this will require placing orders in advance. If you need anything that’s engraved, screen printed, custom made, and so on, right now is the time to do so.

Frosty’s Specialty Advertising, also known as Frosty’s Essentials, has so many items that would make excellent gifts. There are hundreds of options for gift items that will set you apart from the rest!

Jewelry is quite the popular gift item, and you guessed it – there are so many different options to choose from here too. On top of the amazing selection that you’ll find at Sartor Hamann Jewelers all year round, but especially during the holiday season, there’s also the option of creating your very own custom piece. Select the item type, precious metal, stones, and engraving for an incredibly thoughtful and special gift that’s sure to dazzle! The process does take time, so be sure to plan ahead accordingly.

{Travel Time!}

While many will travel to see their loved ones via land, sky and even sea, others will opt to utilize their holiday vacation to take one. Or you may be giving the gift of a vacation – you can’t beat a memorable experience shared with your significant other, family or friends!

Robert Lopez
Freedom Travel

“With holiday travel, the sooner you can book the better,” advises Robert Lopez with Freedom Travel. “Since airfare is available up to 11 months in the future (Southwest at this time excluded), you can even plan shortly after the first of the year for next year’s holiday travel. With the holiday travel period so small for most the country, many families will book for the trip shortly after coming back from their current trip. This works well for those who know that they will be traveling during that same time and perhaps even to the same destination/resort. Other families wait until shortly after school starts to see what the calendar is going to look like. While there may still be availability, the reality is many of these families will be late to get the better deals. School districts will have their calendar out for the next academic year shortly after school gets out in May or even earlier. Yes, there can be deals for waiting to book closer to departure but those are few and far between. It’s not advised to rely on that to be your strategy to travel.

It’s quite common to give the gift of a trip to a significant other or family (immediate or extended), especially to a destination they’ve always dreamed of going but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Many of my clients have book trips and presented them in an envelope or in more creative ways to the individual or family on Christmas, or earlier if traveling over the holiday. If done right, one can book the trip well enough in advance that they can make payments on the trip so it doesn’t hurt the bank account so much. That is something that the online travel companies (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) don’t offer.

Travel can even be a gift from an employer to the employees, and there are a host of benefits associated with doing so. Or, some companies opt for travel as an incentive to offer their employees for meeting certain goals, which is a nice way to be rewarded for one’s hard work and achievements. This may be limited to offering a trip for the top producers, or if the company is small (or perhaps large) enough, it may even include a companywide trip for employees with the option of bringing a plus one or the family along.

Finally, consider travel insurance for travel during the holidays, just for good measure. You never know what the future holds or what the conditions will be present that could affect your trip when the date arrives.”

{Show Support!}

Finally, for parties and gifts alike, during the upcoming holiday season please keep our local businesses in mind. There are so many wonderful things they can do for you, and in turn, you’ll be helping make the holidays so much better for your neighbors and our community as a whole.

Presently, many are already beginning to plan for their parties and gifts, and we encourage you to be one of them too! It’s so nice when you have everything accomplished and you can devote more of your time and attention to delighting in all that’s wonderful about the holiday season. While there’s always a little bit of stress that goes along with getting everything accomplished in such a small window of time when schedules are packed all around, it can be greatly minimized if you plan as far in advance as you can. Before you know it, the holidays will be here, a time when there’s so much to do but also so much to enjoy!