Given that your home and business are your biggest investments, it’s positively crucial that you protect those investments by performing deep spring cleaning tasks that prevent dirt and grime buildup, protect your flooring and other surfaces from damage or dulling, and ensure that you avoid mold and reduce other allergens that could harm your family or employees. Spring cleaning applies to more than just your home, as well. Preparing your car, family, pets, and yourself for the upcoming season can end up making this sunshiney time into a daunting list of tasks.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Lincoln is home to some of the best cleaning-related companies around, and these professionals will get it right the first time. They’ll help your homes or businesses look—and function—like new. We talked to professionals in the Lincoln area who can ensure that your ready to take on spring in the best way possible!

Meeting Your Goals

Brian Gaines
John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air

John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air ( has been trusted in the Lincoln community for over 26 years to provide any and all plumbing and HVAC services. Spring cleaning tasks can start to pile on and feel impossible to finish, but the experts at John Henry’s have some advice. “Start with a small list of goals for your spring cleaning. Focus on one room or one area of your home that you enjoy the most. Write down the list of cleaning goals you have for that space,” said Brian Gaines, HVAC service manager. “Give the tasks 15-30 minutes of your time each week and those efforts will add up in a few short weeks.”

The most important thing John Henry’s believes in is their purpose, which is providing exceptional professionals delivering unbelievable customer experiences. The customer has been top-priority since the beginning, and that’s why John Henry’s offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a warranty on all the work they do.

“Our solutions range from critical safety solutions to comfortability for business. Our goal is to educate our customers on the HVAC and plumbing systems in their homes and businesses. We cover everything from maintenance, to repairs, to replacements, and brand new installations. Our wide range of services provides flexibility to match any goal for your home or business.” John Henry’s understands the importance of good air quality and efficient temperatures to maintain healthy and comfortable living environments. Their services include AC unit cleaning, ductwork cleaning and sanitizing, evaporator coil cleaning and sanitizing, and air filter replacement. They also provide advanced air quality tests to ensure your home is free from any impurities or allergens. The experienced technicians at John Henry’s are trained to use the latest technology and use only the best quality products to ensure your air conditioning system is running in peak condition. They can also provide maintenance plans to keep your AC running smoothly throughout the year.

When it comes to plumbing, spring is the time when people start using outdoor faucets for gardening, washing cars, and other outdoor activities. If you don’t have an outdoor faucet, you can install one, and if you already have one, you can inspect it for leaks or damages. The spring season also brings heavy rainfalls, and if you have a basement, you need to make sure that it is protected from water damage. A sump pump can be a great addition to your plumbing system to prevent flooding. “Another great thing to do in the spring is clean out your drains to prevent clogs and blockages. You can use a drain cleaner to flush out any debris and prevent costly plumbing repairs,” Brian advised. “Spring is also a great time to check your toilets for leaks and damages. You can replace any worn-out parts to avoid water wastage and high utility bills.”

Getting a Deep Clean

After the winter weather uses its powers of muck and mire on your home or business, springtime is the perfect time to schedule a deep cleaning, inside and out. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance (SMPBM, offers expert deep cleaning of entire offices, as well as standalone services like carpet cleaning and hard-floor refinishing.

Jon Paolini
ServiceMaster PBM

“Spring is a great time to clean carpets, detail dust, clean walls, and the like—the things that tend to build up over the year if they aren’t kept up through the winter,” said ServiceMaster Owner Jon Paolini.

“While contaminants can enter your home or business through the air, they can also be carried in on shoes, animals, and even simple human contact. ServiceMaster has an intensive janitorial service available for local businesses, so you can improve the health and safety of your office and your employees.”

Since the pandemic, many businesses have added sanitizing to their spring cleaning tasks, in addition to tile and grout cleaning. Getting those tile floors machine-cleaned regularly makes the process less time-intensive and creates a better cleaning outcome, including a return of the overall beauty of the tile and grout. ServiceMaster can make it shine like you’ve never seen before and they use products that won’t compromise the air quality in your home or business, protecting all who enter.

Jon offers a final piece of advice for all spring cleaners out there: “Some advice I’d give those go-getter spring cleaners out there would be to not forget about the high contact areas you use every day—for example, cell phones, door knobs, keyboards, etc. Even though you use them more than some of the dustier areas of your space, that doesn’t mean that they’re clean.”

All in the Details

Nobody likes cleaning their car when it is snowing and freezing outside. By the time winter is over, you may find that the cleaning job is just too much for you to handle on your own. Take your car to the professionals at Morrow Collision Center ( and check one more thing off your cleaning list!

Morrow Collision is a full-service auto body repair and refinish center with the ability to handle all makes and models of vehicles. For two decades, they’ve focused on quality work and honest customer service.

In addition to repairing your car, Details by Morrow Collision Center offers you a chance to make your car look brand new.

Tanner Ready
Morrow Collision Center

“At Details by Morrow Collision Center we offer a variety of detailing packages along with buffing/ceramic coating needs. We are also capable of doing campers/trailers and boats,” said Tanner Ready, Detail Manager.

“We proudly use the GTECHNIQ brand for their variety of products, which are made specifically for ceramic coating different things like wheels/trim needs.”

We all know the feeling of cleaning out our car when the weather gets nice, just to find it ready to be cleaned again shortly. The only way to combat this is taking the time to make your vehicle really shine.

“Best advice I would give is keeping your vehicle regularly vacuumed and the interior windows clean and free of fingerprints smudges. Also washing your vehicle regularly will help,” Tanner advised. “It’s always a good time to have your fleet of vehicles regularly cleaned because it helps make you look like that you care and that customers will see your employees are taken care of and that you care about them.”

Morrow Collision has grown from its original shop on 22nd and Cornhusker Hwy to three locations all around Lincoln with nearly 40 employees, including Beeman Automotive, Inc. The collision center is still locally owned and operated, I-CAR Gold Class certified, and Subaru, GM, and Ford certified.

Watch Where You Step

When it comes to cleaning floors, many people tend to just vacuum and wait far too long to deep clean their carpets. Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too ( is a facility maintenance company that started out as a professional floor and carpet-care cleaning service and has long been known for their quality carpet and floor-care products and services.

Doug Neill
Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too

“My carpet-cleaning 101 is that when you can tell that your carpets are dirty, you’ve waited too long and begun to harm fibers,” said Top Spot Owner Doug Neill.

“People who take proper care of carpets won’t ever truly see whether they’re dirty. We clean some monthly, and it’s shocking how soiled they are even though it doesn’t look like it. If you’ve installed new carpet in the last year, you HAVE to get it professionally cleaned, usually within 12-18 months to keep your warranty. Even if carpets don’t LOOK dirty, you can lose your warranty.

If you can’t prove to the manufacture that you had a professional steam cleaning within the warranty period, then if you have a problem, they’re not going to honor it. Floors and tile and grout in your home or business are much the same. They might look clean, but if you compare them to sections of the tile that don’t get as much use, you’ll quickly see that they are not.” Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too’s goal is to help give businesses total confidence that they are providing their staff and customers a professionally clean environment. Call them today to get your spring cleaning started!

Wash Away Winter

Your vehicles might not be at the top of your spring cleaning list, but you should probably add them to it, as deep cleaning is essential to extending the life of both the interior and exterior of them, as well as their resale values. It’s never more important to care for your car than at the close of winter, after road salts, including treatments with liquid calcium chloride and sand, plus the moisture from Nebraska storms, can cause your car to rust, which can spread across your entire vehicle over time. We recommend putting locally-owned JetSplash ( in charge of getting your vehicles shiny and protected after the winter months.

You don’t want to leave salt or brine on your car too long, because it will damage the clear coat that is protecting your car, and eventually the paint, causing rust. JetSplash preps and hand-dries every vehicle, so they’ll get the salt and snow off of your car first, then hand dry at the end to prevent freezing. They also have JetGloss, a ceramic coating, which will help restore your clear coat and protect your vehicle. When you stop into JetSplash, you’ll quickly learn why they’re Lincoln’s premier wash for a spotless car.

JetSplash offers five different levels of washes ranging from $9 to $25, and they take no more than a few minutes so that you can quickly get back on the road. All washes come with a free mat cleaner, vacuums, and air, so you can keep your ride looking great on the inside, too. If you go the membership route, you can choose a plan to pay a monthly rate or annually to get your car washed as many times as you would like at any of the seven convenient Lincoln locations.

Ready for Anything

We never truly know what we may find needs a refresh in our lives as the new season is welcomed in. Spring can unleash weather that ends up causing an emergency situation that needs cleanup right away, and Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating & Air ( is ready to help.

Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating & Air is a family-owned and operated company that’s proud to have the third generation of the Biggerstaff family serving customers in the Lincoln community and surrounding areas since 1957.

The success of Biggerstaff relies on the reputation they’ve earned for reliability, professionalism, and providing top quality care in a timely manner. Their experienced technicians have proven to be efficient, helpful, and friendly when assisting customers. You’ll enjoy working with their sales team as they offer knowledge and advice on the industry’s top brands.

As most have experienced at one time or another, when plumbing, heating, or cooling problems strike, having a great local plumber and HVAC contractor that you can trust to contact is critical.

You never know when a toilet might back up or your A/C may break down, and these types of situations need immediate attention! When the unexpected or unwanted happens, you can count on Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating & Air to be there for you. With reliable 24/7 emergency services available, there’s always a specialist who is just a phone call away.

Your business, home, and vehicles are likely your biggest investments, so it’s crucial that you take care of them to protect them. We recommend contacting these professionals to help you get the job done right the first time!