Joining Organizations in Lincoln, NE – March 2019


Joining Organizations in Lincoln, NE – March 2019

There are many reasons to get involved in a community organization or association. Not only do they allow you to build your network and take advantage of continued education opportunities, they serve as a platform for giving back to the local community. Lincoln is home to a vibrant, thriving business community, there’s no doubt about it. As such, there are many professional organizations available to individuals who are striving to stay active within the business community and/or their industry network. Of course, with a busy career and social life, we can’t get involved with all the organizations we might be interested in. So, how do you decide which organizations are the right fit? You have to think about your objectives in terms of how your service helps fulfill your own professional development goals, your employer’s desire to bring in and keep business, and the kind of service you want to give.

Whether you’re seeking to expand your horizons with access to additional resources and educational opportunities, mentorship, or the opportunity to meet new people in and outside of your profession/industry, getting involved in a professional or trade organization offers development and connections with others in your field and enhances your business profile. Having an industry association on your resume says you are very committed to your profession and actively participating in its advancement. Clients, customers, and employers like that.

In terms of making connections in the community, professional organizations provide an environment rich with potential. By tapping into a network of professionals, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and solid referrals, whether it’s helpful information a colleague passes along, a great job opportunity, getting connected with the best job candidates, trusted sources to give your business, and a way of populating your own pool of potential clients. Who doesn’t want to help grow their firm, acquire new customers, and even find great staff for their company? While it’s great to be involved in an organization, if it is not meeting your objectives, you may need to broaden your perspective. In some organizations, the membership will be limited to others in your same profession, or your industry in broader instances, while in others are comprised of like-minded professionals across all industries. When you think of it as a Venn diagram, many will opt for involvement in both types as there are distinct benefits to each as well as the shared ones. Above all, the power of networking is not to be underestimated; in fact, no matter what your career aspirations may be, building these types of relationships and various contacts will be instrumental to your success.

Ultimately, it’s important to get involved in a group that you are passionate about. Yes, involvement in community organizations, both professional and non-profit, look good on a resume, but if the cause is something close to your heart, then you’ll be that much more enthused about serving and being an active member. Where a person spends their precious free time outside of work is very telling of where one’s priorities lie. By devoting some of it to being a contributing member of a local organization, it shows that, outside of the confines of the workplace, you are invested in self-improvement, and that you have a willingness to learn, grow, and oftentimes, to be of service to others. All of these things speak volumes to a person’s character, and in the end, you’ll get back what you put in and so much more.

Membership and participation in a professional organization is hands-down one of the best investments to make in your future. Furthermore, if you’re an employer, you’ll reap all of the same rewards from supporting your employees who participate in professional organizations and encouraging those who are interested to do so as well. Regardless of your objective, becoming involved in any organization is about developing meaningful relationships from which you will learn and hopefully grow your firm or business.

It’s never too early or too late to get involved, but before you leap headfirst into making a commitment, first identify your objectives, do your research, and ask for recommendations. If you’re looking to join a professional organization, we’ve highlighted some wonderful ones right here in our community with membership and professional development opportunities.

Women in Sales & Business WISB - Joining Organizations LogoWomen in Sales & Business (WISB; has been empowering professional women to grow their businesses and the community since 1987. Networking is a powerful and cost-effective advertising tool. If you want to build relationships with friendly, determined, professional women, we’ve got a seat at the table for you. Each month we feature speakers who will help you grow your business and your professional network, as well as offer the opportunity to meet other businesswomen in the community. WISB meets the second Wednesday of the month at Venue Restaurant & Lounge (4111 Pioneer Woods Dr.) in their NE/Lancaster Room with lunch and networking from 11:30-11:55 a.m. followed by our meeting and speaker. We complete each meeting by 1 p.m. We welcome you to join our group of passionate and supportive women.

Want more information about Women in Sales & Business? Reach us at or find us online at or

The Nebraska Restaurant Association ( acts as the principal advocate for Nebraska’s hospitality industry and promotes the qualities of strength, unity and excellence in and of its membership. The Association is dedicated to serving Nebraska’s restaurant and retail beverage industries by providing comprehensive industry education, proactive representation, aggressive industry promotion and the highest quality member benefits.

Membership is a small investment with big rewards in the health of your business and the entire food service industry. It’s a big world out there and we will do all we can to make it a bit smaller! For membership information and to learn more about the Nebraska Restaurant Association, contact Brandy Nielson at or (402) 488-3999.

Nebraska Restaurant Association is on the web at and

The REALTORS® Association of Lincoln ( provides services regardless of your specialty—residential, commercial, appraisal, or property management. You have the opportunity to network, utilize business forms, and other services provided for your benefit. The association brings in special educational opportunities as well.

The mission of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln is to provide programs and services that enhance your career. Through the REALTOR® organization, you gain the strength of numbers for industry issues and purchasing power; a higher level of professionalism through standards of practice; and the right to use the term REALTOR®. By joining the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln, you also join the Nebraska REALTORS® Association and the National Association of REALTORS®. Statewide, the Nebraska REALTORS® Association (NRA) has approximately 4,000 members—about 75% in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. In addition, there are 16 other local REALTOR® associations in Nebraska. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has over 1 million members and is a powerful resource for your business.

Contact the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln at (402) 441-3620 or visit

Logo-Home Builders Association of LincolnThe Home Builders Association of Lincoln (HBAL) ( is a visible, effective and respected trade association which promotes home building through professional education, member communication and civic participation, and which represents builders and associated professionals in community, governmental and industry forums.

With more than 700 members, HBAL proudly promotes the Nebraska Builders Home & Garden Show, Spring & Fall Parade of Homes and Tour of Remodeled Homes. These events not only benefit our members, but also the public. Whether it is to earn an industry designation or to be better prepared for an OSHA or EPA inspection, HBAL offers education and training to its members.

To learn more about joining the Home Builders Association of Lincoln, go to for a membership application and to see the many services of this 68-year old association.

logo-ABC-Cornhusker-ChapterThe Cornhusker Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors ( continually strives to be the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry in Nebraska. The organization’s main goal is to provide member companies and their employees with an opportunity to succeed, winning work and delivering that work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work.

Whether a large or small company, joining ABC provides value. ABC offers apprenticeship training through the NCCER Curriculum, continuing education courses, and opportunities for networking and showcasing project successes. Our mission affords us the opportunity to share the industry through student events to help build the workforce in Nebraska.

For more information or to join ABC Cornhusker Chapter, contact Katie or Anne at (402) 477-4451 or email You can also visit to find out more.

Event LNK - Joining Organizations LogoLincoln’s event networking group, EventLNK ( is dedicated to bringing together Lincoln’s event professionals by providing education and resources to enhance and support professional growth.

Membership is free and open to event/meeting planners, coordinators and managers, along with industry professionals in catering, design, entertainment and hospitality.

Monthly meetings include site visits to various venues in the Lincoln area and presentations from vendors, suppliers, hospitality professionals and other related industry experts. Meetings also include topic-driven discussion time giving our members time to share ideas, experiences and resources.

In 2012, EventLNK was founded by five local event coordinators. The group was eager to find local educational opportunities for event professionals. After months of searching they discovered there was a need for such an organization. With the financial support of Union Bank & Trust, EventLNK held its first meeting in March of 2013. EventLNK has grown from 30 members to 200+, simply by word-of-mouth. We continue to look for relevant venues, educational topics and networking opportunities to help our members grow professionally. For more information, visit our website or email

East Lincoln Business Association ELBA - Joining Organizations LogoELBA ( is a group of enthusiastic businesspeople interested in strengthening and supporting East Lincoln through networking, promotion and representation. Lunch meetings are held the third Thursday of each month and include interesting guest speakers that cover topics from local government issues and workplace health, to marketing and entrepreneurship. The meetings are a great opportunity to learn and get to know your East Lincoln neighbors. Please join us at our next meeting! For meeting details and to learn more about our group “like” our Facebook page and please visit to learn more about our association, how to join and to RSVP for the next luncheon.

LIBA - LogoThe Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA; offers numerous opportunities to network with other Lincoln business leaders. LIBA’s monthly Bizco Biz-Net events are free to attend with complimentary food and beverages. This provides a great place to meet other local business people and City Council members. The people who attend Bizco Biz-Net are eager to have a discussion about your business. Because it is a free event, you can invite customers or vendors to attend and give them a chance to grow their businesses too. While the Biz-Net is an after-hours event, we have a morning “Coffee & Contacts” every month that is sponsored by Custom Blinds & Design. Also free to attend, this event is tailor-made for exchanging business cards.

Yes there is more, including the monthly LIBA luncheon where you have the chance to have lunch with hundreds of business and community leaders every month. We would like to add your voice to our organization.

Call (402) 466-3419 and talk with Laurie Fraser about joining LIBA. They would be happy to visit your office and answer all of your questions. You can also visit for more information.

BNI - Joining Organizations LogoBNI ( members enjoy unparalleled business growth. As the world’s largest referral network, BNI passed over 8.8 million referrals last year, resulting in more than $11.2 billion in business. More importantly, our area members throughout NE, IA, SD and WY closed over $40 million in tracked business – creating a return of 700 times their investment – with much of that supporting local business. BNI Heartland is proud to say we have surpassed the $250 million mark of closed business locally over the last 10 years!

Members also increase their exposure to like-minded professionals, gain referrals from a local and global network, and sharpen their networking skills with exclusive member resources. Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of salespeople working for you.

BNI provides a proven structured system of giving and receiving business. It does this through an environment and support structure that cultivates more formal and deeper relationships with other professionals. Our members have the opportunity to substantially increase their business though BNI’s Core Values of Givers Gain, Building Relationships, Life-Long Learning, Traditions + Innovation, Positive Attitude, Accountability, and Recognition

For more information about BNI Heartland, please contact our regional office at (402) 880-6311, email, or visit our website,

Lincoln Young Professionals Group YPG -The Lincoln Young Professionals Group is dedicated to empowering young professionals with educational, leadership, and networking opportunities. Serving 1,700+ members, the Lincoln YPG is one of the largest in the country. Lincoln keeps its young professionals here by fostering a collaborative community enriched with a bolstering economy, connectivity and endless opportunities. The Lincoln Young Professionals Group believes members can make the difference they want to see, develop a career that is pleasing to them, and grow into the professional that they want to be.

To learn more about Lincoln YPG call Kayla Meyer at (402) 436-2369 or e-mail at For more information please visit our website at

The Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants ( is a dynamic association of 2,600-plus professionals dedicated to advancing the accounting profession and furthering the knowledge, competence, and performance of its members. The Society offers nearly 100 opportunities each year for CPAs to meet and exchange ideas with fellow professionals and develop leadership skills. Want to prove your abilities to a partner in a CPA firm? Join a Society committee to network with the profession’s leaders. More than 40 Nebraska CPA firms are represented on Society committees. Don’t work in public accounting? Dozens of industries are represented. In addition, the Society provides live and online Continuing Professional Education (CPE), state and federal legislative representation, and technical and professional information to help CPAs better themselves and the profession. We also offer college scholarships and mentoring to help build a better Nebraska. Make your next important career move and join the Society. Visit today!

At Professional Networking Group ( we are all about relationships. It’s the bread and butter to making a business successful.

Through PNG’s 5 Lincoln locations, bi-weekly meetings, quarterly socials and donations back to the community of Lincoln, we’re constantly working to network and build relationships with the best and the brightest around town.

Join our networking community and watch how you can impact the bottom line on your business like never before. If the thought of creating a new network makes you a little nervous, take a look at why you should take the plunge.

  • Each group averages over 1 referral per person per meeting. That equates out to over 1,600 referrals per year.
  • Every year each group refers over SIX FIGURES worth of business.
  • Automatically add 18-25 sales people to your team.
  • PNG donates both time and goods back to the Lincoln community each year including over $1,600 to the Food Bank this past holiday season.
  • Our cost of $200 is less than half of our competitors.
  • Our group culture actually allows you to laugh and have fun as you are doing business; all without the use of a stopwatch.

For more information please visit

The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA; is a statewide voluntary membership health care trade association representing Nebraska’s hospitals and health systems.

The health care industry touches many aspects of public policy. The NHA monitors a broad spectrum of issues on behalf of its members. This year, the NHA was deeply involved with legislation affecting credentialing, provider payment models, workforce development, insurance, taxation and health care program funding.

Public policy and advocacy priorities are driven by a vision that every Nebraskan has access to affordable, safe, high-quality health care. Through effective leadership, member participation and collaboration with policymakers and other partners, we seek to develop a unified voice to establish effective health care policy. We also provide members with trend and regulatory information, educational programming, communication, data reports and special services.

Visit for more information about the NHA.

National Association of Women in Construction NAWIC - Joining Organizations Logo

For 65 years women in the construction industry have had a place to go for career development, networking, education, and mentoring. That place is the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC; NAWIC gives women a place to develop their leadership skills and forge connections with other women in the industry.

NAWIC offers women a multitude of opportunities. With NAWIC you can:

  • Continue your education.
  • Establish a networking base.
  • Be a mentor or mentee.
  • Make a difference in your community.
  • Embark on a new career.
  • Invest in great friendships.

The Greater Omaha Chapter meets on the second Thursday of each month at various locations in the Omaha area. Visitors are welcome to attend. Current information about upcoming meeting locations, topics and times is available on our website at

Lincoln SCORELincoln SCORE ( wants YOU! Every year, SCORE volunteers help thousands of entrepreneurs start small businesses and achieve new levels of success in their existing businesses. Volunteering at SCORE is a way for you to give back to your community, connect with fellow business owners, and pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs in your community.

Small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth, and SCORE is America’s premier source of free, confidential business advice. Most SCORE mentors have owned and operated their own companies or served in management positions. They understand business challenges because they’ve faced them too.

Please give back to the community and join the Lincoln SCORE volunteer team. You can make a difference in the success of a new business and HELP MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE! Take the next step in becoming a volunteer SCORE business mentor.

Please visit, email or call to learn more about Lincoln SCORE.

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce - Joining Organizations LogoTo be a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce ( member is to be our partner. We honor that partnership by creating opportunities for growth and development, providing commitment from our team and ensuring every business thrives. We aim for the best environment for your business and our 1,700 members. We understand each member has unique ideas and ambitions in mind, and we’re here to provide the best opportunities for you to get the most out of your membership.

To find our more about how to get your business engaged, contact Jaime Henning, membership director, at (402) 436-2366 or via e-mail at For more information about the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, visit the website at

Lincoln Human Resources Management Association LHRMA LogoLincoln Human Resource Management Association (LHRMA; strives to be a first-class resource on people management for the community. LHRMA connects professionals to solve every day workforce problems, provides quality education, collaborates with community leaders, and leads change for our industry. The organization is comprised of a large network of Human Resources professionals ranging from senior level executives to those just entering the profession and welcomes new members monthly.

Benefits to membership include: • Monthly meetings with learning events and professional speakers • Professional networking events • Career development • Collaboration of HR information • Monthly newsletter resources • Membership directory • Professional certification study groups • Legislative updates • Scholarship programs • Community and diversity program just to name a few.

For more information or to register for a meeting, visit

Apartment Association of Nebraska - Joining Organizations LogoThe Apartment Association of Nebraska (AAN; is the local affiliate of the National Apartment Association (NAA). The NAA currently has over 170 affiliates and boasts over 8.7 million apartment homes globally. Founded in 2002, the Apartment Association of Greater Omaha and Lincoln was created by a group of property managers and owners with a vision to help create and maintain a high level of professionalism in the multifamily rental housing industry in the greater Nebraska area. On October 5, 2002, the AAGOL received its charter from the NAA. In 2014, the name was changed to the Apartment Association of Nebraska to better represent their membership. Their members include multifamily owners and management companies, apartment communities, and the supplier members who service this industry.

In January of 2019, the AAN launched the Nebraska Maintenance Academy (NMA), a hands-on training academy for those wishing to secure a career in the multifamily industry as a maintenance technician. The first of its kind in Nebraska, NMA will offer vocational training to those most in need, including but not limited to non-college bound high school students, veterans, and any individual who desires a meaningful career change. The goal is to train 45 people per year at NO cost to the students and then to immediately place the students into careers.

The mission of the Apartment Association of Nebraska is to support, inform, and connect the multifamily community through education, legislation advocacy, and professional networking. For more information about the Apartment Association of Nebraska and their upcoming events, be sure to visit