Do you know how many products are made locally?

Lincoln boasts a diverse manufacturing landscape that significantly contributes to Nebraska’s economy. Our city is one of innovation and industriousness, and is home to countless manufacturing companies and local producers that cater to various industries. It’s crazy just how much we produce, and how much of what we produce we consume without realizing where it came from.

The manufacturing/production scene in Lincoln extends its reach into various sectors, including automotive parts, construction materials, medical devices, aircraft components and countless agricultural products. Lincoln’s robust range of products and adaptability makes us a key player in the nation’s production landscape.

Beyond tangible products, Lincoln excels in the technology sector with production characterized by electronic components, circuit boards and software products. Lincoln’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the production of components for renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar panels.

As industries evolve and innovate, Lincoln will continue to be a beacon of manufacturing and production diversity, supporting a wide range of sectors with its skilled workforce and entrepreneurial spirit.


TMCO ( started as a machining company and has since expanded production capabilities to include sheet metal and tube fabrication, waterjet, welding, powder coating and assembly. TMCO delivers turn-key solutions, which eliminates the need to send parts out for third-party processing, cuts down on lead times and ensures quality at every step. TMCO invests in the latest manufacturing technology, helping produce parts faster and more efficiently for our customers. The level of automation and capacity for lights-out production also gives TMCO a competitive edge in the business of metal fabrication. Learn more at


Lincoln Chrome ( believes nothing is more American than quality. That’s why we are proud to be the industry’s leading fully American-made manufacturer of chrome-plated heavy-duty stacks, bumpers and accessories. We take a start-to-finish approach to manufacturing our exhaust stacks and bumpers. The fabrication, polishing, plating and assembly all happens here in Lincoln to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Our Lincoln Chrome customers come to us from all over the US, Canada and Australia. They depend on us for quality products, excellent customer service and on-time delivery. With over 70 years in business, that’s the only way we do it. For more information, visit


Dental Designs (, a reputable family owned dental lab established in 1980, has been a stalwart in providing top-notch dental restorations to dentists across the nation. With a commitment to excellent communication and a strong work ethic, the company has thrived for over four decades. Notably, the main campus is rooted in Lincoln, where the company’s headquarters has been situated since its inception. While a secondary location in Omaha was established in 2007, Dental Designs has expanded its reach with additional branches in Denver and Sioux Falls.

Dental Designs distinguishes itself through a mission to deliver fixed and removable restorations of the highest quality, crafted with cutting-edge technology in their own laboratory. The company’s dedication extends beyond product excellence, aiming to foster meaningful relationships with dentists to enhance patient lives and contribute value to their practices. With a growing presence in Lincoln, Omaha, Denver and Sioux Falls, Dental Designs stands ready to continue its tradition of exceptional service to dental offices nationwide. For more information, visit


R.U. Nuts Company ( was started as a home-based bulk food business in Lincoln in the early 1980’s, and has grown to be a Midwest regional distributor. We are still locally owned and operated. Trail mixes were kind of a new thing in the market way back then, so we decided to get creative with our own gourmet recipes using high-quality ingredients that are mixed and packaged on site in our Lincoln distribution center. Tailgate mix, R.U. Berry Sweet Mix and Cross County have become some of our customer favorites. In clamshell packages, zip-top pouches or pillow-packs, R.U. Nuts Company can do custom mixing and private label packaging for grocers and convenience stores, or anyone else that wants to have their company name featured on a package. Find more information at To receive $10 off your order of $40 or more, use the code STRICTLY10 (valid through December 31, 2023).


Ahroma Specialty Coffee ( was started by the R.U. Nuts Company in a ministorage in 1997, when small batch roasted specialty grade coffee was rare and expensive. The mission of Ahroma is to “bring the coffeehouse to your house” by making great coffee easily accessible in the grocery store at an affordable price. Today, Ahroma Coffee distributes freshly roasted coffee to grocery stores across Nebraska, and we also do custom roasting for coffee shops across the Midwest. Ahroma provides a “one-stop shop” where a coffee house owner can find all their menu products in one place at competitive prices. Customer all-time favorites are our Jamaican Me Crazy and Jingle Bell Java. Anyone, whether for business or for personal enjoyment, can buy our coffee or browse all of the blends and flavors we carry online at Check out our monthly featured roasts and flavors! To receive $10 off your order of $40 or more, use the code STRICTLY10 (valid through December 31, 2023).


Instinct Pet Food ( is proud to be made in Lincoln! For over 20 years, Instinct has been transforming the lives of pets with raw nutrition. They are dedicated to raw because raw, minimally processed food is more nutrient-dense than cooked food – it also provides unique health benefits. Instinct provides a range of raw options for dogs and cats, such as frozen raw meals, freeze-dried raw meals, raw + kibble recipes and raw toppers.

Instinct’s frozen and freeze-dried raw diets are made in their company owned Lincoln facilities, with their corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Instinct is proud to be sustainably expanding their footprint in Lincoln with a new Center of Excellence, which is designed to be LEED certified. This expansion is under construction currently! Read more about Instinct at


Founded in 1952, Mapes Industries ( manufactures and distributes aluminum products for the commercial construction industry. They currently operate from two Lincoln locations.

Mapes Canopies are custom-designed and engineered to meet the needs of any application. Their Lumishade, Supershade and Lumideck systems are the most broadly used and specified commercial canopies in the country.

Mapes Panels are built-to-spec laminated glazing solutions for use in windows, curtainwalls and storefront applications. Initially designed to improve the thermal efficiency of a building, their offering has expanded to include products that meet local and national building codes for sound, fire and impact resistance.

Versatile and customizable, products from both divisions have defined their respective industry standards and continue to evolve to match the ever-changing needs in commercial construction.
Currently under a fourth generation of family ownership and operation with over 100 employees, Mapes continues to be a thriving member of the Lincoln community. For more information, visit


Precision Custom Woodcraft ( is a manufacturer of commercial architectural casework, cabinets and mouldings. We handle everything from quotes and designs through delivery of the final product. Our small, but highly skilled team can handle projects of all sizes and complexity thanks to our large shop and vast range of manufacturing equipment.

Custom projects – meaning cabinets and fixtures need to be modified to fit the exact space and specs required – have become a bit of our forte. We are able to take on highly specialized projects that other shops aren’t equipped or aren’t willing to do. This also applies to our custom moulding capabilities. Whether it’s arched casings and jambs or the ability to grind our own moulder knives in house, we can quickly custom match and produce almost any moulding.

We pride ourselves on customer service and providing high quality products at a fair price. Learn more at