Men’s Health

With men in particular, as a positive “sign of the times” so to speak, many have become more proactive in doing what’s necessary to maintain good health. Men in our society, young and young at heart alike, have indeed come a long way from the stereotypical, but once prevailing mindset, of stubbornness and an overall come-what-may attitude towards health and wellness. With many taking notice of the strong connection between taking good care of themselves and living longer, fuller lives, it’s become evident that the modern man is much more willing and apt to do the things that will benefit him – even if not always the most enjoyable.

There are plenty of recommendations to be made on how to achieve optimal health and wellness, or even just the small improvements you can make to your lifestyle with that goal in mind. In the scheme of things, nutrition is first and foremost in the discussion, because it is the foundation that supports the body functioning properly. Without good nutrition, you simply can’t sustain good health.

Ryan Blahak Eat Fit Go - Headshot

Ryan Blahak
Eat Fit Go

“Consistency with good nutrition is what we’re able to offer at Eat Fit Go, which is key for anyone’s health and wellbeing,” advises Ryan Blahak of Eat Fit Go. “However, men, in particular, are known to overindulge in foods that are particularly high in saturated fats, including fried food and oily foods, as well as overconsumption of alcohol. We certainly don’t disagree with the occasional indulgence and believe in the 80/20 mentality, which is 80% of the time you are eating clean and healthy, and 20% of the time you can indulge. Maybe take the significant other out for dinner and cocktails, or order your favorite delivery.

Eat Fit Go offers over 50 different meal options to fulfill that 80%. We take the prep work, cooking, and cleaning out of your hands, making it far more convenient for men to stay on track and consistent with eating clean. The variety is also helpful with sticking to a healthy meal plan over an extended period of time. We are also working on online ordering, overnight delivery and vending machines that will make it even easier for men to have access to healthy meal options no matter where they are and what they’re doing.

Another important point to touch on is that men really need to focus on their testosterone. Testosterone is what makes men, men. It’s a great indication of how our bodies are functioning. A major contributor to healthy testosterone is the quality of foods you are putting into your body. Other factors include regular exercise and stress management. Your testosterone is similar to horsepower for a car; if you want to maximize its output you need the right fuel, tires, suspension, etc. The same goes for your body. In order for you to maximize your testosterone, you need the right workouts, sleep, stress management, and of course, FOOD! Eat clean, move your body, sleep good, and find a stress-relieving hobby.

Healthy eating can be the hardest piece to the puzzle that is your health. Visit our stores and speak with our knowledgeable team to get started with a stress-free meal plan to fuel your weeks.”

Nancy Hopkins Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers - Headshot

Nancy Hopkins
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers

Nancy Hopkins of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Lincoln further expands on the importance of good nutrition, and more specifically the damaging effects of obesity. “Men still have a shorter lifespan than women, and among other factors that influence that statistic is a higher rate of obesity than their female counterparts. In relationship to that, they also undergo more obesity-related surgeries – knee and hip replacements, back surgery, open heart surgery, etc. – than women. Men are much less likely to watch what they eat or go on a diet, they drink more alcohol on average, and when not working they tend to be more sedentary. This is all much to the detriment of their health as the physical activity of daily life alone, even with adding exercise to the mix, just isn’t enough. If you want to live longer, not to mention be healthier and have a better quality of life, it all about what’s on your plate. Everything else is secondary to that. For every 10lbs you get closer to your healthy body weight, it drastically reduces your chances of experiencing a host of health complications that are directly linked to obesity.

The good news for men is that you’ll lose weight twice as fast as those of the opposite sex almost across the board. The fact that men naturally have a larger percentage of body weight as muscle means their bodies will burn fat quicker. At Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers, we have proven plans for those who are overweight and want to improve their health, but also for those who have other needs and goals. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and body weight, as well as for those who are working out but would benefit from enhanced fat burning or having a plan in place to ensure they are getting all of the essential nutrients. We’ll put together a plan or offer recommendations that are specific to you.

Men, if you don’t watch your weight you are in big trouble. Metabolism doesn’t last forever. No matter your goal, we have something that can maximize your efforts and get you healthier short-term and long-term.”

Christy Merritt The Waterford Communities - Headshot

Christy Merritt
The Waterford Communities

In agreement about the importance of nutrition for men of all ages, Christy Merritt of The Waterford Communities adds, “A majority of the major health risks that men face as they get older are due to improper nutrition and avoiding routine medical screenings. Many illnesses can be prevented by maintaining a nutritional diet and taking a proactive approach to wellness. Along with a balanced diet and scheduling routine wellness exams, staying physically active is also an important part of being healthy as you get older.

Specifically for seniors, at The Waterford Communities, we understand the importance of these things and offer solutions for all three. We know the value of proper nutrition and provide our residents three healthy meals and a variety snacks throughout the day. We also encourage our residents to stay active by taking walks, riding the exercise bike, and participating in our daily exercises. There are numerous benefits to staying active such as decreased risk of depression, increased strength and mobility, and increased cognitive capacity because of an increase in blood flow to the brain.

Finally, even if our residents don’t get to their physician often, we offer routine wellness exams to help identify potential health issues.

Some things are simply unavoidable, but we feel that proper diet and exercise combined with some basic health screenings can help keep our male residents healthy and happy!”

Georgia Blobaum Advanced Medical Imaging - Headshot

Georgia Blobaum
Advanced Medical Imaging

Also emphasizing the importance of routine health screenings, specifically regarding the detection of cancer as early on as possible, Georgia Blobaum of Advanced Medical Imaging advises, “Many men don’t prioritize health screenings and that can be seen in the numbers cancer patients every year. Cancers found early can be treated much easier with better results. Advanced Medical Imaging (AMI) provides screening for most of the leading types of cancers seen in men. Lung cancer is the second leading cancer for men and a new scan method is one of the simplest cancer screening processes. Patients can be eligible just due to age and smoking history, unlike most screenings that require referrals and/or symptoms. The screening itself is also very simple. The low-dose CT scan takes just minutes, patients can leave their clothes on, and the radiation is just similar to that of a mammogram. At AMI, other common male cancers such as cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach and colorectal cancer can be detected through scans.”

Staying on track requires being mindful of your health in all of the different scenarios you’ll encounter. While there’s often an intentional focus on what we’re doing in our personal lives, it’s important to keep health and wellness in mind while at work too.

Katie Tiedeman-Proactive Solutions, Inc.-Headshot

Katie Tiedeman
Proactive Solutions, Inc.

“We take a personalized approach to workplace wellness,” explains Katie Tiedeman of Proactive Solutions, Inc. “Our team works with men to be able to maintain or build up the physical stability needed for their specific work environments. Whether you are working in a sedentary environment and needing to balance that with increased activity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or working in a high-paced manual labor environment and needing to strengthen and protect your body from wear and tear, we can design a program that meets your needs. Repetitive situations can lead to the physical breakdown of our bodies long before we expect, and having the expertise of an on-site physical or occupational therapist can provide you with the tools to do your job to the best of your potential while protecting your body to be able to thrive for years to come.

Ultimately we would all like to avoid any type of health situation that requires medical attention. By having an on-site specialist to consult when you have a health question, you are much more likely to address the issue when it is small and easy to fix. Proactive Solutions provides this opportunity to clients in a broad range of businesses and industries. However, sometimes avoiding a surgery to address a health concern is unavoidable. When you are left with no choice but to proceed with a surgery, this can affect your ability to perform your required job duties or return to work in a timely manner. Proactive Solutions also provides onsite physical, occupational, and massage therapy that can allow people to return to work at a much faster rate while they are recovering.

In general, men tend to overlook or underestimate the importance of regular health screenings and reducing the physical strain on their bodies. The old mentality of ‘tough it out’ or ‘no pain, no gain’ can lead to health conditions that become very challenging and costly to reverse or repair. Many health conditions can be managed and minimized if we are aware of the early warning signs. Rather than put off seeking medical consultation, it is far better to have a problem or question addressed early for the least amount of negative impact to your health. Keeping your body safe and in shape in our younger years will lead to a much more enjoyable retirement!”

Leslie Frank Nebraska Hearing Center - Headshot

Leslie Frank
Nebraska Hearing Center

Also offering advice on good health as it relates to the workplace, which also applies to common tasks performed around the house and leisure activities, Audiologist Leslie Frank of Nebraska Hearing Center notes, “At Nebraska Hearing Center we believe that being proactive in taking care of your health is very important. Men, in particular, may be at higher risk for exposure to loud and damaging noises. Wearing ear protection is important while hunting and working with and around loud machinery.

We believe having your hearing checked is just as important as any other annual exam, and hearing evaluations at Nebraska Hearing Center are always free. If assistive technology becomes necessary, rest assured that it’s always changing and improving in hearing devices. Today’s hearing aids are so small you hardly know you are wearing them. With Surflink Mini Mobile, a small, simple, and affordable cell phone solution, you’ll even have the ability to stream music, TV, or phone conversations directly into your hearing aids.

Protecting your hearing is so important. Many studies have shown hearing loss can lead to dementia, depression, and loss of balance. With so many exciting technological advances in the hearing aid industry, it’s never been a better time to hear your very best and take care of your overall wellbeing!”

Tara Mohl Green Chiro

Dr. Tara Mohl
Green Chiropractic

Among the other things that will help you maintain good health that we’ve discussed, along the same lines of keeping your body functioning optimally, come what may in your day-to-day life, Dr. Tara Mohl of Green Chiropractic emphasizes yet another area of importance – spinal health.

“Spinal health is one of the most important but overlooked aspects of our health. The spine and nervous system not only affects how we look, feel and move but it also affects our overall health. The tendency of being pain focused prevents individuals towards making that next step in overall wellness. Instead of focusing on the pain and symptoms, we focus on what is causing the problem instead of covering it up so we can help keep it from happening again.

Chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the spine. This can benefit men in many ways. Proper alignment of the spine leads to proper functioning of the nervous system, cutting down on the frequency and intensity of certain types of aches and pains. Proper alignment can also help ease the discomforts associated with men’s issues such as work-related aches and pains or sports related injuries. If a man’s body is properly aligned it can help everything else function more efficiently (and hopefully, less painfully).

Just like we go to our dentist for regular cleanings, early detection and prevention is key to spinal care. As people age, they don’t have to give things up but can continue to enjoy a full active life. Better spine, better life. The key to living a healthy and holistic lifestyle – get adjusted, keep your spine in great alignment and add in the other components of wellness like exercise, good nutrition, and healthy thoughts.”

Moving on down the line of issues affecting men, hair loss is also more prominent. With that comes heightened exposure to the sun, which is a well-known cause of skin cancer. On both accounts, your hair stylist, although not necessarily thought of as a typical “health care professional,” can actually be very helpful.

Brooke Ahlman Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement - Headshot

Brooke Ahlman
Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement

“As part of their education and training, stylists learn the warning signs to look for, such as irregular discoloration and moles,” says Brooke Ahlman of Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement. “It makes sense when you think about the fact that you can’t really examine the sides, back, and top of your head very well, and most of us don’t do that regularly. Your stylist has the perfect view of this area and can inform you of anything that should be checked out by a doctor or dermatologist, helping you to catch any problems early on before they get too far out of hand.

As for hair loss, replacement methods and systems have come a long way. The hair industry is changing constantly, and I make it a point to keep up by going to trade shows, researching new options, and staying in contact with the different factories and brand representatives. One of the newest offerings I’ve added is a system called the Edge XT, which is undetectable in the front so nobody will ever know a person is wearing hair. With restoration, one achieves a more youthful appearance, which increases confidence and self-esteem. Gaining those things back can really go a long way towards improving a person’s wellbeing and outlook on life.

There’s no surgery required or mishaps in public to worry about, so don’t let any misconceptions deter you from finding out more if you’re interested. You don’t have to be embarrassed about hair loss. If you’re starting to thin, don’t be afraid to give me a call. At minimum we can get you started with a hair loss therapy product line while looking at the different systems offered. I always like to keep my clients informed about what’s out there to try, and all of my consultations are free and confidential.”

With more knowledge, awareness, resources, and support out there than ever before, there’s no excuse not to pursue anything that will help you maintain good health or improve your quality of life. Guys, we encourage you to stay on trend with becoming more proactive about your health and wellness, and there are plenty of qualified experts out there to consult if you have any questions or concerns. Stay healthy friends!