New Year’s resolutions are powerful tools for personal growth, but often fall by the wayside as the year progresses. Businesses in Lincoln suggest key strategies to stick to 2024 goals. Start by setting realistic and specific objectives, breaking them into smaller achievable steps. Find support through friends, family or communities with similar goals, fostering accountability and motivation. Make sure to regularly track progress, whether through apps or check-ins, and remember to be compassionate toward setbacks, viewing them as opportunities for learning and growth.

January is the month for New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most popular ones is to lose weight or get into shape. This trend stems from a desire to start the year on a positive note by prioritizing personal well-being and making lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier body.

Christine Krueger
Club Pilates

Recognizing how important the goal of a healthier lifestyle is, Club Pilates ( in Lincoln focuses on helping people both lose weight and get into shape. “We offer reformer based Pilates with 12 stations for classes as well as private training. Pilates focuses on the core, so it helps with balance, flexibility and strength. All of these things help to make you healthier and happier in the New Year,” shared Christine Krueger.


Pilates, once primarily associated with dancers and elite athletes, has evolved into an inclusive exercise option accessible to individuals on diverse fitness paths. Its attraction stems from being a low-impact workout, reducing strain on joints and accommodating varying fitness levels. Club Pilates, a notable provider, caters to this expanded audience by offering classes designed for both novices and experienced Pilates enthusiasts. Their comprehensive class spectrum ensures suitability for everyone, allowing individuals to engage comfortably and progressively in this exercise regimen, regardless of prior experience.

When prioritizing working out and attending sessions regularly, it is important to set realistic goals for how often you can fit it into your schedule. Maintaining a consistent routine while acknowledging that life’s demands may occasionally disrupt it is just as important as setting a goal that will produce results. Flexibility and self-compassion play crucial roles; missing a session or two shouldn’t be seen as failure, but instead as a natural part of the process.

Michelle Spicka
Husker Rehab

If anyone knows a thing or two about sticking to a goal, it’s the team at Husker Rehab ( The team at Husker Rehab has honed their expertise in helping individuals persevere and achieve their goals effectively. Operating across five clinics spread across four cities in Nebraska, they specialize in providing tailored therapies aimed at rehabilitation, wellness and preventive care.


Michelle Spicka, DPT at Husker Rehab, firmly believes, “You deserve to feel better, so we will help you feel as good as we can in 2024.” Like the rest of the Husker Rehab team, Michelle believes that the New Year is a great time to start working on your health, but that January 1 doesn’t have to be the day you start. The most important thing is to start at a time when you are most likely to stick with it, such as after the holidays or a vacation so you don’t have to worry about how that will impact your routine.

When you’re ready to hit the gym, consider Madonna ProActive ( They’ve got a special offer for new members until February 29: sign up for an annual agreement and get one month free! If you’re unsure about committing for a whole year, they also offer a one-week free trial to test things out. It’s a great way to see if they’re the right fit for you before making a longer commitment.

Samantha Kelly
Madonna ProActive

“The new year is a great time to re-establish current goals or create a new goal! All new members of Madonna ProActive receive complimentary sessions with the personal trainers and registered dietitian. A variety of services, classes and programs begin in January and February to provide additional exercise ideas, education, training and guidance to help you achieve your goals!” shared Samantha Kelly, General Manager and Exercise Physiologist.


Whether it’s getting personalized workout routines, nutritional guidance or participating in various fitness classes, Madonna ProActive aims to empower individuals in reaching their fitness milestones. Fusing a cutting-edge facility, a team of seasoned professionals and a holistic wellness approach, Madonna ProActive embodies a distinctive methodology. This approach, complemented by Madonna’s proficiency in enabling individuals to accomplish their desired activities, not only sets it apart, but also paves the way for unparalleled success among its members.

Another awesome gym that works hard to keep you engaged and stick with your goals is Capital City Fitness & Performance ( They stand out for their commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. As the exclusive Training for Warriors (TFW) affiliate in the city, they offer a comprehensive group training program encompassing warm-ups, speed and strength training, endurance workouts, flexibility exercises and nutrition guidance, all within a supportive and motivating environment.

Mike Bevard
Capital City Fitness & Performance

Owner Mike Bevard emphasizes the importance of goal setting, stating, “If you want to be a goal getter, you’ve got to be a goal setter!” He encourages the practice of physically writing out specific goals across various life areas like fitness, finances, family, personal development and career on an index card. This act serves as a powerful daily reminder to progress in these key areas.


TFW’s approach caters to individuals of all fitness levels, aiming to enhance muscular strength, endurance and mental resilience necessary for both fitness pursuits and life’s challenges. Their philosophy revolves around “Bringing Out the Warrior Within,” inviting you to embrace your inner strength and make 2024 a year dedicated to finding your inner “Warrior.”

In addition to finding your inner strength, adopting an “ultra-runner mindset” can help you conquer what’s left of winter and prepare for spring. According to Lincoln Running Co. (, the key to successful resolutions lies in setting specific and time-sensitive goals. Often, vague resolutions like “read more” or “watch less TV” are easily forgotten and tend to slip away. To make meaningful progress, Lincoln Running Co. Manager Ann Ringlein suggests aiming for distinct objectives, urging individuals to check off items from their bucket lists this year.

The marathon classes offered by Lincoln Running Co. aim to address a common challenge in sticking to resolutions: accountability. With 25 years of experience, the classes focus on providing runners with a sense of accountability, a vital factor in maintaining consistency.

Ann Ringlein
Lincoln Running Co.

“We meet on Tuesday mornings for some fast stuff, Thursday evenings for a run and a speaker and the Saturday morning long runs. You don’t have to make any decisions about what to run, where to run or how to run. Those have all been made for you. Taking all that decision-making out of running is a huge plus, and our training partners become your best friends for four months!” shared Ann.

Between the Lincoln Running Co., supplying you with the proper shoe for your feet and the right apparel to get you out the door feeling confident about fighting off the cold weather, and The Movement Academy setting you up with the proper strength training for running, you can’t go wrong!

Anyone who has taken a break from working out and gotten back into it knows how sore your muscles will be the first few weeks. To ease muscle soreness during this transition period, it’s essential to incorporate proper warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching into your routine. Gradually increasing the intensity and duration of workouts can also help minimize soreness. Additionally, staying hydrated and getting enough rest are crucial for muscle recovery.

If you want an extra nudge towards feeling better, consider adding massages to your routine. According to The Body Connection ( and anyone who has ever gotten a good massage before, integrating massages into your routine can offer a valuable and targeted approach to achieving overall well-being and improved recovery post-workout.

Tammy Helzer
The Body Connection

“We have over 40 years of experience between all our therapists here, and I alone have 25 years, which is how long The Body Connection has been in Lincoln,” shared Tammy Helzer, Owner, LMT.


One of the primary benefits of massages lies in their ability to increase blood flow throughout the body. By stimulating circulation, massages facilitate the efficient transport of oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles. Massages also play a crucial role in reducing muscle tension. Through the application of pressure and various massage techniques, areas of tightness and knots in the muscles are addressed, promoting a sense of relaxation and alleviating discomfort. By targeting muscle imbalances and promoting joint mobility, massages enhance overall flexibility.

Beyond the physical benefits, massages offer a unique avenue for stress reduction. The calming effects of massage therapy extend beyond the muscles to positively impact mental well-being. This holistic approach to recovery acknowledges the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, providing a comprehensive strategy for individuals seeking an extra nudge towards feeling better.

In the pursuit of New Year’s resolutions, businesses in Lincoln offer valuable strategies for maintaining and achieving goals throughout 2024. Setting realistic and specific objectives, breaking them down into manageable steps and seeking support from communities or loved ones are effective methods for success. Regular progress tracking and a compassionate approach to setbacks are also crucial elements for sustained progress and growth.

Specifically concerning the common aspiration for better health in the New Year, it’s essential to establish achievable objectives. By following the strategies suggested by local businesses, you can set yourself on a path toward accomplishing your health goals in the coming year.