If you’re planning on putting your house on the market, there are a lot of things that need to get done before you’re settling into a new home. It may seem counterproductive to put more time and money into a home that you won’t be living in, but it can actually make a huge difference in the amount of interest your home receives, and can result in a higher final offer. Luckily, many Lincoln businesses are eager to help you get your home to pop amongst the real estate crowd. Get ready to change that ‘For Sale’ sign to ‘SOLD!’ in no time!

Don’t Let Problems Slip Through the Cracks

Before thinking about the aesthetic changes you could make to your home, make sure to check the basics first. Most people consider a home inspection something that a potential buyer should do, but why not get those fixes out of the way before the home even goes on the market?

King’s Home Inspections, LLC is ready to help you identify everything that can be fixed before selling your home.

Owner Randy King knows far too well how important home inspections can be to a potential buyer.

Updating your home can not only save you hassle later, it can also save you money. Light remodeling of kitchens and baths go a long way in making your home more appealing. Increased energy efficiency lowers utility bills, which is very attractive to potential buyers.

Randy King
King’s Home Inspection, LLC

“One of the challenges in putting a home on the market is overcoming buyers fear. A prelisting inspection does that,” Randy said. “It assures the potential buyer that an independent set of eyes has looked over the house, uncovered major issues, and identified where equipment is at, in its average service life. It also helps you to review the more seldom-seen aspects, such as insulation levels, foundation condition, and past presence of wood destroying insects and any latent damage they may have caused.”

The home inspection also allows you to formulate a game plan on when to replace large items such as HVAC systems or shingles, and the requisite funds necessary to accomplish that.

Let King’s Home Inspections, LLC help you find the areas of your home that need the most help in order to put the best possible home on the market. It can make a world of difference!

Take It from an Agent Who Knows

With over 10 years of experience, realtor Jayson Becker with BancWise Realty is no stranger to the difference an inspection can make. From the very beginning stages of remodeling to closing on a deal, Jayson has tips and tricks for every step of the process.

A big part of the home-buying process includes the location of the home, but Jayson wants buyers to consider condition over location in most cases. It is also important to have a great relationship with your buyer’s agent.

Jayson Becker
BancWise Realty

“When you’re looking for homes with a buyer’s agent, make sure you interview with that agent first. Ask them what their background prior to getting into real estate was,” Jayson advised. “I believe that’s what sets me apart from most agents. My experience in the construction world and being a lifelong citizen of Lincoln guarantees that I know every nook and cranny of this town. I also have a large list of vendors and subcontractors that I have worked with that I can trust to serve my clients well.”

In regards to the state of today’s real estate market, Jayson provides insight on why now is as good of a time as any.

“In my honest opinion, we will never experience another market like we’ve experienced in the last three to four years. This is not a bad thing! We will continue to see more homes come on the market and we will see homes sell in a more realistic timeframe,” said Jayson. “Buyers will have time to make informed decisions which will also alleviate the possibility of buyers backing out of contracts because they got cold feet. All in all, we will see some normalcy come back into the market place.”

Prioritize Local Expertise

Finding the right contractors to work with can be a difficult process. There are a number of different factors that go into choosing the right fit for your project, and sometimes locally-owned businesses are the best place to start.

With the ability, equipment, and expertise to provide residential, commercial, and industrial wiring solutions, ABC Electric has cemented itself as the full-service electrical repair contractor the Lincoln area can trust now and into the future.

Project Manager Jon Eicher at ABC Electric was able to give some advice on starting projects that involve electrical work.

Jon Eicher
ABC Electric

“Use local contractors that know the building codes unique to Lincoln, be sure to use licensed and insured contractors for any home remodels you may undertake, and ask for written estimates before moving forward with the project not just for your protection but for all involved,” Jon said.

Over the years, lighting has become much more than changing out burnt light bulbs; it is truly an art and can drastically change the way your home functions.

“We have done all manners of LED lighting and controls in kitchens and family spaces, which have become a big trend in 2022,” said Jon. “We are seeing Bluetooth technology being incorporated into not just control systems but LED lighting as well. LED lighting now has the capability of adjustable lumen outputs, or brightness, and color-changing capability integral to the fixture.”

ABC Electric’s 90+ years in the industry can assure any customer that their job will be done with dedication and expertise every time.

Painting Projects Made Easy

A fresh coat of paint, whether on the interior or exterior of your home, can be all a room needs to be ready to sell. For all your painting needs, we encourage you to hire Walter’s Painting, Inc. They are a professional team of painters offering experienced services to both business and residential clients in the Lincoln region.

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

“Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the painting work themselves, but this takes up valuable free time that could be spent elsewhere,” said Jeff Walters, owner. “We know that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting and plastering, and especially all the prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.”

Walter’s Painting makes the remodeling process simple by providing free estimates and quality prep work, in addition to a consultation after the first coat of paint has dried and a final inspection to ensure the painting job is satisfactory.

The mission at Walter’s Painting is to remain a leading contractor by providing the best quality work. Client’s satisfaction is their priority, so you can be sure that they will always take the extra time to make sure you love the finished product of every project.

Remodeling Inside and Out

When it comes to remodeling your house with the intent to sell, there are two factors to consider: the things you see and the things you don’t see.

Matt Collins, master electrician with Oak Electric, offered some advice on how to light your home properly before putting it up for sale.

Matt Collins
Oak Electric

“I cannot emphasize the importance of good lighting enough,” said Matt. “You can paint the walls all day long, but if you don’t have proper lighting, it will still look like a dark room.”

If you have an accent wall or a mantle, some directional lights will draw attention to those areas. Cabinet lights are a great addition to kitchens that many people don’t consider. Even outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in how your home does on the market. Good lighting on outdoor stairs, walkways, and patios adds so much to your outdoor space.

For the things you don’t see, Matt recommends making sure your home is ready to be sold in every aspect.

“We highly encourage you to have a licensed electrician inspect your panel to ensure it is up to code,” Matt explained. “Do you have any switches or outlets that aren’t working? If so, get them fixed before you sell.”

Fixing the basics first can help the remodeling process avoid any bumps in the road later on. Get started on your journey with Oak Electric!

Kitchen Updates with Ease

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the biggest rooms that potential buyers are interested in. Making updates in those spaces can really make an impact on how your home sells.

Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in one to five day kitchen and bath projects. They offer five different ways to update your kitchen within various investment levels. Their services include the original tune-up, in which your existing wood cabinets are restored in an easy process that typically takes one day. This could include cabinet re-dooring, cabinet painting, cabinet re-facing, and custom cabinets.

Jason Krueger
Kitchen Tune-Up

“It’s been popular lately to see two-tone kitchens, such as white and gray, or white with blue or green,” shared Jason Krueger, owner in Lincoln. “Aging in place options, such as drawers and slideouts, have also been a hot commodity.”

Using the kitchen design tool on the Kitchen Tune-Up website, you can envision your remodeled kitchen using products from their inventory. This gives the most accurate display of different woods, colors, and appliances to choose from. Using this tool can also provide you with an accurate quote for how much the remodel will cost. Not to mention, this tool can also be super fun to use and get ideas for any future renovations.

Jason encourages remodelers to work with someone like Kitchen Tune-Up who will give you many ideas, as well as a free estimate and a thorough explanation of how the whole process will work. They’ll keep you in the loop during the entire journey, and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Go the Extra Mile with New Tile

Another element to your kitchen and bathroom remodel is the tile. Updating the tile in these spaces can really make a difference in how well all of the elements of the house are tied together.

Maven Tile & Stone is one of Lincoln’s tile design studios that specialize in showcasing unique tiles and stones, as well as other commodity products for both residential and commercial clients. Founded by the talented Lizett Nissenson, Maven’s design services and attention to detail in everything they do sets the company apart from other tile businesses.

Lizett Nissenson
Maven Tile & Stone

“We strive to help you pick the best product that will meet the needs and goals of your family’s home,” shared Lizett. “We are here to make your process easier, which includes answering the technical questions and doing walk-throughs on projects during non-business hours. Plus, clients that purchase through us are offered my tile design services at no charge.”

The hands-on tile design studio has samples available in their showroom and design center for homeowners who want to get ideas and advice for their remodel.

Keep Up With the Trends

If there is a room in your house that you can’t tackle alone, KayStock Design is here to help. Owner Kayla Stock gave us some tips on remodeling in 2022 that can be applied to any room in your home, and how her service can benefit your needs.

Kayla Stock
KayStock Design

“When remodeling, it is important to visualize what the end goal would be before throwing money into it. Areas like your kitchen, living room, and master suite will improve the overall value of your home,” Kayla said. “I create 3D renderings of the rooms you’re looking to remodel, and can help you get the most out of every space in your home. This helps you visualize the end product and the different options you have.”

An additional benefit to working with KayStock Design is the opportunity to get connected with quality vendors and contractors that can get the job done.

Kayla encourages home remodelers to create a mood board for their home, whether with Pinterest or another source. Doing this will allow you to explore and keep all of the great ideas you’ve come up with, especially since home remodeling can be a long process, depending on the type of work you are planning for. In addition, it will help you narrow down your style, colors, finishes, and so much more, as well as provide a palette to your designer.

Organization That Excites

Cabinetry is something that plays a big role in the appeal of your home. It’s a huge part of the interior look of your home and is used every single day to keep your belongings secure and organized. If you’re ready to update the cabinetry as part of your remodeling project, reach out to Usher Custom Cabinets.

Usher Custom Cabinets designs, builds, and installs all of the cabinets they produce, and because they are a small shop, they have the ability to really focus in on the customer’s needs and wants.

Neal Chloupek
Usher Custom Cabinets

“We specialize in residential custom cabinetry, and we tailor every job for the individual client,” said Owner Neal Chloupek. “Because we customize the cabinetry for any room you choose, we are able to build for your home’s specific design and use the wall space with the greatest efficiency. We are a no-pressure, old-school shop that takes pride in all the jobs we do, no matter the size.”

Since the cabinetry is customized for every client, the remodels don’t have to stop at your basic kitchen cabinets.

“We complete a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels, but have also done libraries, home theatres, bars, pantries, fireplaces and mantels, entertainment centers, display cases, curios, gun cabinets, and more,” explained Neal. “Whether you prefer styles that are more traditional, contemporary, or casual, we’ve got you covered.”

Fire Up Your Home Value

Merritt Concrete, Fireplace & Stone carries a variety of products that can help transform your house from the outside in. From adding landscaping rock or mulch around the house to adding a fireplace to your home or upgrading an existing one, Merritt can play a crucial role in your remodeling process. Merritt has been seeing many customers coming in to update their backyards to create an additional space to spend quality time. Popular projects include extending patios and adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Morgan Drommond
Merritt Concrete

“It’s becoming very popular for homeowners to bring different textures into a space,” said Morgan Drommond, sales manager. “Adding texture such as stone can really transform your room. It can bring dimension to a plain wall and really make it pop. Natural stone can be used in all areas of your home, from fireplaces, kitchen backsplash, an accent wall – the options are endless.”

Morgan also emphasized the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone when thinking about a remodel.

“When starting any project or remodel, it’s great to have an open mind,” encouraged Morgan. “There are so many options out there that it can become overwhelming. We are here to help guide you and help find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy the process, and enjoy watching your vision come to life!”

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Concrete Solutions

Curb appeal can be a big factor for many looking to buy a home. The way a yard looks can make a potential buyer fall in love with your home before ever setting foot inside. Make the perfect first impression with help from Concrete Craft of Lincoln.

Concrete Craft of Lincoln can provide nearly endless solutions to bring your outdoor living space to life through their beautiful concrete solutions for patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks, and more. They can transform your patio with exquisite designs and classic looks, or they can banish the boring, plain, gray concrete walkways on your property with stamped concrete in patterns, designs, and colors that bring out the best in your surroundings.

A stamped concrete driveway, resurfaced concrete driveway, or stained concrete driveway is sure to give your home an impressive entrance and upgrade the overall appearance of your home. With their various stamp patterns and integral coloring processes, Concrete Craft can replicate popular, expensive materials, such as brick, cobblestone, and natural slate. No matter what outdoor concrete project you want to take on, Concrete Craft will help you totally transform your space and make your home a shining star on the market – all without breaking the bank.

Stage Your Home for Listing

Now that the interior of your home is updated, you want to continue to put your best foot forward, which means getting your home ready for showings. Find all of your furniture and décor needs for staging your home at Paisley Lynn Boutique.

Heather Chloupek and Cherie Anderson took their love for décor, staging, and ambiance to create a unique shopping experience located at the new Paisley Lynn Boutique in central Lincoln. Their philosophy is to provide beautiful home décor that doesn’t break the bank. Cherie and Heather will work their magic to help you create something unique that will really “wow” people looking for a new home. Their variety of trending styles and affordable pieces can make any room in your home pop.

Cherie Anderson
Paisley Lynn Boutique

“We don’t see the trend of soft earth tones going away anytime soon,” said Cherie. “Personally, I love this trend as I feel these selections have a more timeless feel versus pieces that are bright and loud. Adding accent pieces can bring that pop of color you may be wanting without having to update the entire space, too. Tying into the earth tones are plants – which have always been a popular addition to homes, though we expect to see the selection of nature items for the home continue to grow.”

Heather and Cherie can not only help you create the perfect space to appeal to the masses, but they can also help you bring the updated look into your new home. Once the selling process is over, take home your favorite staging materials to liven up your new space right when you move in!

Ready to Sell

After finishing the remodeling process, getting your house on the market is the next step. Although it can be a confusing process, working with the right agents can make the selling process a breeze.

Sellers likely have more equity in their homes than they can imagine. Inflation has been mostly driven by a lack of inventory plus heaps of buyers hoping to take advantage of the great interest rates. Many sellers not only get over-asking offers but unbelievable terms to boot. With the help of Professional Realty Group (PRG) of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, they can ensure you get the absolute most profit possible, easiest terms, and a seamless transaction that will leave you smiling all the way to the bank!

Ben Bleicher
Professional Realty Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

“Since the market can change at any time, we encourage you reach out sooner than later and have a CMA (comparable market analysis) done on your home,” explained Ben Bleicher, team lead and realtor at PRG. “This will uncover what it’s worth, how quickly it should sell, and gives an opportunity for us to analyze the condition of your home/ make recommendations should any repairs need completed prior to listing.”

When you choose to work with PRG, you’re not just getting agents who use the best tools and technology to sell your property for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. You’re getting transparency and instant communication throughout the entire process, so you can relax knowing every detail is taken care of.

Working with a Realtor is the Way to Go

Communicating with a realtor is the best way to navigate the home selling process, and what goes into selling a home with today’s market. The options can be overwhelming, but expertise is the best place to start. Deb Wagner with Nebraska Realty has been in the real estate business for 20 years and works with both buyers and sellers in existing homes, new construction, acreages, and lots. Being very involved in the market, she knows current trends and can advise you on what goes into pricing your home to sell. The factor most important when remodeling your home is making smart choices. A realtor can lead you through the process and choose the best options for your home that will attract potential buyers, while keeping it appropriate for you, and within a value supported in your neighborhood.

Deb Wagner
Nebraska Realty

“When remodeling your home for resale, you need to make certain you’re making choices that will appeal to most buyers,” said Deb. “Smart decisions will get you the best return for your money. The value of expert opinions on any part of the remodeling process does make a difference. In the process, you never want to skimp the quality of the work you’re getting done. For instance, sloppy painting, or flooring that is not installed correctly; buyers will have a critical eye. Whatever work you are doing, do it well. There will come a time you want to get ready to sell. You definitely want to prepare.”

The real estate market can be tough, but with these local experts who can help your house get ready for resell, it has never been easier to make your home the bell of the ball. Get the best value for your home with remodel efforts, and then work with an experienced realtor to seal the deal.