‘‘Reuse, Recycle, Resell” encapsulates a powerful mantra for sustainable living. By promoting the reuse of items, recycling materials and reselling products, we can contribute to a circular economy that minimizes waste and environmental impact. So, whether you’re turning old stuff into something new, tossing things in the recycling bin or giving a second home to things you no longer need, you’re making a real difference. It’s a cool way to live – mindful, eco-friendly and reducing that carbon footprint. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about how we do it, and “Reuse, Recycle, Resell” is a guide to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life.

In today’s era of sustainability awareness, the upholstery industry is experiencing a revitalization fueled by the rise of thrifting and repurposing – and Larkspur Upholstery Studio (larkspurupholsterystudio.com) is all for it. With a focus on reusing, recycling and reselling furniture through reupholstery, old pieces are being given a new lease on life. This approach not only diverts items from landfills but also extends their longevity, reducing the demand for virgin materials.

Amy Ainsley
Larkspur Upholstery Studio

“From an upholstery perspective, the rise of thrifting and repurposing is music to our springs!” shared Amy Ainsley, Co-Owner, Lead Upholsterer. “It allows for unique, customized furniture that reflects individual style and avoids the homogeneity of mass-produced items. Whether it’s reviving a family heirloom or transforming a Facebook marketplace or thrift store find, reupholstery empowers creativity, minimizes waste and gives furniture a second (or third or fourth) chance to shine. We see it as a win for the environment, for self-expression and for the enduring value of quality craftsmanship and the upholstery trade.”

From sofas to wall panels, from residential to commercial, from recycled to responsibly new: Larkspur has it covered. Expert reupholstery, expert sewing, soft furnishings, custom and responsibly new furniture – they have it all.

When it comes to thrifting, there are so many different, unique items you can find. Whether you’re searching for new or pre-loved Husker gear, classic vinyl, stylish vintage wear, jewelry or quality furniture, Sally’s Select Boutique (facebook.com) is a great place to explore.

All the incredible items at Sally’s Select are sourced from generous donations through The Salvation Army and curated specifically for the Lincoln location. When you shop at Sally’s, you’re not just making a purchase – you’re making a positive impact! Your support enables them to continue their mission of making a difference in the community.

On the flip side, don’t toss out your old stuff. Clean out your closet and storage and give back! Donating items you no longer need is a simple way to make a big impact. When individuals choose to donate instead of discarding no longer needed items, these belongings find new purpose and benefit others in the community. Whether its clothing, furniture or household items, the act of giving can positively impact those in need. By sharing what we have, we contribute to a more sustainable and supportive society, where resources are reused, recycled and resold.

For bringing your old belongings back to life, Ole’s Boot & Shoe Repair (olesbootandshoerepair.com) offers quality services for repair of any shoes, boots, sandals, leather jackets, purses, belts, zippers and more that you need to keep your favorite accoutrement in working order. So, don’t toss your favorite pumps or Birkenstocks with the torn-away sole or broken heel into the back of your closet. Take them down to Ole’s and get them back to the perfectly custom-shaped comfort of your feet right away!

Ole’s can also bring your treasured leather jacket with the broken zipper back to working order, or they can shorten straps on purses or belts to fit your size to a tee. What’s more, they carry a host of supplies for your footwear needs, including introductory orthotics for plantar fasciitis and other painful conditions, as well as a wide selection of shoe and boot polishes and laces, bull-hide belts, leather wallets and cell phone cases – all made in the USA.

Ole’s Boot & Shoe Repair has been in business in Lincoln for nearly 40 years. Their team of experts has been highly trained and will fix your worn-out footwear or other leather goods using only the highest-quality materials.

Thank you for actively participating in the wonderful cycle of giving and receiving, embodying the principles of “Reuse, Recycle and Resell.” Your contributions play a vital role in sustaining this positive and impactful cycle, making a meaningful difference in our community.