The only thing that can make great weather even better is a gorgeous landscape to enjoy it with. You might be a do-it-yourself landscaper, or perhaps you’d rather enlist some professionals to help you transform your property. Regardless of which route you’d like to take, Lincoln has seasoned landscaping professionals that can offer their advice and/or labor to help you create the perfect landscape, just in time for summer!

Boost Curb Appeal with Curbing

Legacy Curbing ( specializes in custom concrete landscape curbing that is used in place of plastic or metal edging in landscaping beds, gardens, around pools, and more. The curbing is continuous concrete mixed and colored on site, with texture added afterwards to mimic natural stone or brick. The curbing can be customized to fit any style or budget.

Emily Shelton
Legacy Curbing

“Legacy Curbing is truly a family business,” said Owner and Operator Emily Shelton. “We treat each other like family and our customers like friends. We are transparent in all we do, and we communicate with each customer from quote to installation and provide follow up service to ensure what we promise is what we deliver. I am at every installation, and I do all of the finishing work to ensure the details are perfect.”

Landscape curbing is a great element to include in your spring landscaping plans as it adds value to a home, keeps in rock and mulch, and boosts curb appeal in a subtle fashion. In addition, the curbing is durable and lasts for years to come. Emily recommends sealing it every 18-24 months to ensure the curb doesn’t collect mold or mildew, as well as to prevent the color from fading.

“I recommend to those interested in redesigning their landscape this spring to do their research and talk directly to the people who will be providing the service,” said Emily. “Legacy Curbing provides design consultations and quotes all year long. Call us right away to create a plan today!”

Eliminate Mosquitos and Ticks

If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitos and ticks in your backyard all summer long, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. Mosquito Shield ( is proud to offer the best mosquito control service on the market. As an experienced outdoor pest and mosquito control service company, their services will transform your backyard into the peaceful place you and your family have always dreamed of.

Brian Byerly
Mosquito Shield

“Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend is applied around all active areas such as decks, patios, pools, swing sets, etc.,” explained Owner Brian Byerly. “We return approximately every two weeks to ensure the utmost protection of your property. Visits typically take 10 minutes and the product dries by the time the technician leaves, so your family can enjoy your outdoor space right away.”

The pandemic inspired many people to invest in their backyards and create an outdoor living space to enjoy while at home. However, many families, like Brian’s, couldn’t truly enjoy their outdoor space due to the high amount of mosquitos and ticks living on the property.

“We live on an acreage, and our kids would always come back inside bitten up,” explained Brian. “This inspired me to start Mosquito Shield. Everyone deserves to enjoy their time outside without getting attacked by mosquitos and ticks. Especially when you have children and pets who spend extra time in the grass, our product is essential this time of year to ensure a high quality of life outdoors.”

The blend that Brian and his team apply on your property is environmentally-friendly, so you don’t need to be concerned about spraying harmful toxins and chemicals across your yard. If you inquire about services before mosquito season is in place, Brian will return your call within 48 hours; if you call during mosquito season, Brian will be sure to have your place serviced within 48 hours.

“Mosquito Shield is really that simple,” concluded Brian. “It doesn’t take much to improve the quality of your time spent outdoors. I encourage anyone who is interested to reach out today to get started on implementing our services into your spring landscaping plans.”

Water Wisely!

Hunt irrigation, Inc. (, The Water Smart Company, has seen some pretty substantial changes since the inception of their company in 1997. For example, pressure regulated sprinklers have taken their place in the market. These sprinklers reduce water consumption by up to 30% while improving the coverage your irrigation system supplies to your lawn and landscape as well as saving money on your water bill. Drip and sub-surface irrigation has also dramatically improved how we irrigate both plants and turf. Sensors that react to rain, temperature, and solar radiation help improve your sprinklers output.

Jeremy Hunt
Hunt Irrigation

“But probably the greatest advancement has been Wi-Fi controllers,” said Jeremy Hunt, owner. “Wi-Fi controllers allow for more precise, predictive watering adjustments to the base program, as well as watering schedules based on temperature, forecasted rainfall probability, wind, and humidity to provide maximum water efficiencies.”

As spring arrives, Jeremy advised us of a few things that Lincoln residents and the surrounding communities should be aware of. With the less than snowy weather and the prediction for a drier than normal spring, proper watering and a well-tuned irrigation system will be of the utmost importance. Hunt Irrigation specializes in water conservation and improving the efficiency of less than stellar irrigation systems. Their auditing team can arrive at your home or business, complete an assessment of your irrigation system, and offer recommendations to improve both your systems coverage and efficiency.

“Spring is also a great time to update or add a new lighting system to your home or business,” Jeremy suggested. “After the last two years of social distancing, now is the time to get friends and family together to celebrate the fact that we can again celebrate. Adding a lighting system to your outdoor living space will let you take your gathering out of the house and into the wilds of outside, all while adding safety, beauty, and ambience year around. Reach out today to learn about our landscape lighting services.”

Delivering Dedicated Lawn Care for 20 Years

Lee Schumacher
TDK Lawn Care

Since 2002, TDK Lawn Care ( has been taking care of its residential and commercial clients by providing them with a complete, honest, and professional lawn care service that includes lawn mowing, fertilizing, aerating, over seeding, yard cleanups, and snow removal. Owner Lee Schumacher gave us a few important tips to remember when making spring landscaping plans:

“If you want your grass to build up the strength to survive a potentially blistering summer, spring is the time to prepare,” Lee advised. “One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is cutting their lawn too short. Mowing at a proper height is the best way to keep your lawn healthy. I personally keep my mower set at 3.25 inches year-round, but keeping it anywhere between 2.75 and 3.75 inches is fine, too.”

Taller grass chokes out weeds and helps your lawn retain moisture, which will help it prosper during hot summer days. In addition, correctly watering and delivering proper lawn nutrition is crucial to keep your lawn full and green.

Aeration 101

How do you know if your lawn needs aerated? Larry Svoboda from Ray’s Lawn and Home Care ( dove a little deeper into this topic with us to explain the signs to look for, as well as the importance

Larry Svoboda
Ray’s Lawn Care

of hiring a professional to get the job done:

“If your lawn is a high traffic area, you’re probably a person who should be aerating their lawn,” said Larry. “When soil gets compacted, it inhibits the flow of the essential air and nutrients that support a thicker, healthier lawn. Soil compaction could be caused by children playing, animals running on it, or even if you simply like to entertain outside.  An easy way to tell if your lawn may need aerating is to watch and see if rainwater puddles in places where it  used to be absorbed. While aeration machines can be rented and it’s possible to do it yourself, it can also negatively impact your lawn if done incorrectly or if it doesn’t even need done. If timed improperly, it can stress out your lawn very easily. We always recommend having professionals come to check the health of your lawn in terms of nutrients, water need, and soil density before starting any larger lawn projects.”

Enjoy the Outdoors with Luxury

For all things landscaping, get in touch with Luxury Landscape ( They design and install gorgeous unique landscapes including paver patios and walkways, retaining walls, steps, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, water and fire features, privacy and screening options, and plantings of all kinds! They work with both residential and commercial customers.

Jackie Svoboda
Luxury Landscape

“Creating outdoor living spaces has been a hot topic this spring!” said Co-owner Jackie Svoboda. “Our customers want to enjoy the outdoors with a comfortable and functional space, including fire and water features close by. They’re contacting us early this year to ensure a spot on our 2022 project schedule. It’s wise to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible to allow us the time to discuss your landscaping, devise a proposal, and order materials for the project.”

Jackie advises those eager to get started on landscaping projects to not rush the spring cleanup. While it’s tempting to get out in the yard with the amazing weather we’ve experienced this year, there are beneficial bugs and insects wintering in plants and grasses. If cut too early, it can disrupt their habitat. While you wait to get out in the yard, gather a few estimates instead. Jackie recommends doing this so that you can meet your potential landscaper face-to-face and see if there’s a positive connection, as well as learn the many different options available to them.

“Luxury Landscape really stands out in the local market because we take the utmost pride in our communication,” Jackie said. “We know how excited our customers are for taking the step to enhance their landscaping and we love sharing in the excitement!”

Let’s Get Planting!

Whether you’re just looking for landscaping ideas; need a little help with a project; or are searching for quality, full-service landscape design and installation; you will find exactly what you need at your local Earl May Garden Center ( The family-owned center makes it their top priority to provide exceptional customer service, and they always have Green Team experts ready to help you with any of your landscaping projects.

Jessica Jasnoch
Early May Garden Center

“Lately, we have been seeing our customers wanting to provide a safer space for pollinators in their landscape – and we love it,” said Jessica Jasnoch, manager of Earl May at 5555 S 48th St. “Anyone can do this by planting pollinator-friendly plants and utilizing cultural practices to protect their habitats, such as using fewer chemicals in the landscape.”

Jessica said that spring is the time for homeowners to walk around their landscape and look over the health of the plants in their yard. Check evergreen trees and shrubs for discoloration, bare areas in the lawn that may need re-seeded, and broken branches in trees or shrubs that may need trimmed out. Spring is also a wonderful time to work on weed prevention in flower beds and lawns.

“If you are looking to do some planting this spring, our garden center carries a variety of plants that are proven to do well in the Nebraska climate,” suggested Jessica. “We encourage you to stop by and check out our selection. We are open seven days a week, year-round. Our goal is to make the world more beautiful, one backyard at a time!”

Tom Scharfen Eagle Nursery

Tom Scharfen
Eagle Nursery

Eagle Nursery ( provides landscape design, hardscaping, landscape lighting, installation, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. They are proud to utilize Nebraska-grown trees, shrubs, and perennials. If you aren’t sure where to start with your landscaping plans, Eagle Nursery can send one of their professionals to your property to work with you and determine your preferences and goals for your landscape.

“If you are interested in planting trees, the best time to do so is when they are in their dormant period – typically early spring or late fall,” explained Owner Tom Scharfen. “Trees are lifelong investments for your property, so it’s important to give them all the resources they require to grow. Unlike flora, shrubs and trees can be trickier to plant and raise, so we recommend going to a professional when making larger plant purchases and plantings.”

Fence in Your Landscape

If your property already has a fence installed, it may present a challenge when creating a landscape design customized to your vision if it doesn’t already fit the intended aesthetic. Height, style, and material are important choices that can impact the outcome of the look of your fencing and, ultimately, your landscape. If you don’t know what type of fencing would best fit your landscape vision both functionally and aesthetically, the experts at Empire Netting and Fence ( can offer their advice.

Matt Warner
Empire Fence & Netting

“A good fence will provide privacy for your property while also fitting into your ideal design,” explained Owner Matt Warner. “In addition, a fence should offer security and keep your kids and pets within your property. To ensure your fence will be installed properly to satisfy both of these needs, call a professional.”

Empire offers vinyl, wood, chain link, or aluminum fences, in addition to FenceTrac, a system that has virtually endless possibilities with a beautiful aesthetic look that is designed to simplify picket installation.

“The best way to get started is to visit our website and click on our ‘Instant Online Quote’ button,” Matt suggested. “Using our online estimating tool, you will be able to draw the layout for the fence and choose what style you would like. When you finish, you will get an email with a printable layout including total linear footage and budget for that specific fence. This will help you get a ballpark estimate on the cost of your fencing project. We will contact you with more questions regarding your project and set up a time to meet onsite to verify measurements and get a good feel about what you want to achieve with your fencing.”

Landscaping Accents

Jen Keller
Halo Custom Lighting

Are you tired of getting up on a ladder every year to hang your holiday lights? Are you interested in accenting your home differently? We have found a permanent, worry-free, hassle-free solution for you through Halo Custom Lighting ( A sister company to Streamline Energy Solutions, they provide outdoor LED lighting that will last for 20+ years.

“They are maintenance-free and low-profile with a discreet design, and can be controlled through a free mobile app and connected via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,” said Owner Jen Keller. “Choose from 4,228,250,625 different color options, including warm white or cool white. You can even control each individual bulb, which allows for a complete customization for everyday accent lighting.”

Halo lights are designed to be a sleek, low-profile, custom fit and color to your home. The waterproof, climate-tested lights are rated to last 55,000 hours, and provide beautiful lighting to any property. Contact Halo Custom Lighting today to tie it all together with their gorgeous accent lighting!

Spring has sprung, so what are you waiting for? Reach out to these local landscaping and lawn care experts today to create your perfect outdoor environment today!