Winter is finally over and Spring is in the air! After being cooped up during the cold, everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the great weather. What better way to enjoy the sunshine, then with picture perfect landscaping to match? Plenty of local businesses are here to help you create a springtime oasis right in your own backyard.

Get Your Outdoor Living Space Spring Ready

Don’t be fooled by the name, Merritt Concrete ( offers a plethora of materials to choose from when designing your dream landscaping, including river rock, limestone (either 3/8-inch or one-inch crushed), sand, sand and gravel mix, road gravel and mulch. Plus – like their name says – they provide ready-mix concrete that can be used for a wide range of projects such as patios, walking paths, driveways or even a slab for your next shed. Be sure to consult with one of the professionals at Merritt Concrete if you have questions about which material best compliments your unique vision.

If you need to get your space in tip-top shape before planting those Spring flowers, Merritt offers U-cart mixers that you can stop by and pick up for filling in holes anywhere you have concrete such as a garden, driveway or even steps!

Not into DIY? Regardless of what type of outdoor project is on your list, Merritt is available to help.

Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Is there anything more luxurious than having a pool right in the backyard? If space allows, a pool can be a valuable addition to your home. Since 1998, Strawberry Springs Pools ( has served the Lincoln area. They handle design for a variety of projects, specifically in ground pools.

Master Pool Mechanic, Bobby Bingel said, “We really enjoy making in ground pools run really well. With all we have seen and experienced, we know just how to dial in a pool to make it perform well with the right equipment. It’s rewarding to see the customer so happy about how easy pool ownership can be.”

As stated, pools do come with maintenance, so as authorized and trained spa technicians for most brands, Strawberry Springs will repair your hot tub or pool with efficiency and professionalism.

Here are some tips to keep your pool in great shape and cut down on maintenance costs.

In addition to maintaining the water level, make sure to remove, clean and store pool cover with cover cleaner deodorizer and perform housekeeping chores such as brushing, vacuuming and emptying skimmer baskets of dirt and debris on a regular basis. Balancing the water is also important to pool health. Remember to use the Taylor Test Kit k2006.

Strawberry Springs Pools is your trusted partner in making your pool and spa environment work well. They can bring new and cutting-edge design and efficiency to your project.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere!

As the vibrant colors of spring begin to emerge, a lush green lawn serves as the cornerstone of captivating spring landscaping. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a well-maintained lawn provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities and fosters a sense of tranquility and connection with nature making it an indispensable element in creating a visually stunning and welcoming outdoor environment. Regardless of the size of your yard or your landscaping project, AKRS Equipment ( can provide an extensive array of John Deere equipment you need to get the job done right.

AKRS offers John Deere turf, compact utility tractors and compact construction equipment, plus a host of attachments to accomplish any yard or acreage project. The John Deere equipment they sell offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and their mowers have, over the years, proven to operate longer with fewer repairs and maintain their value better than any other product on the market. AKRS even has a service available to keep your equipment in top working order.

Nick Wessel
AKRS Equipment

“AKRS Equipment offers a Ready to Mow Service in the Omaha and Lincoln communities, where we will come to your home or business and perform routine maintenance on-site and ensure that your equipment always performs well,” said Turf and Commercial Equipment Sales Professional Nick Wessel. “For larger repairs, we offer pickup and delivery to one of our AKRS locations.”

For commercial mowing, one of the hottest trends in mowers is the John Deere QuikTrak Stand-on Mower, which AKRS offers. These stand-behind mowers serve up advanced maneuverability and speed to allow you to mow more and feel less fatigued at the end of the day. On the residential side, the John Deere line of Lawn Tractors provides mowing with a variety of attachments to make landscaping chores simple and easy.

“Customers can stop in at their convenience and learn what equipment best fits their needs,” Nick said. “The earlier they pay us a visit, the sooner we can get them up and running with the guidance and equipment they need to maintain the best lawn in the neighborhood. Come see us and take a test drive on any John Deere product. After all, Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”

Attention to Detail Makes the Difference

For all of your Spring landscaping needs, get in touch with Luxury Landscape ( They design and install gorgeous unique landscapes including paver patios and walkways, retaining walls, steps, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, water and fire features, privacy and screening options and plantings of all kinds! They work with both residential and commercial customers.

Luxury Landscape stands apart from the competition from the first line of communication with a potential client.

Jackie Svoboda
Luxury Landscape

“We gather as many details as we can to ensure we can meet our customer’s needs and expectations. We keep all lines of communication open throughout the entire process, from design to install. We offer design drawings, inspiration photos of all materials & plants and a detailed proposal,” said Jackie Svoboda, Co-owner. “Once we hand over this fun stuff to our customer, we discuss any updates or changes. This ensures there are no surprises during installation or when the project is completed. We also give our customers education tools to assist them in caring for their new outdoor space so they don’t have to spend a lot of time researching on their own.”

Luxury Landscaping is truly committed to ensuring their customers enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable and functional space.

“I enjoy every aspect of what I do, but my favorite is seeing a finished project and the excitement on our client’s face. We love making outdoor dreams come true!”

TDK Lawn Care

Lawn care is far more than just mowing your grass. You also need to fertilize, aerate and more in order to get the healthiest lawn you can. TDK Lawn Care ( can help with all areas of lawn care.

Since 2002, TDK Lawn Care has been taking care of its residential and commercial clients by providing them with a complete, honest, and professional lawn care service that includes lawn mowing, fertilizing, aerating, over seeding, yard cleanups, and snow removal. Owner Lee Schumacher gave us a few important tips to remember when making spring landscaping plans:

Lee Schumacher
TDK Lawncare

“If you want your grass to build up the strength to survive a potentially blistering summer, spring is the time to prepare,” Lee advised. “One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is cutting their lawn too short. Mowing at a proper height is the best way to keep your lawn healthy. I personally keep my mower set at 3.25 inches year-round, but keeping it anywhere between 2.75 and 3.75 inches is fine, too.”

Taller grass chokes out weeds and helps your lawn retain moisture, which will help it prosper during hot summer days. In addition, correctly watering and delivering proper lawn nutrition is crucial to keep your lawn full and green.

Fine Outdoor Living

Looking for an outdoor oasis with a customized approach?  Landmark Nursery and Landscaping ( in Eagle is the answer. As providers of fine outdoor living, Landmark Nursery and Landscaping wants to fully understand your goals, so they can create a space that is designed for you.

After getting to know you, and listening to your ideas, you’ll be paired with the perfect member from their design team who will be dedicated to you from consultation to completion. The talented designer and experienced horticulturist will collaborate, inspire and guide you along the way until it’s time to put your feet up, and take it all in.

No dream is too small, or too big. Allow Landmark Nursery to tailor the perfect plan for your lifestyle, property and budget. They take great pride in their landscape services, so that you will take great pride in your outdoor living space for generations to come.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current outdoor living space, the hardscaping design team at Landmark has your back. Take your living space outdoors through the addition of hardscaping, which as the name suggests, is the hard, non-living design elements that are incorporated into the landscape. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, walkways and even decks are all examples of modern hardscaping. Combining the two in a way so that they complement one another is key. Hardscaping adds usable outdoor square footage to the property and increases your home value, while improving its livability.

Hand-Crafted Concrete Creations

Landscaping isn’t just about the plants and greenery. Paving and pathways also play a huge role in defining the space and accentuating design. Concrete Craft of Lincoln ( can provide nearly endless solutions to bring your outdoor living space to life through their beautiful concrete solutions for patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more.

Gone are the days of boring slabs. Concrete Craft can transform your patio with exquisite designs and classic looks, or they can banish the boring, plain, gray concrete walkways on your property with stamped concrete in patterns, designs and colors that bring out the best in your surroundings. Even more, they offer a stamped concrete seat wall and fire pit system that is a fast and economical way to create the outdoor entertaining area of your dreams. This cost-effective method will give you a fire pit that looks like natural stone but is made with the more durable material of stamped concrete.

A stamped concrete driveway, resurfaced concrete driveway or stained concrete driveway is sure to give your home an impressive entrance and upgrade the overall appearance of your home. With their various stamp patterns and integral coloring processes, Concrete Craft can replicate popular, expensive materials, such as brick, cobblestone and natural slate. No matter what outdoor concrete project you want to take on, Concrete Craft will help you totally transform your space and become the envy of the neighborhood – all without breaking the bank.

Best Time to Plant Trees

They will come to you! If you aren’t sure where to start with your landscaping plans, Eagle Nursery ( can send one of their professionals right to your property to work with you and determine your preferences and goals for your landscape. Eagle Nursery provides landscape design, hardscaping, landscape lighting, installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. They are proud to utilize Nebraska-grown trees, shrubs and perennials.

Tom Scharfen Eagle Nursery

Tom Scharfen
Eagle Nursery

“If you are interested in planting trees, the best time to do so is when they are in their dormant period – typically early spring or late fall,” explained Owner Tom Scharfen. “Trees are lifelong investments for your property, so it’s important to give them all the resources they require to grow. Unlike flora, shrubs and trees can be trickier to plant and raise, so we recommend going to a professional when making larger plant purchases and plantings.”

According to research conducted by the USDA Forest Service, trees create about three times more economic advantage than their cost due to how much they can raise property value. Each large tree adds about 1% to the value of a house. Plus, they produce energy savings, storm-water runoff reduction, and cleaner air.

“An advantage to installing trees, particularly larger trees, into your landscape is that you have instant curb appeal, plus shade,” Tom said. “Other projects can take years to add the same value that a single large maple or oak, for example, can add overnight. This is the perfect time to take on those large projects—particularly when it comes to ‘spaded trees,’ or transplanting larger trees that are already well-established.”

When choosing which kind of tree to plant, it can be extremely helpful to work with an Eagle Nursery expert. They will help you choose a tree that will not only survive but thrive in Nebraska’s turbulent weather. Experts at Eagle Nursery have extensive knowledge about native Nebraska species of plants and trees that will help you build a flourishing ecosystem in your landscape.

Eagle has 70 acres of trees in production, in addition to five greenhouses for perennials and shrubs, so you’ll absolutely find the ones that will work best with your vision. Their customized approach will ensure you get the right trees to suit your landscaping vision.

Get Rid of Winter and Make Room for Spring

When Spring finally arrives, your lawn will need to be cleared of all leftover leaves and debris from fall and winter. A thorough cleaning of the property should be the first step in any landscaping project.

You’ll want to be careful of any perennials or bulbs that could be hiding under the leaves—you don’t want to damage or pull them out by accident. Some plants may already be making an appearance, but it’s the ones that haven’t sprouted yet that you need to be wary of. For trees and shrubs, prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth. At home, these projects are pretty quick and simple to complete on your own. For commercial properties with large landscapes, it’s best to hire a lawn maintenance company that is equipped to take care of the cleanup.

1776 Grounds Maintenance ( offers year-round commercial grounds keeping services. Spring and fall cleanups are a service they regularly complete to help property owners get over that first boundary keeping them from a beautiful yard. Their crew makes sure to take the appropriate amount of time to complete every job to ensure that nobody gets injured, nothing gets destroyed, and the work is done precisely and efficiently to guarantee a clean and healthy lawn.

Automatic Sprinkler Advice

Since 1997, Hunt Irrigation, Inc. (, The Water Smart Company has been exceeding the needs of clients and providing expert services for residential sprinkler and commercial irrigation systems throughout Lincoln and surrounding communities. They have been successful at providing

Water Smart Irrigation Systems and service by remaining finely tuned to the needs, wants and expectations of their clients.

To deliver this kind of dedicated service requires a staff that stays on the cutting edge of every new irrigation concept and idea. Hunt Irrigation’s success in meeting this goal has resulted in the most sophisticated, comprehensive and responsive program of irrigation care and customer service available anywhere in Southeast Nebraska.

Hunt Irrigation, Inc. strives not to be Lincoln’s largest sprinkler company but Lincoln’s best. They custom design each lawn and landscape to your lawn’s specific needs and leave the rush jobs to the cookie cutter companies. Hunt Irrigation specializes in water conservation and save an average of 50,000 to 120,000 gallons of water per year per residence.

As the temperatures warm and the lawn and garden begins to thaw, there is no better time than springtime to make sure your automatic sprinkler system is ready for another season of efficient lawn and garden watering. Just a few simple steps will go a long way towards saving water, money and preventing a mid-summer landscape catastrophe at home. Get the warm watering season off to a great start with the following tips from Hunt Irrigation:

1. Inspect your backflow device for any possible damage, prior to pressurizing the system.
2. Slowly begin to fill the system with water and make sure to never open the water too quickly as this may damage the mainline or valves.
3. Turn each individual zone on and inspect for damage and normal wear and tear.
4. Inspect each fixed spray nozzle for obstructions and clear with a small screwdriver or if obstruction is severe enough, replace the nozzle.
5. Inspect each rotary head to make sure that they are not only oscillating, but that they are not over rotating or watering sidewalks and driveways.
6. If you have a drip system be sure to clean the filter and inspect the landscape beds for leaks.
7. Lastly, check the programming in the controller and make sure that you are watering at the proper times of the day and that the run times for each zone do not exceed the absorption rate of the soil.

Of course the staff at Hunt Irrigation is always there to lend you a hand. They offer trained irrigation techs that can perform this service for you. Hunt Irrigation, The Right Choice, The Professional Choice, The Water Smart Choice!

Jeremy Hunt
Hunt Irrigation

“In addition to lawn maintenance, we can also help you upgrade your outdoor living area by adding lighting to the area,” said Owner Jeremy Hunt, “We take into consideration the safety, security and aesthetic components to create a complete and balanced custom design. Plus, we are certified to install systems that are safe and energy-efficient.”

Outdoor lighting on driveways, pathways and steps will help you to avoid potential accidents and increase the safety, security and value of your home, as well as discouraging unwanted guests by illuminating hidden areas.

Let’s Get Planting!

Whether you’re just looking for landscaping ideas; need a little help with a project; or are searching for quality, full-service landscape design and installation; you will find exactly what you need at your local Earl May Garden Center ( The family-owned center makes it their top priority to provide exceptional customer service, and they always have Green Team experts ready to help you with any of your landscaping projects.

Jessica Jasnoch
Earl May Garden Center

“Lately, we have been seeing our customers wanting to provide a safer space for pollinators in their landscape – and we love it,” said Jessica Jasnoch, Manager of Earl May at 5555 S 48th St. “Anyone can do this by planting pollinator-friendly plants and utilizing cultural practices to protect their habitats, such as using fewer chemicals in the landscape.”

Jessica said that spring is the time for homeowners to walk around their landscape and look over the health of the plants in their yard. Check evergreen trees and shrubs for discoloration, bare areas in the lawn that may need re-seeded and broken branches in trees or shrubs that may need trimmed out. Spring is also a wonderful time to work on weed prevention in flower beds and lawns.

“If you are looking to do some planting this spring, our garden center carries a variety of plants that are proven to do well in the Nebraska climate,” suggested Jessica. “We encourage you to stop by and check out our selection. We are open seven days a week, year-round. Our goal is to make the world more beautiful, one backyard at a time!”