Summer is coming fast! Parents everywhere are filling their calendars with fun activities to keep their kids entertained and engaged all summer long. There are so many local options to choose from right here in Lincoln.

Boasting a variety of activities, camps, classes and more to make summer special, check out all of Lincoln’s local businesses offering exciting summer activities for kids and families to enjoy. 

Educational Fun for Kids of All Ages

Looking for extra special fun for your kids this summer? What about a summer camp! Bright Lights Summer Learning Adventures ( offers week-long half-day and full-day camps over five weeks every summer and registration for Summer 2024 camps is now open.

At Bright Lights, there’s something to pique the interest of almost every student. They are proud to offer diverse camp topics like art, science, robotics, literature, engineering, sports, cooking and more. Whether it’s exploring creativity, delving into STEAM fields or honing athletic skills, there’s a camp tailored for everyone’s preferences.

Renee Ford Bright Lights - Headshot

Renee Ford
Bright Lights Summer Learning Adentures

“Bright Lights is always focused on giving students high quality summer enrichment opportunities. Our hands-on camps make learning fun, can inspire a love for a new topic, and encourage collaboration and problem solving with peers,” said Renee Ford, Executive Director of Bright Lights Summer Learning Adventures.

Summer camps are a great way to form core memories for your children. They offer more than just fun. Summer camps can help build confidence, foster teamwork, instill leadership and create friendships. Help your children build these life-long skills while having a blast at a Bright Lights’ summer camp.

Ward off the Summer Slump While Cultivating Life Skills

As the summer sun warms up, parents are on the lookout for engaging and beneficial activities to keep their kids active and entertained. No one understands this better than Swanson’s Martial Arts (SMA) (

At SMA, children can embark on a journey of physical fitness, mental focus and personal growth while having a blast. SMA’s experienced instructors utilize a carefully crafted curriculum to ensure kids not only improve their physical strength and coordination but also cultivate essential life skills such as discipline, respect and perseverance.

The class schedule provides opportunities for beginner classes five days a week with class options in the afternoons and evenings to best suit your family’s busy lifestyle. Regardless of age, fitness level or previous experience, every child can benefit from martial arts training.

Jason Swanson
Swanson’s Martial Arts

“SMA’s classes incorporate mental exercises that challenge students to focus, problem-solve and think critically. From learning and memorizing new techniques to strategizing during sparring sessions, martial arts encourage cognitive development in a dynamic and interactive setting,” stated Chief Instructor, Master Jason Swanson.

Martial arts also provide a unique opportunity for kids to make new friends and build confidence in a supportive community environment. Whether they’re practicing techniques with a partner or participating in group activities, children learn the value of teamwork and camaraderie. These skills are invaluable not only on the mat but also at home, in social situations, and when it is time to go back to school. At SMA, children can ward off the summer slump and return to school in the fall with enhanced mental acuity and readiness to learn.

Escape the Heat with Indoor Fun

There’s lots of fun to be had in the Summer sun, but on days when you need a break from the heat, there’s no better place to go than Sun Valley Lanes & Games ( They are truly a prime one-stop destination for fun for the whole family. Whether you are looking for a place to cool down or just a place for some indoor fun, Sun Valley has fun-filled options for anyone to enjoy.

The options are endless between bowling, mini-golf, laser tag and an arcade.

The multi-level Combat Zone Laser Tag arena takes laser tag to the next level. It’s open to groups as small as two all the way up to 24! Not only do the players want to tag their opponents, they can tag interactive targets and base modules to earn even more points for their team.

After Laser tag, come over to the arcade! The Fun Valley Arcade has over 30 games to choose from. Players will earn digital tickets, based on their performance in the games, which can then be used to redeem prizes from our redemption center.

Sun Valley Lanes is also the perfect place to host a summer birthday party! Reunite your child and their classmates before they head into the next school year with a day of fun activities and delicious food. Reach out to Sun Valley to learn more about how to schedule your child’s next birthday.

Sun Valley Lanes offers a fun and safe place for families to go out to have a good time this summer. Full of activities for the whole family to enjoy, there are plenty of options to choose from to keep you coming back for more.

Gear-ing Up for Summer!

Play It Again Sports ( has everything you need for active Summer fun! They are your neighborhood sporting goods store providing great value and exceptional customer service in a clean and fun environment. You’ll find quality used and new sports and fitness equipment that can fit any budget.

Kids grow so fast that buying brand new sports equipment and gear isn’t always cost-effective. Equipment can be expensive, especially for growing kids. That’s why Play It Again Sports is such a great place to invest in quality gear at an affordable price for a new sport your kids want to try, rather than breaking the bank for something they may decide they don’t enjoy or may quickly grow out of.

Kyle McMurray
Play It Again Sports

“As a store, we focus on providing quality equipment and gear for various sports, including baseball, softball, golf, disc golf and fitness activities. While we don’t offer specific educational activities for children during summer, we strive to assist young athletes and help them achieve their goals by finding the most suitable equipment for their skill level,” explained Owner Kyle McMurray. “Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to guide and recommend products to ensure young athletes have the tools necessary to succeed in their chosen sports.”

Play It Again strives to provide exceptional customer service when it comes to sports equipment, ensuring that they have products that cater to everyone’s needs, whether it’s a new hockey stick or a gently used golf set. For fitness equipment, they offer a unique “white glove” delivery service, delivering and setting up treadmills, exercise bikes and other equipment at people’s homes, allowing them to focus on their workouts rather than the hassle of equipment setup.

“As the owner of Play It Again Sports, I consider it both a privilege and a responsibility to continue serving the Lincoln area and its surrounding communities. Our team is committed to maintaining the reputation of being the go-to destination for new and gently used sports equipment,” Kyle said. “We are excited about the future of Play It Again Sports in Lincoln and look forward to providing exceptional service and quality products to our customers. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!”

Play It Again Sports’ commitment to providing high-quality products and services to Lincoln and the surrounding communities sets us apart and ensures that families and kids have access to the equipment they need to stay active and healthy.

Create Summer Memories that Last

Summer camps create quintessential childhood memories. What child wouldn’t want to spend their Summer break running, jumping, playing, and climbing? At World of Knowledge Child Development Center and Preschool’s ( summer camp, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

Youth ages six to 13 can attend World of Knowledge’s summer camp to partake in educational games that keep kids learning so that they enter school in the fall with an extra boost; indulge in happy, healthy, and home-cooked meals and snacks; receive inspiration and support from an expert team; make new friends and develop their social skills for better confidence; and much more.

Even the youngest kids, that may not be quite ready for summer camp, will have a place to go this Summer. World of Knowledge has programs available for infant, toddler, pre-school and kindergarten ages. Feel confident that your children are in a safe and supportive learning environment throughout the summer months, and participating in activities that are structured to both enrich your children’s minds and to encourage fun, social play.

Generations of Fun

Hot, windy or rainy Summer?  Lost in Fun! offers a cool family environment, cool quality playground and playsets in a clean facility no matter the weather or climate condition.

Lost in Fun! ( Is now Fun for the next generations!

Monica Lieske
Lost in Fun!

Generation to generation, Lost in Fun! has been there. Can you believe it? Children that came to play or have birthday parties at Lost in Fun are still playing at Lost in Fun 16 years later, only now it is their own children enjoying the fun. Lost in Fun! has given families so many great fun experiences and so much joy that they want to share that same joy with their own kids.

It is really that love, and quality that Lost in Fun! has put into their business that brings customers back time and again. Even during the pandemic struggles, they survived because those loyal customers kept coming to visit them to play in a cautious mode. Lost in Fun! made everything possible to offer them an extremely clean and sanitized place, and that’s why we have so many loyal parents coming back.

Good memories are what Lost in Fun brings to the Lincoln community. Lost in Fun! is a Family business place, built with the efforts of a Lincoln family couple and their children, now all grown up, who all work as a big family team.

Remember, the Summer sun can be hot! Keeping kids cool during the summer months is essential for their comfort and safety. Here’s a list of ideas to help you achieve that:

  • Water Play Activities: Set up a kiddie pool in the backyard, have a water balloon fight or install a sprinkler or water fountain for them to play in.
  • Refreshing Snacks: Make homemade popsicles using fruit juice or yogurt; offer plenty of fresh fruits like watermelon, grapes and berries; prepare chilled snacks like cucumber slices or yogurt parfaits.
  • Outdoor Shade and Cooling Stations: Set up shaded areas in the backyard using umbrellas or canopies; create a DIY misting station using a garden hose and misting nozzles; have a designated “cooling zone” with fans and cold towels.
  • Water-based Outdoor Games: Play water limbo using a garden hose, set up a water balloon toss or water relay race.
  • Evening Outdoor Activities: Plan outdoor activities for cooler hours, such as evening walks or bike rides, have a picnic dinner at a shaded park or beach, organize a stargazing session in the backyard once the temperature drops.
  • Stay Hydrated: Encourage kids to drink plenty of water throughout the day, offer hydrating snacks like frozen grapes or sliced cucumbers, avoid sugary drinks and opt for water or natural fruit juices.
  • Cool Clothing and Accessories: Dress kids in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics like cotton, provide wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses to protect them from the sun, use cooling towels or bandanas soaked in cold water to help them stay cool.
  • Remember to always supervise children during water activities, and ensure they are protected from excessive sun exposure by applying sunscreen regularly and seeking shade when necessary.