Comprehensive workplace wellness initiatives are vital for promoting a healthy workforce, whether employees work remotely or in an office.

Traditional offices can offer ergonomic workstations, on-site fitness facilities and mental health programs, including stress management workshops and counseling services to promote employee well-being. Cultivating a positive company culture that prioritizes work-life balance, flexible hours and social interactions contributes to a holistic approach to employee well-being.

For remote workers, employers can enhance wellness programs with virtual fitness classes, online mental health resources and ergonomic guidelines for home offices. Encouraging regular breaks, flexible work hours and offering stipends for home office equipment supports both physical and mental health. Virtual social events, team-building activities and communication platforms foster a sense of community among remote employees.

Navigating the complexities of workplace wellness can be challenging, so we recommend reaching out to the local businesses around you to learn more about how we can all continue to improve wellness in the workplace, no matter where our workplace is at.

A robust physical health foundation contributes to increased energy levels, improved focus and enhanced resilience to stress. In the context of workplace wellness, prioritizing physical health often involves initiatives such as fitness programs, ergonomic workstations and health screenings. Regular exercise, proper nutrition and sufficient rest not only foster individual health, but also positively impact productivity and job satisfaction.

Ensuring a positive well-being outside of the workplace significantly influences your overall work experience. If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to stay active, consider Club Pilates ( Their welcoming studio offers various classes tailored to your preferences – whether you prefer high-intensity workouts, strength training or want to focus on mobility and recovery, Club Pilates has you covered.

Club Pilates is an internationally recognized brand that has gained popularity for low-impact and highly effective fitness routines. These full-body workouts are carefully crafted to strengthen muscles, improve posture and address muscle imbalances.

What sets Club Pilates apart is their commitment to providing a fitness experience that accommodates everyone. The low-impact nature of the workouts ensures accessibility for individuals of all fitness levels. Club Pilates specializes in Reformer-based Pilates, offering a dynamic exercise regimen that goes beyond traditional methods. The incorporation of other modalities, including Chair, SpringBoard and Jumpboard, adds variety and effectiveness to the workouts, specifically targeting core strength.

Christine Krueger
Club Pilates

“We know how challenging it can be to want to go workout, especially when you are juggling family, friends and work. Since having a healthy body and mind can contribute to the quality of work you put into your profession, companies often have a wellness program that allows a discount to employees for making wellness a priority. Check with your HR director to see if your company provides something like this, and then let them take some of the worry out of your situation,” shared Club Pilates Owner Christine Krueger.

While at work, taking short breaks to walk around is a widely recognized and simple, yet effective, method to manage stress in the workplace. Taking brief walks not only promotes physical activity, but also offers a change of scenery and a refreshed perspective. Incorporating regular short walks into your work routine can be a valuable self-care strategy, fostering a healthier and more balanced work environment. Additionally, taking walks and runs outside of work can have a similar effect on your outlook at work.

Participating in a run or walk might seem easy, but as highlighted by the Lincoln Running Co. (, it’s not as simple as it sounds. As such, it never hurts to get some advice.

Ann Inglein
Lincoln Running Co.

“We have the time, the knowledge, the passion and the empathy to help people get moving,” said Manager Ann Ringlein. “We want to arm our customers with everything they need. Lincoln Running Co. has everything from the equipment needed – such as shoes, socks and apparel – to a training program they can take home with them or a walking/ running class to sign up for. We take care of our customers from the ground up!”

To help with workplace wellness, Lincoln Running Co. suggests that employers encourage office employees to include physical activity in their routines by organizing regular challenges, promoting time spent outdoors walking or running. Another option is to boost team spirit by having the office participate together in organized running or walking events. These efforts not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but also create a more vibrant and supportive workplace environment through the relationships built between employees.

An unfortunate factor contributing to workplace wellness is working while recovering from an injury. Employees facing this situation often encounter obstacles in maintaining both physical and mental well-being. The physical demands of the job may exacerbate the recovery process, potentially leading to prolonged healing times and increased susceptibility to further health issues. Additionally, the mental toll of navigating work responsibilities while recovering can contribute to heightened stress and decreased overall well-being.

Though returning to work after an injury or health issue can be challenging, there are businesses right here in Lincoln that can help smooth that rough transition. Husker Rehab ( offers professional therapy services to support individuals in their recovery journey. Specializing in highly customized rehabilitation, wellness and preventative care therapies, Husker Rehab prioritizes understanding each patient’s needs and desires to develop tailored treatment plans. By providing unique and intensive therapies, they aim to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, helping them regain mobility and functionality.

Ben Peterson
Husker Rehab

“Husker Rehab provides instruction in general activity guidelines to help you through your work day,” said Ben Petersen, DPT. “We can discuss proper setup at your work space, including things like where you might put your keyboard, what height your monitor should be and where you could place your phone and other work devices. We tend to put different items around our work space in convenient spots. The problem is, that might cause us to continually reach or lean to one dominant side. This creates postural imbalance and could lead to pain issues or ROM restrictions. We can help with exercises to restore balance and limit restrictions.”

Ben and the team at Husker Rehab provide support to individuals across various industries, recognizing the toll that both manual labor and office jobs can take on physical well-being. Understanding the potential impact of a variety of types of work on the body, they emphasize the importance of a proactive approach to employee well-being including the implementation of wellness programs and ergonomic practices.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, The Body Connection ( prioritizes addressing stress’s impact on both the body and mind. The Body Connection utilizes massage therapy as a means to help their clients prepare for stressful situations and work environments by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Massage therapy is known to activate the body’s relaxation response, which helps to reduce muscular tension, calm the mind and decrease anxiety.

Tammy Helzer
The Body Connection

“Our goal is to help clients navigate stressful situations and environments with greater ease and well-being,” shared Owner Tammy Helzer. “By using massage therapy as a tool, we are able to accomplish that goal.”

Through the use of various massage techniques, such as Swedish massage or deep tissue massage, The Body Connection aims to relieve muscle tension and promote a sense of well-being. This can be particularly helpful in preparing individuals for stressful situations and work environments, as it allows them to enter these situations with a more relaxed and focused mindset.

In addition to its stress-reducing benefits, massage therapy at The Body Connection plays a multifaceted role in enhancing overall well-being. The therapy is recognized for its potential to improve sleep quality, boost immune function and increase energy levels. These positive outcomes not only contribute to better coping mechanisms, but also foster resilience in individuals facing stress.

By offering a multifaceted approach that prioritizes physical and mental well-being, Madonna ProActive ( further revolutionizes workplace wellness. Their state-of-the-art facility provides an inspiring environment, equipped with modern tools for a diverse range of wellness activities. The inclusion of personalized workout routines, nutritional guidance and fitness classes ensures that employees receive tailored support on their wellness journey.

The core strength of Madonna ProActive lies in its team of seasoned professionals, including wellness experts, fitness trainers and nutritionists. This expert guidance not only maximizes the effectiveness of wellness programs, but also builds trust and a supportive community among employees. The holistic wellness approach extends beyond physical fitness, incorporating mindfulness practices and stress management techniques, recognizing the interconnected nature of overall well-being.

Samantha Kelly
Madonna ProActive

According to Samantha Kelly, General Manager and Exercise Physiologist, “At Madonna ProActive, we are committed to empowering individuals and helping people achieve their goals. We focus on reaching fitness milestones and creating a culture of success within our workplace. By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of well-being, we create a resilient and balanced workforce.”

To get your entire team together for a workout and bonding with Madonna ProActive, group fitness classes are offered seven days per week. There are 100+ classes offered in the morning, afternoon and evening, so there is sure to be a time when everyone can get together.

Access Family Medicine ( complements this holistic approach with a tailored and relationship-based style of care, making it an excellent choice for small business owners.

Tiffany Johnson
Access Family Medicine

“Our office was designed to help small business owners provide a competitive benefits package and encourage them to invest in their own health. Business owners can provide high quality healthcare to their employees for just $50 per month, per employee. Through the months of March, April and May, Access family Medicine is running a “REFER A FRIEND” special that makes it even more affordable,” explained Office Manager Tiffany Johnson.

Access Family Medicine stands out as an ideal healthcare partner for small business owners, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that prioritizes the well-being of employees. Through their tailored and relationship-based style of care, the medical practice ensures that each individual receives personalized attention, fostering a sense of connection and understanding. This approach facilitates efficient communication, allowing staff to address their health concerns through various channels, including in-person visits, phone calls, texts or emails.

The virtual care options provided by Access Family Medicine allow further flexibility, enabling employees to manage their health without the need for office visits, which can be especially beneficial for small business owners aiming to minimize disruptions in their operations. This innovative healthcare model not only provides stress-reducing benefits, but also recognizes the multifaceted role of healthcare in enhancing overall well-being and workplace wellness.