United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County announced the cabinet members for the 2011 United Way/Community Health Charities of Nebraska Campaign.  Under the leadership of Campaign Chair, Jim Cada, Cada Law, the cabinet, for the first time, has set not only a fundraising goal of $6,165,000 but also a community volunteer goal.

Campaign cabinet members include:
Campaign Chair, Jim Cada, Cada Law;
Campaign Vice Chair, Barry Gates, US Bank; Curt Rohn, Union Bank & Trust Company;
Sam Seever, Community Volunteer;
T.J. Casady, Union Bank & Trust Company;
Dan Mechtenberg, Black Hills Energy;
Lee Stuart, NBC Bancshares, LLC;
Frank Eman, BNSF Railway and Lincoln Central Labor Union;
Dan Granatowicz, Veyance Technologies, Inc.;
Nick Cusick, IMSCORP;
Eric Dinger, Thought District;
Carol Ernst, Eastmont Towers Community;
John Gessert, First National Bank;
Christine Jackson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
J. Scott Nelson, UNICO Group, Inc.;
Ken VanCleave, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp;
Wayne Svoboda, Volunteer Partners;
Sheila Odom, Zing!Town.

United Way has set a fundraising goal of $6,165,000 and is committed to recruiting 3,348  readers, tutors and mentors for the community.

For more information about the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, please contact Gail Stoklasa at (402) 441-7760 or gstoklasa@unitedwaylincoln.org or visit www.unitedwaylincoln.org.