ALLO ( is thrilled to announce the release of new desktop and cordless phones to fit a wide range of business phone needs. With a sleek and innovative new look, and features perfect for businesses of any size, ALLO’s new hosted phone solutions on an all-fiber connection make doing business a breeze. Visit to request a free customized business evaluation today.

ALLO was founded in the Midwest with a big mission: to improve the quality of life by delivering world-class, fiber solutions to our cities. True to their roots, ALLO set out to do business the right way, with honesty and their customer’s best interests in mind. ALLO’s growth and success are due to their reputation for outstanding customer service, technical capabilities, experienced, knowledgeable personnel, and superior products. ALLO provides customers with the most modern network and employs a team of engineers, operators, and technical experts who collaborate with customers to develop creative and dependable solutions to utilize ALLO’s fiber network.

ALLO currently serves 34 communities in Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona, with a total population of more than 800,000. They are excited to bring their exceptional customer service and internet speeds to more communities in 2023. Hassle-free service and a 100% fiber-optic network will improve how students learn and employees work, whether from home, schools, or business. For more information, go to or call (844) 560-2556.