A new system of innovative wireless connectivity solutions is enabling people with hearing loss to experience more natural personal communication and more freedom.

“When wireless connectivity was first introduced, people with hearing loss, for the first time, were able to stream sound directly from cell phones to their hearing devices — opening a world of easy communication that had previously been off limits for them,” states Dr. Sandra Miller of Associated Hearing, “But there were limitations when it came to steaming sound from TVs and existing landline phones.”

Now, the new Oticon ConnectLine™ enables a simple, high fidelity connection to any TV or landline phone. The new “plug and play” ConnectLine TV Adaptor and ConnectLine Phone Adaptor optimize the wireless connectivity with Oticon’s complete line of digital devices.  With just the push of a button on the hearing instruments’ Streamer companion device, the ConnectLine system connects wirelessly and seamlessly to TV and landline phones.  Transitions between phone or TV functions are equally easy with just a touch of a button.

Get connected today by calling for more information about Associated Hearing and the new ConnectLine system. Contact Dr. Sandra Miller at (402) 489-4418 or visit us online at http://www.associatedhearing.net.