Branched Oak Observatory ( is hosting their 2023 Annular Eclipse Saturday, October 14. Travel to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, NE Arizona, New Mexico or Texas to see the whole “ring of fire” effect, or stay right here in Nebraska to see a Partial Solar Eclipse. Safe solar viewing eclipse glasses will be available from Branched Oak Observatory; more giveaway information to come. This event makes for a wonderful “opening act” for the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024.

An Annular (not to be confused with the word “Annual”) Solar Eclipse happens when the New Moon obscures the disc of the Sun (like it does during a Total Eclipse), but takes place when the Moon’s orbit is in or near apogee. Because of this, the angular size of the Moon is too small to completely cover the Sun and instead reveals a bright ring called an Annulus during greatest obscuration. To see this “ring of fire,” you must be within the “Path of Annularity” as it passes across the Earth. If you are outside this path, you will witness a Partial Solar Eclipse of varying degrees.

As with ANY solar viewing, DO NOT observe the Sun without the proper eye protection. Also, unlike a Total Solar eclipse, there is NO time during an Annular Eclipse when it is safe to remove your eye protection.

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