Bright Lights is pleased to announce they are celebrating 25 years. In this time, Bright Lights has helped over 26,000 students explore their passions and gain confidence. With Bright Lights’ exciting, hands-on summertime classes, students also stay ahead of the summer learning loss curve.

Stacie Hooks, Vice President of Concord Enterprises, Inc., was a participant in Bright Lights as a child and is now the President of the Bright Lights Board of Directors. As a Bright Lights alum, an active member in Lincoln’s business community, and a mother of two, Hooks brings a unique perspective to her leadership role. “Our mission is to make education the forefront of our kids’ lives,” she said. “I really love that Bright Lights covers all the academic areas from art to science to history. And, it’s fun.”

In 2012 Bright Lights will offer over 100 half-day classes and full-day camps for students grades K-9.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Bright Lights at (402) 420-1115 or or visit