Ahroma Specialty Coffee Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of small batch roasting in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ahroma Specialty Coffee (www.ahromacoffee.com) says thank you to all of the coffee lovers who have been waking up to Ahroma coffee since 1997.

As a pioneer in small batch specialty coffee roasting, Ahroma has been supplying coffee shops and grocery stores in the Midwest with high grown, hand-picked, freshly roasted specialty grade beans from small farms all around the world. Ahroma is a certified organic and family owned local wholesale roasting company, founded by R.U. Nuts Company. The company artisan roasts, in small batches, single origin and custom blends, delicious espresso, hot and cold brew blends, and your favorite Jamaican Me Crazy flavor.

Ahroma Specialty Coffee is grateful to the community and fans who have discovered the Ah in Ahroma and have made it your “Ahromatherapy” over the past 20 years. In appreciation, special discounts will be offered in the weeks to come. In whole bean, preground, or k-cup, you can find Ahroma at your local grocer or online at www.ahromacoffee.com.