Ahroma Specialty Coffee Offers New Nitro Cold Brew System

Ahroma Specialty Coffee (www.runutsco.com) is excited to present a new Nitro Cold Brew System for your café or work site! If you enjoy serving cold brew, you might consider putting it “on-tap” —and by infusing it with nitrogen, you have yourself a “nitro brew.” Ahroma Specialty Coffee’s easy-serve kegerator refrigerates and dispenses up to three gallons of delicious, smooth nitro-infused cold brew coffee. It has all the components you need to set up a portable kegerator except nitrogen bottles, which can be rented locally. All you have to do is pour your cold toddy into the keg and you are ready for any event!

As a special bonus, through the month of November, Ahroma Specialty Coffee is offering 25 pounds of free coffee with the purchase of a Nitro Cold Brew System. Twenty-five pounds of coffee makes 25 gallons of concentrate, which is almost 300 12-ounce coffee drinks. With a suggested retail price of $4 per drink (if you choose to sell the coffee at your business or event), the kegerator will pay for itself!

Ahroma Specialty Coffee is a wholesale small batch roasting company located in Lincoln. This startup company was formed in 1997 and serves coffee shops, cafés, and businesses across the region with all the top brands of syrups, smoothie bases, chai, and custom roasted coffee. Ahroma is a partner with R.U. Nuts Co., a wholesale bulk and packaged nut and candy company.

Whether it is hot or cold out, Ahroma Specialty Coffee is high quality gourmet coffee at competitive prices. Find them online at www.runutsco.com or contact (402) 475-5282 / sales@runutsco.com. Don’t forget to mention you saw this announcement in Strictly Business for your free coffee with purchase of a kegerator system!