Apartment Association of Nebraska to Host Free Maintenance Training Program

The Apartment Association of Nebraska (AAN, aaneb.org) is hosting a tuition-free maintenance training program at its 12143 West Center Rd. campus in Omaha, beginning January 4. The 12-week intensive training program, conducted by AAN’s Nebraska Maintenance Academy, is the first of its kind in the Midwest and trains 12-13 students each class to enter the multi-family housing industry as maintenance technicians. The training leads to full-time permanent positions at apartment complexes and multi-family management companies throughout the state. Each student’s 12-week training consists of: 8 weeks of (unpaid) hands-on classroom training to receive certification in electric, HVAC, plumbing, OSHA, drywall, carpentry, appliance repair, tile and flooring, and pool maintenance; plus, four weeks of (paid) training to cover turns, customer service, work orders, workshop safety, grounds work, and employer expectations. Students best considered for the training program include (but are not limited to) non-college-bound high school students, veterans, and anyone desiring a meaningful career change. The Nebraska Training Academy will immediately place those successfully completing the 12-week program into full-time careers. 45 students from all over Nebraska will be considered, so be sure to secure a spot today.

The Apartment Association of Nebraska (AAN) supports, informs, and connects the multi-family housing industry through education, legislation, and professional networking. To learn more about AAN’s Nebraska Maintenance Academy or to secure a spot in their program, visit aaneb.org or call (402) 333-5331.