Applied Connective Technologies (, a Nebraska-based managed technology services provider (MTSP), is expanding by opening up a fourth location in the Haymarket, 701 P St. This new location is in addition to the company’s long-time headquarters in Albion and offices in Norfolk and Columbus.

Applied started out as a two-man operation in 2004, selling commercial phones and is now a full-service MTSP of more than 50 experts spanning virtually every facet of business technology. The majority of staff belonging to the IT & Cyber Security division but with divisions also dedicated to Commercial Phone Systems, Physical Security, Audio/Video and Infrastructure.

The past four years have brought about substantial change for the award-winning tech company, including office expansions, new locations, additional staff, streamlining of services and two significant acquisitions of Megavision and Connecting Point.

Technology has evolved almost beyond recognition since 2004, and the same can be said of Applied Connective’s service offering. What may look to some like explosive growth has rather been the result of a consistent company-wide commitment to unrivaled customer service and a dedication to helping their customers leverage the right technologies. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be here,” said Ed Knott, CEO. “We work with clients throughout the Midwest and many in the Lincoln area, so although we don’t technically need to be nearby, it’s nice to plant a flag here and be able to rub elbows more often with those we serve virtually every day.”

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