AR Solutions( CEO Aaron Newell attended educational tracts in Chicago hosted by American Collector’s Association specific to leveraging technology to increase recovery for their clients. The American Collector’s Association represents debt collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers, collection attorneys and debt collection industry service providers across the United States. Each session they held touched briefly on a variety of ideas. The fast-paced sessions were loaded with information pertaining to innovation that could be implemented in a variety of situations.

Throughout the various sessions, Aaron learned about how to better prepare for the future through innovation, strategy and the opportunity and ability to build a safe and effective texting/emailing platform in debt collection that increases revenue. Consumers prefer to communicate through channels convenient to them. AR Solutions is excited to leverage technology to do just that. For example, if a consumer works off hours, technology allows them to communicate at hours they choose even if the office is closed. They can pay in full, negotiate payment terms, request documents, etc.

AR Solutions is licensed, bonded and insured, and has more than 60 combined years in collections. For more information about AR Solutions, visit or call (402) 817-3929. You can find them on social media at