Arthritis Relief Specialists ( is excited to share that they offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for knee pain. PRP is widely used in regenerative medicine as it is less invasive and safer than many alternatives when treating injuries and pain.

Therapy involves drawing a small amount of blood from the client, then utilizing a centrifuge to create a platelet concentrate to be injected into the knee space. PRP can help reduce arthritis pain and inflammation which may help improve function. It is a great complementary therapy option while patients are in between viscosupplementation injections.

PRP has become a popular choice among professional athletes trying to avoid surgeries such as David Ortiz and Tiger Woods! If you are looking for knee pain relief, call Arthritis Relief Specialists at (402) 817-5499 to schedule a free, no obligation consult today and determine if you are a candidate for this quick and simple knee pain treatment.

At Arthritis Relief Specialists of Lincoln, they help people suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee eliminate their knee pain without surgery. In addition, they incorporate preventative measures into their treatment approach so their patients can avoid future episodes of knee pain. To learn more, go to