Bats to Rats Moves to New Location

Bats to Rats Wildlife Control & Prevention ( recently moved to a new location, at 3420 N 22nd St., Unit 1. Owned and operated by Daine Patton, a leader in wildlife and pest management and prevention in Lincoln and the surrounding area for almost a decade, Bats to Rats is experienced in bats and rodent control in residential and commercial buildings, schools, apartments, and churches. It is locally owned and affordable with services including a complete exterior, interior, attic, and basement/crawlspace inspection, a consultation with the business or homeowner to go over all possible wildlife issues, providing a graph or layout of problem areas, and the solutions they offer to effectively and efficiently address those issues.

Have you heard noises in the ceiling, scratching in a wall or the bathroom ceiling, activity in your chimney, or unexplained bumps in the night? Who you gonna call? If you’ve got problems with anything from bats to squirrels, raccoons, rats, snakes, skunks, beavers, birds, squirrels, digging groundhogs, or any other wildlife or pest, get Bats to Rats on the job. They can help you humanely remove pesky critters, which can otherwise do some serious damage to your home or building.

Bats to Rats Wildlife Control & Prevention is a full-service, locally owned and operated business skilled at identifying those bumps in the night, tracking them down, removing them, and giving you tips for preventing further inhabitance of your space. For more information or to schedule a visit from Bats to Rats at any time of the day or night, visit, call Daine at (402) 310-0904, or email