Biomagnetism for Life ( celebrates 18 years of empowering individuals toward health and vitality. Since 2006, Olga V. Caicedo has been practicing biomagnetic pairs therapy on thousands of individuals and families here in Lincoln. She offers this noninvasive, cost-effective modality to all individuals who are committed to improving their health and overall well-being.

Biomagnetic pairs therapy discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran of Mexico has been successfully implemented in countries such as Spain, England, Germany,  Austria,  Italy,  Argentina,  Chile and Ecuador. Several medical societies of these countries are supporting the therapy as an accessible and successful tool for the recovery of health, well being, and as a complementary modality to medical care.

At Biomagnetism for Life, they provide health-restoring biomagnetic pairs sessions that target the root causes of life’s many ailments. New clients begin with a comprehensive one-on-one intake and 30 minute biomagnetic pairs session. From there, clients follow an individualized, cost-effect therapy plan. 

Head to to learn more about biomagnetic pairs therapy and read client testimonials. Call (402) 477-0469 to schedule your first session.  2024 will be a wonderful year of continued growth, joy, and vitality, as Biomagnetisam celebrates 18 years of business, they will be launching their new visual brand and are actively expanding their offerings to include Life Enhancing Body Scanner (LEBS) sessions and, in 2025, Energy Structure and Ayurvedic consulting.

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