Black Hills Energy’s Nebraska natural gas utility, a subsidiary of Black Hills Corp. (NYSE:BKH), announced on December 2nd that it has filed a request for a natural gas revenue increase with the Nebraska Public Service Commission to recover the cost of capital investments the company made in its Nebraska natural gas distribution systems since July 1, 2006. The company last filed for a rate increase in November 2006.

Black Hills Energy is seeking a $12.1 million or 6.5 percent increase in annual revenue. Interim rates take effect March 1, 2010. If final rates approved by the NPSC are lower than interim rates, customers will receive a refund with interest.

The average monthly bill would increase by approximately $5.48 for residential customers if the proposed rates are approved, and $2.65 for commercial customers. The actual change in a customer’s bill will vary based on how much natural gas is used and the price of natural gas, which is not part of this rate case. The rate request will not take effect for 90 days and before permanent rates are implemented the filing undergoes rigorous review by the commission.

Black Hills Energy’s complete rate request will be available on the NPSC Web site,
More information is available at