Bryson’s Airboat Tours Adds 14-Passenger Airboat for 2016 Season

Bryson’s Airboat Tours ( in Fremont, NE is excited to announce the addition of a new airboat to its fleet! The new airboat seats 14 passengers and for the thrill enthusiasts out there, it’s powered by an impressive 850 HP supercharged engine and propelled by 18 propeller blades. Now Bryson’s Airboat Tours is the only company of its kind in the Midwest that can start and stop on dry land with large groups seated on the airboat, which makes boarding safe and easy for passengers of all ages.

At Bryson’s Airboat Tours, the guides customize your experience based on your group’s preferences. If adventure is wanted, adventure will be delivered; however, if riders are more interested in seeing the scenery at a slower pace, a peaceful and relaxing ride will take place.  Thinking about doing a team outing and wanting to do something different? Check out Byrson’s Airboat Tours at

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