Campus Cash (, the beloved student-centric platform, is thrilled to announce its triumphant return to Lincoln and the Tri-Cities with the release of the Fall 2023 book (Mini-Magazine). Campus Cash has evolved beyond its roots as a coupon service and emerged as Campus Cash – The Student Marketplace, offering invaluable support for students transitioning from the carefree college years to the challenges of being a young professional. Including content regarding Career Development, Business Connection, Financial Literacy, Citizenship / legal rights as well as student life from sports schedules and the college kitchen, Campus Cash has everything you’ll need.

Campus Cash offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to engage with college students directly, allowing you to reach a diverse and enthusiastic demographic eager to discover new products and services. Beyond the campus community, Campus Cash’s reach extends to the general public through its user-friendly app, ensuring a broader audience for your business. If you are looking for talented individuals to join your team, Campus Cash provides a direct channel to recruit college students for immediate employment, internships or post-graduate career opportunities.

Campus Cash is committed to supporting students’ financial well-being while preparing them for the challenges of the professional world. Campus Cash – The Student Marketplace is poised to make a lasting impact on Lincoln campuses. To learn more about Campus Cash, please visit or contact Marty Svoboda at (402) 937-0786 /