Seniors in Lincoln and surrounding communities have a unique opportunity to connect, learn and grow through the Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars (, a series of free monthly gatherings designed to address the challenges and opportunities of aging.

Held on the first Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. in Suite One-Eleven at the Clocktower Shopping Area, 70th and A streets, these seminars bring together experts to share insights on financial management, mobility strategies and simplifying life among other topics crucial for seniors today.

The initiative aims not only to educate but also to build a community among seniors and their families. With future topics such as “Strategies for Staying Behind the Wheel” and “Downsizing and Decluttering,” the seminars are designed to equip seniors with the tools they need for financial stability, independence and a clutter-free lifestyle.

Recognizing the impact of aging on the entire family, the seminars also welcome adult children of seniors. Beyond the practical advice, the seminars serve as a networking platform for seniors, providing an avenue to forge new friendships and support networks.

The upcoming seminars promise to delve into pertinent issues affecting seniors today, with the next three topics focusing on managing retirement finances, maintaining mobility and independence and strategies for downsizing.

For more information about Nebraska Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars and the Downsizers Club, please contact Alicia Chrastil at (402) 499-8147 or More information about Nebraska Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars can be found at