Fiserv ( is bringing Zelle to community banks and credit unions. Digital, person-to-person (P2P) payments have emerged as the latest payment type to rapidly rise in popularity. In only a short time, consumer adoption has moved them from a nice-to-have solution to a competitive imperative for financial institutions of all sizes. Zelle® is at the forefront of the P2P movement.

Zelle® is a P2P payment solution created by and for financial institutions, and can be found in nearly 2,000 banking apps, with more institutions signing up every day. It’s a great way for consumers to send, request, or receive money from friends, family, and others, simply by using a recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile phone number. In most cases, the funds transferred are available in minutes.

The widespread acceptance of Zelle® is one more indication that we have arrived at a new kind of financial services experience – a kind that serves real people with immediacy in an increasingly digital and connected world.

For financial institutions, P2P payments are about relationship-building and staying relevant in consumers’ day-to-day finances. Your customers want what they want when they want it – especially when it involves paying friends, family, and others.

Fiserv has a significant presence in Nebraska, with locations in Omaha and Lincoln. In addition to Nebraska, Fiserv has sponsored the Back2Business program in New York, Milwaukee, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington D.C. Learn more at