Flatwater Communications is pleased to announce they have added RingCentral and Hughes to their small to medium commercial products line-up.

RingCentral is a voice over internet phone service designed with business in mind. Use one account to handle all of your branches. No expensive phone networks to maintain. Extensions, voicemails, and greetings can all be handled through a web based interface or smart phone app. The Smart Phone app also allows you to call clients from your cell phone and have it ring though as your office number, reducing the need for multiple “business” and “personal” phone accounts.

Hughes Small to Medium Enterprise, Internet by Satellite, is your one source for internet at remote or multiple locations. With Hughes SME service, you can get up to 5Meg connection speed at all your locations and all on one bill.  Hughes is the world leader in providing large scale internet solutions.

For specific information on either product, please contact Flatwater Communications Dan Tillis at (402) 742-6760 or dan@flatwatertv.com or visit www.flatwatertv.com.