Graze Craze ( hosted a Ribbon Cutting January 18 with the help of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce (LCOC) and was thrilled to have members of the community attend!

Graze Craze is the innovator in an attractive food trend sweeping the nation known as “Grazing.” Grazing allows people the flexibility to eat an entire meal or small portions of food during the course of the day. The grazing style of eating provides you and your guests with a diverse meal plan in the form of a charcuterie style grazing box, platter or table that meets the individual needs and wants of everyone’s personal palate and diet, in relation to those who may have special health or medical eating requirements.

Graze Craze provides a unique and affordable solution to feeding small or large crowds with their convenient and artful offering. They don’t want customers to just graze, they want to create an opportunity for social gathering. Their hand-crafted and personal picnic boxes, platters and grazing tables are perfect for every day or making an impression at all social events, including a quiet date, birthday party, business luncheon or large wedding reception.

It is Graze Craze’s mission to approach everyone connected to Graze Craze with a servant’s heart. They are committed to a trusting relationship with customers based on the perfect execution of design, quality ingredients and customer service by meeting customers’ needs before they even know what those needs are. They are dedicated to the quality of their brand both through the customer service experience and the employee journey. Learn more at