Husker Rehab ( is celebrating their 24th anniversary of providing Lincoln with quality care and healing. In 1999, Greg Cromer and Mike Zalman opened the first Lincoln clinic followed by the Beatrice location two years later. Ryan Wade was later added as a partner, and Melissa Cromer and Patty Gerlach round out the founding team. Since then, Husker Rehab has added additional clinics in Lincoln and Nebraska City.

The founders of Husker Rehab could not be where they are today without the following providers and team members who are dedicated to excellent care:

  • Michelle Spicka, DPT
  • Ben Petersen, DPT
  • Haley Trimble, PTA
  • Tessa Dunse, PTA
  • Janna Vavra, DPT
  • Tarra Nanninga, DPT
  • Kelli Reilly, MSPT
  • Katelyn Huenink, PTA
  • Devan Schmidt, PTA
  • Cas Lofberg, PTA
  • Wyatt Scott, PTA
  • Sydney Wilson
  • Starla Post
  • Tracey Hanson
  • Janelle Gress
  • Jan Branic

Husker Rehab proudly offers therapy services in five clinics in four different Nebraska cities, where they serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly-intensive, highly-customized rehabilitation, wellness, and preventative care therapies that make a difference in people’s lives. They listen to every patient’s needs and desires, analyze the problem, and figure out ways to get people moving again. For more information about Husker Rehab and their services, visit