Husker Rehab ( owners, Michael Zalman, Greg Cromer and Ryan Wade were presented with a certificate of recognition from Nebraska Senator Mike Flood in appreciation of 25 years of business in Lincoln. This is an exceptional honor for the owners and employees of Husker Rehab and a perfect way to help celebrate the 25th anniversary and many achievements.

Flood wrote, “Your contributions to your community and to Nebraska are part of what makes Nebraska the best place in the world.”

Zalman, Cromer and Wade couldn’t have done this without their dedicated staff, which is why Husker Rehab would also like to recognize the many dedicated employees they’ve had over the past 25 years:

  • 25 years: Greg Cromer, MPT, Melissa Cromer, OT, Michael Zalman, MSPT, Patty Gerlach and Starla Post
  • 20 years: Ryan Wade, MPT
  • 18 years: Michelle Spicka, DPT
  • 14 years: Ben Petersen, DPT
  • 12 Years: Halie Trimble, PTA
  • 9 years: Katelyn Huenink, PTA
  • 7 years: Kelli Reilly, MPT
  • 6 years: Sydney Wilson
  • 5 years: Wyatt Scott, PTA

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